Spirit Whispers: Beyond Illusion and to the heart of the matter…

Over the last couple of intense weeks I have been working with people and the Guides about moving past illusions and into heart related matters and AS usual it has been no surprise what so ever that this energy is simply DEMANDING that we release any conceptions or illusions that no longer serve us.  What it is creating though is a degree of, not indifference as such, but a confusion in people about what they are experiencing in a lot of ways.

We have as humans a specific way of looking at ourselves, and it can be likened as the Guides put it as being in a Hall of Mirrors.   Each way you turn gives you a slightly different perspective on yourself but also because of the angle you can only truly see specifics and true to form most humans MOVE so that they have a better view of themselves within that mirror.   In truth do we ever really see beyond at times what we want to see in ourselves.   Ask any woman and she will tell you she likes her eyes, her nose, her lips.  But rarely does she say she likes all of her features as a whole.     MOST of us do not look at ALL of our aspects as a whole either we look at our BEST qualities.   Therefore sometimes we create an illusion of whom we are in ourselves on the basis of all the aspects of our personality that we prefer.

Interestingly, we often do NOT allow ourselves to see aspects of ourselves that WE need because of self judgement, or criticism because we judge ourselves or see these sides as negative, or selfish.     It has been such an interesting time in this energy with some of my clients realising that they are being triggered or pushed and pulled to get them to understand themselves and thereby release any illusions that they may have of themselves and I also include myself in this as well.

There are a lot of Carer Souls on the planet, and we need carer souls because they bring such love yet part of their own life learning is the importance of themselves in their own lives.    Carer souls so struggle to say NO to people, they hate confrontation and they do self-sacrifice wonderfully!   Yet in this energy this dissolving of illusions Carer Souls are starting to put their feet down gently, firmly and wonderfully and starting to embrace their own needs as well.   This doesn’t mean that the planet will suffer but it is changing the balance of HOW the energy going forward is stabilising itself.

We become dreadfully out of balance when we do too much for others without considering how important our own needs are and we can buy into an illusion that WE need to be that way in order to get approval from others, or even to prove a point to ourselves.  Yet beyond that illusion is the heart of us, the truth of honest of saying “I am prepared to help and love you BUT not at the cost of my own self”.   Phew, what a wonderfully honest statement and there is a NEED to acknowledge that it is also NOT selfish.

Jobe was showing me the Hall of Mirrors the other night and I was standing in the middle of this maze of mirrors thinking Crikey no matter where I look there is a me looking back, slightly different angle but the same me.   Depending on what face I presented, then that face was presented back to me in a dozen different ways with a slightly different angle.     Jobe said “Only when you look beyond what you present on the outside do you see the subtle differences on the inside.   When you are truthful and live within your truth, there is no need for artifice, or putting on an illusion of who you perceive you need to be for others.  There is an honesty and a truth of presenting yourself in who you are, all of your glory of acceptance of self”.

One by one the mirrors gently shattered and dissolved until I was left with one mirror in front of me.    I looked into the eyes of ME and I didn’t look at me with judgement, with criticism or my normal rolling of eyes.   I looked and saw colours shimmering all the way around me and for a moment I got to see me with really loving eyes.  Trust me it is very unusual for me NOT to pick at me completely.

Jobe commented “There is always courage taken to look at yourself objectively, to see that you are learning fully and continuously, yet you need always to nurture and love yourself completely.   You can see always in others traits that you love, admire and respect.  Yet you in yourself have all these same traits exactly.  You only will choose to see through illusionary mirrors at times, a distorted perception of yourself.  Yet the amazing gift you have in loving you, enables you so much more to love other people from the heart when you have collapsed all the views of yourself”.     I find that funny and yet ironic as well.  I meet so many amazingly beautiful people every day in the work I do and I love their colours, their courage for having an earth plane journey and the beauty of their hearts.   YET I get really frustrated by their inability to see their own beauty in themselves.

WHY?   Because I refuse at times to see my own.    Loving yourself is stepping beyond any illusions or perceptions of who you need to be.   Never expecting others to give you that approval that you desperately need to give yourself.  Loving your perceived “flaws” because you are perfect already, PERFECTLY YOU.   Why change something that you cannot change, come back to loving who you are.   Every single aspect of the journey of YOU is about you.      Simply put as the Guides gently remind me a lot.  GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY.

So in this energy as the mirrors of illusion are falling and you are choosing your alignments, relationships are shifting and changing and the world is looking different.  Step into your heart energy!  Shhhh that rational mind that says “That doesn’t make sense, don’t do THAT” and start to embrace being YOU.   Its hard, flipping HARD to keep up an illusion that you are “FINE”…  Seriously that word it needs removing from the illusionary world.   FINE is a weather condition, not how you are feeling.

I love what Jobe said to me this morning.   I always as how they are, the Guides and say thank you for being in my world.   His response.   “I am ever delighted to be a part of your life and I am always filled with loving warmth that you ask me how I am”,  then with twinkling eyes he said “I’m fine” and laughed.  Taking a hint completely because it comes up time and time again.   Where on earth is the honesty in I am fine?

Try it this way, when someone asks you how you are, take the illusion out of it.   Ask back “Do you want to know because I would truthfully and truly want to know how you are and I would love to be honest with you back”.     It causes us to look at our habits of answering without illusion.   I’m fine sucks… it truly does.  It’s hollow and illusional.   Come into your heart energy beyond illusions and step into the honesty of heart.

“I’ve been better, losing people you love sucks but thank you so much for being in my world and taking the time to ask from your heart about me”.    It doesn’t an off load session, just a gentle this is how I am and I have no expectations of you “FIXING” it for me.

The illusions are crumbling, the truth of us emerging.  Go with the flow people and allow yourself to respond more from the heart, for simply your heart is crying out for you to be you.    Time to love yourself completely and to love being you, no more distorting mirrors, no more seeking approval or being what you think people need, you need more than anything in this energy to be gently, magnificently, wonderfully, lovingly YOU.

Start by telling yourself all of the below  XXXX

love you5


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