Spirit Whispers: Relationship Energy, with me, myself and I….

Wow, the last couple of months have been intense around relationship energy and is set to be the same over the next couple of months taking us out to the new energy coming in for next year in February.   It’s supposed to be intense because it is pushing, as I have said in previous blogs, us past illusions and to the heart of the matter and what better place to start than with yourself.

I have a lot of people coming lately commenting on the energy and noticing that it is directly impacting relationships around them.  Well if it’s affecting relationships around us, then without a doubt it is emanating from the relationship within.

I jumped off the planet earlier and was having a discussion with one of the Guides, Erasmus.  There is something really interesting about talking to a philosopher.  a) you never get a straight answer and b) the discussions are so extremely interesting.   However, having said that at no point should your Guides be telling you what to do anyway, as their role is to help you illuminate what you need for you and your growth.  Otherwise they would be living your life for you and what would be the point of that?

I was commenting to Erasmus about what I wanted to do coming up next year and how I just seem to have fallen into a hole around expectations and understanding of myself.  His comment was “The truth belongs beyond your fears” to which of course I glared at him and mumbled helpful.  He smiled and then proceeded to tell me a story.

“There once was a young man, trained all his life to be a great warrior, to travel to distant lands and conquer as many places as he could.   He carefully selected a magnificent black horse to take him on his journey and together over a period of 5 years  trained together.  The horse loved the man and the man loved the horse.  Together they were unstoppable and armed with their purpose they travelled the land together successfully implementing all the young man’s plans.

As the years passed the thrill of the chase weathered the young man and his lust for his purpose waned.   He selected a land to settle in and he chose a wife.   To his horse, the young man decided to give freedom.  So taking him one day out in to the valley, he let the horse go.   The horse stood still as the young man hugged him tight and then the young man told the horse to go, to be free, for he had earned his freedom with his dedication.  The horse stood and looked at the man and did not move.   The man shoo’d the horse, and hawed at him.  Again the animal did not move and the man swept out a whip and whipped at the horse to make him move.  The horse did not budge and in frustration the man took the horse he brought with him and rode away.  The black horse watched and did not follow.

The man smiled and returned to his home.   The very next day the horse was in the stable and the young man was frustrated.  He desperately wanted to give the freedom to the horse he loved but the horse was not co-operating at all.   Again he took the horse to the valley and again the same thing happened.   Returning home the horse showed up the next morning.

The young man held the horse’s head and said “You are free, you have completed all that you needed to my friend and I wish you well’.  The horse neighed and flicked his head but again did not move”.

Erasmus paused and looked at me carefully.  “Do you understand”.   I think for a moment and I look at the underlying message within the words.  It really does sum up the energy at the moment as well to do with relationships and the relationship with ourselves.   For years, from the time we grow up, we can have expectations and understanding, driven by an inner need to complete something, anything.   We can implement our purpose and head towards it completely.  Like the young man training for war, and training his horse.   Once we reach a point where we have completed whatever we set ourselves in whatever way at a soul level, we can gain our own freedom.  Yet given that freedom we are suddenly at a loss of what we want to do with it.  Feeling like our purpose has been removed, then what truly is next?

Erasmus smiles.  “What happened to the young man and the horse?”    He laughed.   “The young man decided that he would ride the horse every day for the both of them, and many a time they headed off into directions which with no planning took them on adventures until the horse was too old to ride.  They both recognised how much they needed the other”.

I laugh.  Sometimes when our purpose changes, and we have completed all that we needed for ourselves in the outside world.  We have to come back to looking at the relationship that we have with ourselves.   We may not be as clearly defined in purpose because the “have to’s” have gone, but there is a new relationship on offer, with both the world and ourselves and part of our own understanding is finding it.  Giving ourselves the freedom to take all the information we have accumulated to this period of time and armed with that, start a new relationship which is really rewarding with ourselves.

The end of things that we thought were our purpose is never the end.  It is a redefinition of the relationship we have with our own needs.  There is no ending, there is how we step forward into our next level of understanding and giving ourselves the freedom beyond pressure to do that.   I think that is not a time of confusion but rather a recognition in yourself for what you need for you.  It may be completely different but then we never were designed to just stop.  Our evolution of self is all about our own learning and the biggest learning you can ever have is the relationship of honouring what you need for you at a soul level.

Stop trying to control it all, start listening to yourself, have those in-depth conversations that are deep and meaningful.  Until you do you can let the distortions of life and others relationships push and pull you.  Come back to understanding that you have the freedom to choose for you which ever way you ride beyond conditions and limitations and you will see that all that you have learned to date, is simply waiting for you to take off into unexplored territories of WHO YOU ARE.

So get in touch with you and start to understand the most rewarding relationship is with you.  You are not separate degrees of what you fool yourself with.  You never lost your purpose, more you are simply redefining in preparation for next year’s energy, the implementation of understanding your relationship with you and what works for you.   Celebrate and embrace the changes to come.


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