Spirit Whispers: The truth beyond your fears…

I jumped off world to spend some recharge time with the Guides and I have to say I think I am an escape artist.  As soon as things get complex and I need some clarity I am off walking and talking with one of these amazing beings that I love working out “stuff” with.       I have a tendency to look at them as beloved teachers who never give the answer but instead give you reflection straight back to yourself so you have to work it out for you.    There are wonderful people here on the earth plane that do that too but I still love these off world discussions.

Normally it is when I am having a full scale vent about the distortion, judgement and general “forgetting” that goes on down here as people, beautiful people, struggle with their earth plane learning.   I was thinking I was going to be talking to Jobe, who is wonderful to talk to but instead ended up walking around an old Colosseum with Erasmus.

Love that I start out the conversation with “This flipping planet, it does my head in, not just to say my heart as well”.    I plop myself down on the steps of the Colosseum and stare morosely at my feet.  Erasmus comes and sits beside me and studies me carefully.  Without looking at him , I wait.   There is always a reason I seek out the Guides in a space where there is no people, its when I want to get to the bottom of something and nine times out of ten and I don’t know if this is a human trait (but I am guessing it is) I usually skirt around the issue looking for more knowledge from them before I get to the bottom of it.    Erasmus NEVER lets me do this LOL..   Also come to think of it never does Jobe whereas Elom from the Angelic realms has a tendency to allow me in my own time to blurt out the problem even when he KNOWS what it is in the first place.

Hmmz and here I talk about choosing your illusion, oh the fibbies we try and convince ourselves of…

I digress but MAN brains are very clever, or ego, brain, ego… hmmz pretty much the same thing, they are both babbling and getting in the way most of the time.  I keep seeing an image around brains and its like a sign post with 50 million signs telling you false ways of getting somewhere when your heart just goes. OVER THERE…

Seriously!  I can woffle, you can imagine how much it goes on in the off worlds but any hoooooooo.   Erasmus says “Look at the stars, do you see your answer?”  I shake my head.   “Look at the earth, do you have your answer?”  Again I sigh.  Honestly they must get so sick of me and my convoluted reasoning brain… or ego.  I turn and look at him “Alrighty!  I get where you are going with this”.   He raises his eyebrows so delicately that I want to snort at this lovely Guide, innocent my BUTT.   He taps me on the chest just above my heart.

“Your truth is beyond your fears”..   Arghhhhhhhh seriously what the heck kind of answer is that.  All the time I am actually knowing that he is correct.  For every time that you look for an answer externally, always your ego or brain is refusing to acknowledge that you have your OWN answers.    Your Soul, your higher self it KNOWS but you have this wonderful brain, these marvellous insecurities and DOUBT that make you double back, doubt, need reassurance, approval and trust.   Love these earth plane learnings.   The funny thing is though and it makes me laugh all the time.   When people are discussing what they DON’T want out of their lives, you suggest something and then they tell you ALL the reasons why they don’t want to do that either.  Love how fast that brain which is amazing goes to work picking apart just a suggestion!  Hell if you could make it work the other way around you would have ALL the reasons why to.  WHY aren’t you doing that???

Soooooooo when Erasmus said that I (did refrain from rolling my eyes, only just) and sat in the energy of my discontent for a while.   Everything is always changing, everything.  You, others, places, people, the weather and it’s MEANT to.  So why are you expecting yourself to reach a place where you don’t pick at yourself unless you have done the work on yourself to find your way past your insecurities and your doubts.   Fears are convoluted sign post signs that never empower you and actually hold you back from understanding you completely.  Always and in all ways will you find your own truth of your desires, your soul purpose beyond your fears.  Those poopy fears that you will be a failure, that you will not be successful, that people will judge you, that you make a mistake.

Your truth is beyond ALL of this, stop being consumed by all the “Stuff” that your brain/ego can produce and start to love your life and create it.   CREATE it beyond fears and insecurities into the life you want it to be.  This is PERFECT, perfect reflection energy and a GREAT time to implement the change that you need for this spectacular new energy in the new year.

I asked for a change, and then I wondered what would happen, where would I be.  What would it do, how would it impact. HONESTLY I did my own head in.  I forgot in the middle of that to be grateful, to see the wonder in change, and the blessing of an ADVENTURE!   Damn you rational mind/brain/ego thingy that occupies my skull.

YOUR truth is beyond your fears.  Step it up take and chance and recognise no one GAVE you those fears, you create them beautifully yourself and then worse YOU OWN them…   That just plain sucks.  Own some fantastic expectations instead and cut the signpost of 50 billion reasons not to change down and jump on it.  Change is awesome, it brings adventure and growth.    Don’t wait like me until you are so fed up with yourself you start blaming your Guides, your higher self and life in general.

You are the lead… Take the lead… See that mountain?  Woot woot lets go, who knows what will happen on the way but HELL it certainly won’t be boring and boring is what kills us in the end.  The lack of creativity in our lives.  I dunno about you, but I intend to go out kicking and screaming, yelling what a ride…    So plan, and step beyond your fears and into your truth.  No more malarkey about not knowing what you want to do.  ASK YOU, believe in you and DO SOMETHING random… you won’t know where it’s going to take you and how AWESOME is that! ♥



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