Spirit Whispers: Reflection Meditation

The Guides are always helping, loved ones always around us and even though we can get extremely busy in our physical lives never for a moment believe that you have been deserted or left.  That is a perception that comes from ourselves.   Also at times you are allowed to have your concentration in the physical, after all it is your life and while there can be the temptation to want to “escape” at times and I know for me I would quite happily sit on the moon for a time when the going gets tough.  However, it’s not a practical solution to working in the life you are in.

When I was talking to Nerlila about how I sometimes need to retreat from the world and just have some time for reflection, she gave me this beautiful “Reflection” meditation.   It is a clearing meditation, it also provides clarity at times when you cannot see which direction you are going in as well.  Thank you Nerlila, for your wisdom and your way of shining a light.

Reflection Meditation:

Take yourself always off to a space where you have the space to be you.  It is incredibly important for you to have the time to be, when you are meditating.  NO interruptions.

Close your eyes and breathe in deeply and huff the air out from the bottom of your lungs.  Do this three times.  Then breathing normally, see in your mind’s eye, a stairway appearing in front of you, reach out and grab the bannister and start to climb the stairs.   Climbing will not make you exhausted because you have all the energy you need in the meditative state.

Feel yourself going higher and higher up the stair case and allow yourself to focus just for the moment on your feet, there is no feeling of falling or dizziness, just an anticipation building with each step as you step further and higher on the stairs.    Look from your feet now and over the side of the staircase, again there is no feeling of falling or dizziness, rather a thrill at being able to see so far.   Decide at this point if you wish to continue to walk up the staircase or whether you want to stop just there.

As you look down you can start to see over the course of your life how far you have come, you can see as far back as you wish, but with complete understanding that each passage of time has simply brought you to this current moment and each experience that you have had has shaped and formed you to exactly who you are right now.  Take a moment to see the wonder of all those experiences and look at them in a really independent light of celebration, for you would simply not be who you are without all of them.

Look now over the last couple of weeks and see where you have been struggling with understanding, and see that you have put a tremendous amount of pressure on yourself to get it right, be in control, and trying to work everything out in your own way.   See where all the situations have not fallen into place in the way you wanted it to.  See it all clearly without over thinking it, but rather knowing that there has been endless amounts of frustration over that time and breathe all of that frustration out.  As you blow it out see it flowing out of your nose and mouth as smoky clouds of vapour and as all that frustration is breathed out, know you are breathing in clarity and wisdom.  Take a moment to breathe out this smoky energy until you can breathe without seeing it flow from you.

Breathe in deeply now and see from the air beautiful illuminating golds flow into your being with every breath and feel it swell and fill your lungs with renewed energy and understanding.    Look out to the distance now and see where you are going, see that the road ahead shines brilliantly in golds and greens of opportunities in brilliant glowing lights.    Think about what you want for you, to be happy, to have financial success, to have business and personal success,  and send those thoughts out to the road that is flowing on ahead.

Set your intention.  “I believe in the Universal plan and I allow myself to let go of the need to control, to see everything on my terms and understanding and I release it to the Universe and my Higher Self for my ultimate good”.   Watch how saying these words brightens and makes your lights on the road glow brighter and brighter.

Be filled with anticipation and relief at having let go of the need to know everything, of having to control everything.  Knowing it is completely in hand and divinely orchestrated.    Keeping your mind on the beauty of the lights of opportunity to come, and the brilliant golds of protection, step back lightly down all the stairs bringing the empowered energy with you and come all the way back down and into your physical body.

Open your eyes and allow yourself to breathe clearly for a moment and think about the areas in which you have been trying to force situations, understanding, or even people and understand that things have not been flowing because of that need.   Think again of the intention of where you want to be, what you need for you and come back to knowing over the next week, you just need to allow.  To give space, and flow back to your world.   You have come so far and still have wonderful things to accomplish.    Send loving energy to those dreams and keep working towards them but with a lighter heart for having let go all the frustration and resentment of a lack of flow right at this time.

Above all be kind to you, and give yourself breathing room, to always look at how far you have come on your beautiful, unique, amazing journey of you!





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