Spirit Whispers: Challenge or Illumination…. you choose

Weeeeeeeeeeeellll when the Guides said to me a couple of months ago the energy was about to get interesting, I think that was the understatement of the year.  However, having said that I think that could be my interpretation understatement of the year!!   The energy is intensifying because we love to get comfortable and when we get comfortable it can become uncomfortable as we stop looking at all the aspects of change that we need for ourselves.  What better timing as we are reaching towards the end of this year to “amp up the volume” and bring greater understanding to ourselves.

Because this relationship energy is also governed by the relationship with ourselves, it is making for some darn interesting times as people bring to you the illumination of what you need for yourself.  Only you can decide if they are challenging or illuminating, that’s your own choice.   But really? do you need to think that you are isolated in this energy and it’s affecting just you?   It’s not, its affecting everyone and its making for some odd behaviours all around as we twist and turn in our usual way of trying to get our own way, refusing to acknowledge we need the changes for ourselves, or just plain old being our stubborn selves.

Empowerment people, it’s where we are heading into the new year energy and because this is a Universal year of New Beginnings we are ending over the next couple of months, you cannot have a new beginning until things end,  it’s the perfect, absolutely perfect time to get the illumination we need to close off some old frequency, close off some old stuff that is not serving us any more and get us delightfully, deliciously ready for that new energy set to come in from February next year.   Empowerment is the key as we step into the Universal year of Implementation.     Sooooooooo what ARE you avoiding in your tidying up of loose ends there? hmmmmmmm?

It’s not a challenging energy really, it’s one of illumination seriously.  You just get the choice of how you see it. People ticking you off left right and centre?   Situations not going your way and you trying to bend things to make it work?  Weelllllllllll that won’t in this energy until you actually recognise that the clarity you are getting is designed to make you get as stickily uncomfortable with your situation or the people around you until YOU change things.      We are suckers for holding onto stuff for tooo long, sitting in situations for too long when we have actually outgrown the whole diddly shabang….

Sooooooooo hows it all working for ya?   Getting uncomfortable enough yet?   Or are you starting to see the illumination and the choices you have right around you?   Challenge/Illumination.  Illumination/Challenge…  Either way there is a gift in it for you anyway.   Stop waiting until you are ready to blow a fuse and start to understand that the change AINT going to happen until you do.

What areas of your life is this energy working with you in?  Work?  Play?  Self?   It’s all designed for your optimum good, so grizzling and whining won’t change a doddle, if anything you will just get more ratty with yourself and while you are at it, stop grizzling and  GET inventive people!     What’s the worst thing that could happen, you step outside your (un)comfortable zone and life speeds up a pace.  Heck before you know it, something INTERESTING could happen… Gee who knew…

Before we let go of energy, before we let ourselves get sick and tired of stuff (in some cases literally), we try to over control situations, people and MAKE it work the way we want.   As soon as we step up that frequency, the illuminations come even faster!  So best advice just there, my Gorgeous Friend, is don’t even go there.   Go with the flow instead.  Get out of your own way and step back and see the patterns, the habits and the beautiful illuminations that are happening all the way around you.

Time definitely for a re-valuation and for a lot of people, the Guides have been talking a lot about this recently, you have stepped out of a life purpose cycle that you were driven by.   A need to help people, a need to prove a point, a need to show you can be successful and yet now suddenly over the last couple of months, there is not the same drive there to do those things.  Yet because it has been a habit for say 10, 20, 30 years there is a whole part of your brain that goes “whoa! what? WHAT?, where’s my drive, where’s my motivation, where’s my suffering?”. In completing a life purpose cycle you can step out of “have to’s” to a degree and start to really, really look at want to’s, and love to’s.

This is a rediscovery of passion, not fuelled and driven by life purpose, but rather living purpose.  It’s bringing us all to a place of understanding within ourselves of how much we have let ourselves be driven by a perception within ourselves of what we need to do, or thought we needed to do.   We may have needed that soul drive for a set period of time but that time is changing and the illuminations are coming thick and fast to get us ready for this implementation energy of next year.

Change, lose it, redirect it, challenge it, illuminate and LEARN IT.  Each year we move forward in energy and our cellular structure pulls us ever forward into what really we love, we have to let go of stuff, of people, of energy and embrace the changes of frequency.  So if you want to keep fighting it, you got another three months Gorgeous peoples.  OR you can look seriously, honestly and wonderfully at the changes you need to look at making to draw you forward out of this closure energy into the new pathways of you.

Stop expecting other people to show you that and have to courage to say, enough!  or do you really need more illumination?    Take some time and make some plans, the timing is just starting to swing around into a better place.  Watch your degrees of discomfort that is showing you what you don’t need any more and make a plan! in fact make several.  Next year looms with such promise if we can only get out of our own way and stop fighting within ourselves so much…   Step back, look and be the change you need for you, you so deserve it!


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