Spirit Whispers: Pea Soup, Cold Tea and Spirit….

Well it’s been an interesting couple of weeks and boy doesn’t it ever feel like we are wading through Soup in our daily lives at the moment.  The thing about energy is that it affects all of us in our different ways in the unique learning space that we are in.   Our energy is impacted by what we are creating externally and since about September this year doesn’t it just feel like a bit of a Pea Souper.

A lot of people who I have seen lately have been feeling that way in themselves as well.  A lack of clarity, a lack of motivation and a complete lack of energy.   When I have been speaking with Spirit about it, they keep coming back to giving understanding about us not really liking to give up our degrees of suffering.

Actually I was a bit indignant about that one.  What?  We are not choosing to suffer.  To which the eloquent and equally elegant raising of the eyebrows of Jobe was bit like, enough said.    We actually do not like change that much at all.  But with the Universal energies of the planet changing, the human density is equally slow on the uptake.    Say that our bodies cells revolve at a specific revolution and suddenly the external frequency revolution has changed energetically.   It does take quite a while for our cellular structure to adjust to that.  The problem being at the moment is that we got used to that frequency and now it’s changed we are stubbornly in some cases clinging to the old frequency which is draining and literally dragging us into the new density phase.

Now I know that sounds all very Sci Fi and wonderful, but we like things we get used to, and really being in a human body you are naturally heavy.  However, how tired have you been lately?  How much have you been feeling like you are wading through soup in waders that weigh a tonne?  Sudden random illness coming out of no where when you felt fine before.   These are all indicators of the changing energy affecting all of us at this time.

Every single time I go to have a conversation with the Guides my cup of tea ends up cold.  Sigh.   But its fascinating.  Anyway tea should be on call, someone should produce it for me (I know, always a hoper).   However, one the things I have discovered in listening to the Guides, is that yes indeed, we do love to cling to things that feel familiar even though they can be incredibly past their use by date.    Stay in a relationship until you had enough, a job until you could hear your own primal scream echoing across the Universe and deafening yourself in your own head.

THAT my Gorgeous Friend, is the degrees of suffering simply.   Each crucial stage we are at in our learning governs us usually waiting until there is a catalyst to make us change.  When the heck did we stop having faith in ourselves?  and waiting for the Universe and our higher self to go “Oh for goodness sake!!” and throwing a curve ball.

There are NO curve balls, everything is designed for your ultimate learning experience.  It’s a shame sometimes we cannot embrace it in a more positive manner.   We settle at times for much less than what we deserve, spend ages searching around for something we think we lost when we are actually in possession of it the whole time.   So anyway I digress, how to get through Pea Soup and cold tea without wading around aimlessly in the Soupy energy.

The heart of us is all of our Spiritual energy and normally what we try to do is undermine trusting our hearts with that wonderful brain we have.  It searches constantly for the logic in everything.   It’s a bit like looking in the fridge cause you feel like cheese on toast, and all of your being says “Cheese on Toast” and your brain peers into the fridge and says “Nup, nada, NO cheese.  Make a list, go to the shop, get cheese and while you are there get other things” and a sad part of you is silently wailing for cheese on toast.

Intuition and your Spiritual side is like that… Quietly wailing (well in some cases primal screaming) for you to understand that LONGING in your heart and in your spirit will not be fulfilled by platitudes and plastic cheese.

So in order to move forward in a fashion more attractive than waders and Pea soup.  It’s time to take the time you need to reflect on what truly serves you.  NOT from the perspective of “have to’s”, that energy is well and truly transitioning coming into February, but now is the time to realise something and I love, absolutely LOVE the way that Jobe worded it so take it from him.

“You have completed so many experiences, completed so many life times of learning and growing.  You need to understand that at a Soul level you have reached such a stage of completion of purpose.   This does not mean that your purpose is gone, it means it has changed.   Degrees of suffering in your terms have been completed and you have the freedom to do what you LOVE to do for you.   The new frequency is one that is based of love of self, love of life, and nurturing of self.   This frequency is unfamiliar to you in so many ways because you have smothered acceptance of self and the love you are capable of giving the world and more importantly to yourself.  Now is the time for that change.

Do not fight your cellular structure, your physical being at this time, for it is merely responding in so many ways to the programming that it has accepted in relation to the degrees of life learning you have agreed to.  It is trying in so many ways to release this old energy so your cellular make up is able to corporate the new higher loving frequency that is being implemented.   Relaxing and allowing your body to heal at this time is crucial.

You need to allow this transitional period for you to be able to move through it more freely and the freedom comes as your body adjusts to this loving energy to replace the old frequency.   Your purpose has not been changed, you need not wait for an epiphany, the focus going forward is one that is to more enjoyment of being, of living and accepting the love that you have denied yourselves from yourself for so long.  This is the change you have been waiting for.  Stop fighting you and allow yourself to heal”.

Thanks Jobe, I love it!   See we have a tendency to keep saying where is the catch 22, where’s the crappy stuff we have become accustomed to, yet we are failing to see that has been part completely and utterly of our soul learning.   We are transitioning out of needing that learning.

Doesn’t mean we go up on a hill and ignore the world (hmmmz, am I meaning me?)..  No it means we have to stop driving ourselves by a perception that purpose is an enormous reward waiting to slap us in the face.  Purpose is about being.  It means ENJOYING being.    Ask  yourself in your busy, busy world, how much you love being just you?   How much you enjoy every moment of your day, your body, your life.   Ask you if you find passion in you or look for it externally.    We search endlessly for happiness but we only truly let ourselves be happy in snippets.

I love this new frequency coming in, it’s bringing in such a sense of being that has been missing for most of the lives I remember.   However, if we keep fighting, we keep struggling and in this current reality it can make us sick too.  We need to be kinder to us!

We are the change we need for us, we need merely to accept that.    As I write this my beloved Guides smile and my Nana squeezes my shoulder.   Spirit want so much for us to love us as much as they do and they so do.  I love that in the change of frequency we are becoming more spiritual more US and we are here to bring that love down here.  I remember home, being in Spirit, and mostly I remember that LOVE.  I remember why I came and I know why you came too.   We came to bring Heaven to Earth and you forgot it.   Start by loving you, loving your life and loving being.  It’s a crucial start to bringing love to this realm that so needs it.

So in this energy, just before I go get HOT tea and hug my Gorgeous Nana in Spirit, make plans, make them FABULOUS and wonderful, apply that loving energy to you and your dreams.  Don’t change it now, but go with the flow into the February energy.  Look after yourself over the next four weeks as this energy makes us less tolerant of others, which is sad because we are all in the same boat.  Love generously, wonderfully and love you first, we are all in this together.




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