Spirit Whispers: The River – A Parable

You know in the last couple of days I have been talking about us not liking change, not really wanting to let go of the familiarity even if it means us suffering?   Well as I went to bed last night I couldn’t sleep and when I cannot sleep I simply always ask for a story.    Jobe ever helpful and loving tells and shows me the story and the magic unfolds.   Never stop believing in your ability to be the story, weave the story, for you are the magic you need in your own life.

The River:

Many, many years ago the river flowed from the mountain to the sea.  It meandered down through the hills and valleys in a solid line, holding itself within its borders, one single singing stream of water.   The river was wide and deep and carved its niche through rocks and landscapes, a moving, living life force.   It never veered from its path at all for years and years.    It gazed at the blueness of the sky and the clouds and the river envied their freedom of movement.  It grew resentful that it just had to follow the same pathway while the clouds danced randomly across the sky.

One day the mighty river hailed some low flying clouds.  “Excuse me Clouds, tell me what it is like to move across the sky with such freedom?  With such abandon”.    The clouds came lower to the river and whispered.   “Oh River, it is divine, we can disperse, move, flow and see all that the lands have to offer, truly it is a wonderful thing we are able to do”.    The river grew in wonder,  and but also felt resentful.   “It seems unfair” said the river “that I have to stay in the same pathway day in day out when you have such freedom of movement”.   The clouds bunched lower and whispered to the river “From where we are you have so much room to move, we often wonder why you, mighty river, have not wandered more”.      The river was taken aback by this comment, completely confused.

“What do you mean” it questioned the clouds.    The clouds drew up and explained.   “You are part of a mighty landscape over many, many miles on your journey to the sea, it is vast and it is wide and yet you have only stayed within the small boundary that was forged with your conception.  In truth, beautiful river, it is YOU who have not considered moving out of the pathway that you have chosen.  Do you not understand that at any time you can choose simply with the power you have to change your own course?  Your own destiny to the sea?”.

Again the River was bemused.   It simply have never thought of any such concept and yet as the clouds were pointing it out in itself it was wondering WHY exactly it had never explored.     Again it questioned the clouds. “But where else would I go?”    The clouds laughed delightedly.   “Does it matter, for the fun is always in the exploring”.    “But what if I hit a dead-end and I cannot get to the sea?”     The clouds laughed again and explained again to the river whom they believed was a bit simple.  “Then you move and make another pathway.  Nothing ventured and nothing gained until you go seek”.

The river thanked the clouds and spent days pondering what the clouds had said.  It looked longingly at the expanse of the sky, for it had never even considered that the land may be as expansive as the sky above.  The river was torn.  This was what it had always known,  the path that it had always travelled, did it truly have the courage to go see.   The days passed and the river grew more restless until again it called to the clouds.

“Clouds, I don’t know how to change, I don’t know how to take the next step”.    The clouds whispered to the other clouds and soon there was many clouds clustered above the river.   They all whispered in unison to the river, “We will help you, when the rains come and fill your banks from the mountains, then is the time to stretch out and fulfil your dreams to explore.  Don’t over think it, don’t worry about it, don’t do anything but trust that in your heart your waters know which direction they are going in”.   The river agreed and the clouds raced to the top of the mountain.

They started to weave their magic and sing their songs of rain.  The energy shifted and swirled and the mountains grew dark as they added their magic, their energy to the clouds and thunder clapped and lightning celebrated by darting in and out of the clouds charged with pure delight.    The rains poured and the river swelled.  Instead of containing itself like it normally did, it allowed parts of itself to flow across the lands, down the hills, over valleys and the mighty flow of the river branched out, moved and swelled.  Little tributaries formed singing their own watery song and flowing contentedly.  Some continued for a time and then rejoined the larger part of the river, some got distracted by the beauty of what they had seen and happily formed large pools that circled on themselves in an endless flow and the river sighed with contentment.

It flowed far and wide and created many beautiful weaving flows all the way down to the sea.    The clouds chased it, pushing and shoving each other in delighted at the sheer abandon of the river as it truly embraced the freedom to explore.   As it got to the sea on the new flush of rain water, they clustered low and asked it “Well?”

The river sighed deeply and blissfully as it caressed the waters of the seas.  “That was bliss, I never knew what was possible” and the clouds clapped thunder in delight.

Moral of the story:

Watch your need to have things so tightly controlled that you suck the joy out of your experience here on the earth plane.  You were born to explore the world you are in.  There will be many choices on the way, and some of those you will doubt, wonder about and reflect on.  But never limit your choices for you will only cause yourself to become discontent and restless as your soul longs to explore. Share your dreams with others, and they too will help you see your choices as well.  Give yourself the freedom to be you.  There are no wrongs, no rights, just choices and for every choice you have there are a million more.  Give yourself freedom to choose.


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  1. Tina

    Wow, I really love this story. 🙂
    Such simple meaning, thanks for the reminder.
    Bless xx