Spirit Whispers: Degrees of Isolation, a Choice of Self

Whenever I get a chance to spend some time away from people, I end up in wonderful conversations with the Guides about all manner of things.   I sometimes wonder whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, hours can disappear.   In the wee small hours when I couldn’t sleep last night I wandered off to the Inbetween to talk to Jobe.

Each of the Guides I work with have specific places which I talk to them at, like a totally separate space in which I can be and give them undivided attention.   Jobe’s is always a desert, the sand rich in colour of burnt umbers and oranges, twilight sunsets which I absolutely adore and the flowing wisdom of a beloved Guide.

Quite often the Guides show me things in what I call multi level understanding.  The images can flow off them and I can see unfolding stories and understanding but there are all the threads of emotional feeling that come with each image making you feel it and see it in all of its entirety.   A level of communication that I miss simply because words don’t express at times everything that is conveyed.

However apparently at times it’s my job to try to get what I learn into words.  Hmmz thanks for that challenge!

I was talking to Jobe about the changes in the frequency, the cellular changes going on in people’s bodies and in their mind sets as well.   We have this absolute love in the physical of “planning” everything, of taking carefully planned steps with minimum damage to our understanding but all that does is in reality create limitations of living.  Then we are bored with the self-imposed limitations we have created, we think where to from here?  What else is there?  Where am I going and what am I doing?   We become scared by the perception of inertia, that we are going nowhere, have no purpose or ability to see what we think we need for us.

This becomes a very scary place for most people.  Why am I still here then, what am I meant to accomplish now? I seem to have lost my passion.    We can end up creating a space in which we feel emotionally detached from everyone else and put ourselves into a degree of isolation.  We don’t tell other people that we feel like that, that our purpose seems blurry.  Nothing floats your boat like it used to.  BRING back my degrees of suffering and the self-imposed limitations because that feels familiar and I want that security blanket.

However, all that does is make us feel separate from each other and we are not separate.   Each of us here will experience all there is to experience the human journey, with all its losses, joys, traumas and delights, in the manner which most gives us Soul learning.  YET I find at the present time I am seeing more and more people who feel isolated within themselves.   This degree of isolation is actually a part of our ego refusing to allow ourselves understanding of connectivity with each other.   It is still governing expectancy of our own selves to BE something, yet we already are something and something wonderful at that as well.

When did we forget that we are so capable and so united by the actual fact of being, incarnating, choosing the people we align with, experience with?   No one person is more sensitive than another, harder than another, yet the comparisons come thick and fast at times.  Yet the base line of the understanding STILL seems to have been missed completely.    You are still the centre of your own world, all of the external circumstances that are affecting you are helping you to learn about you.  EVERYONE, absolutely everyone is in exactly the same boat.

It may be different circumstances, patterns, habits, learning but in essence its the same!  Until we can be completely honest with ourselves and each other we are creating these degrees of isolation with each other.  Want to be understood?  Understand you first, for how can you expect another to “get you” when you don’t allow yourself the room to even understand you.   It’s a catch 22 really.

I asked Jobe exactly WHY we isolate ourselves, or if in reality that is part of our learning too.

“You are defined by your own degrees of learning, self-imposed limitations, learned understandings through generations, but mostly you are defined by your perception of yourself.  When you tell yourself an illusion of a limitation, then you simply either become or live by that limitation.  In essence this is what then defines your identity.  When you have given yourself an identity, you simply then start to judge others by what your definition of identity is.  If it does not stand up in your own illusion of being correct, right or make sense by the illusion you have convinced yourself of, then your perception is that the other person is wrong or different or even separate from you.   This creates degrees of separation of even understanding why that person needs to have the journey of themselves, yet they do at a soul level.  They simply chose that.   Your illusion is expecting them to have the same soul learning as you on your own terms.   This is never the case.    Even though we can talk about unique journeys, learning and understanding, you are only creating a degree of isolation in your own mind, your own illusion by your perception, your limitations and the learning to date.

To isolate yourself into degrees of isolation is giving yourself no understanding of connectivity with others.  You have thereby harshly judged them in the manner of which you have judged yourself.   It becomes very limiting and very isolating when you do this.”

I swish sand between my toes and think about what he is saying.   I mean how many times do you actually say to someone “Hey I am really struggling with myself today” instead of walking around in a grump and thinking that the entire world is against you.   The more catalysts that come your way, the more the Universe is trying to get you to see how very hard you are on yourself, your expectations of you, the limitations you have imposed and in its own way because we really embrace degrees of suffering and isolation, do we feel even more picked on and alone?

Nothing is DOING that to us, we are in reality doing it to ourselves….  and truly that is actually part of our journey here.  To learn to understand and nurture us, together. FULL STOP.   Think of how many times someone has completely frustrated you, betrayed you and let you down.    Yet as time as passed you have thought how you would have handled it differently, or seen them years later and actually understood where they were coming from.  All of that is growth, about you, about them about the journey.   You are not isolated in that learning or that understanding YOU just felt isolated within because you wanted that other person to UNDERSTAND you, your perception, your view and yet WHY was it so important for you to do that.   It wasn’t really, it was about needing to be right by a limitation of perception in yourself.  THEY would have felt exactly the same way..

The frequency is changing, WE are changing, and we are fighting ourselves at times all the way.   Take a moment to think about it, are you really creating a degree of isolation in yourself?  and if you are WHY?   Change it, take the time to not expect people to understand you, they are struggling to understand themselves, but allow and love passionately and massively yourself and them while we move forward in an ever weaving Tapestry of lives, love and learning of each other.   We aren’t alone, we are making ourselves alone and its time to be honest about it.

Step back and see where you have created a limitation.  “I can’t get another job”, “I can’t leave this relationship” where are all your I can’ts? for these are the limitations you have put on you, when in reality there is always and always was the CHOICE of self.   No one makes anyone do anything.  You choose, start looking and start changing and stop worrying about where to and come back to allowing yourself to be.  Without pressure, without judgement, but lovingly, supportingly and come back to your dreams.  Time for stepping beyond isolation and limitations and into life.   Why not it’s yours after all.



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2 responses to “Spirit Whispers: Degrees of Isolation, a Choice of Self

  1. lyndahay

    Thanks for this. Needed it today….good timing

  2. beryl

    yes I hear you on frustration I do this with partner trying to get point across we both argue the point I feel hes not listening to what im saying at all and he probably feels the same with me I don’t like to be told makes me feel in adaquite but I hear what you are saying