Spirit Whispers: Rewiring and the Heart of it all…

Goodness what an energetically BUSY couple of weeks!  There have been so many changes in and around people that I really have to stop myself from just plain old staring.   At the airways, at people AND at their cellular structure.   Change is a very good thing and yet still we are fighting it still within our selves at times too.  I know, I know I sound like a broken record but really it needs to be illuminated simply because I don’t think you realise quite HOW much you put yourself down or criticise yourself.  These are all aspects of fighting with you.

Sometimes I simply want to grab people, hold them in a hug and say “Please love you more because no one person needs your love as much as you do” and the reason for that is the teal blue above peoples heads, which I have talked about before, it’s such a beautiful colour but such a clear indicator of the judgement of self that people do.

Speaking of changing things though, when the Guides said they would take me out of commission for a week or two governing some changes in the neural pathways in my brain I thought okay, sounds feasible.  Why not?  Well certainly I knew for weeks they had been talking about changes in brain patterns and pathways to enable more information to be able to come through and the part of me that really truly regards anything cellular as some magnificent petrie dish of life (which of course it is).

(Always makes me think of that song by Pink Floyd  that goes along “We are just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl”)  Anyway I digress as usual, what I didn’t really think about is HOW new pathways are forged and what happens when you try and use your brain on OLD pathways… Sigh.  AND that’s why I was bleating on about fighting with yourself above.  Simply it causes pain… when there are new pathways being built by the brain to encompass more information, the old circuitry is simply rewired.

I woke up that first morning after a night of being shown exactly what would be changing within my brain.  Which I have to add was so fascinating.  They took me to a place like I was standing on a massive neural highway, light and more light, speeding synapses, shifting hallways of information.   It was really amazing.  I did keep saying which even got annoying to me “Is this really my brain and what is going to change about it”.   So I was shown old pathways in blue which are incredibly logic based and condition based.  By condition based, I mean my learning from my own upbringing and blue print learning that came in when I was born.   Now everyone has this, everybody.  What was really fascinating was the new pathways in the brain were all in green, brilliant,amazing greens, fast as anything connecting to new brain development neurons and synapses and firing new pathways.   It felt like Grand Central Station to be feeling so small and yet seeing it all flashing all the way around us.

I did ask the Guides why they chose to show me before the changes were to come in and they explained so I would understand what was going to be happening over the next couple of days.   I thought well that’s nice and fantastic that as usual they would give a heads up.   Then I asked WHY the green.   If blue is logical and conditioning based, what were the new green neurons, synapses, and pathways.     Patiently as ever it was explained that these changes were in green because of they belonged to heart based understanding.

As we are evolving forward into our new energy coming over the next five years, it has been well known that it is more heart based energy, yet we have been sitting in a very logical place with our brain energy.   Because energy is converted faster than matter, the changes that go on in our physical matter will change to reflect the higher heart based frequency surrounding us as well.   That means integrated changes within our physical body, our hearts, our brains, our understanding and our cellular structure and memories.   WOW…..  simply.

Now I know this may not interest some people at all but think about it, you are energy condensed into matter from tiny cells that are working together in any energy that is able to condense those cells into something wonderful which is you.   That has to be interesting at some level but even better, the more heart based we become the more compassionate, loving and united we end up becoming as well.   I think personally it’s a win/win situation.

And finally, to the point of this blog.   This is NOT just happening to me……  Welcome to the collective consciousness of the whole planet.   It’s like that old saying, if a tree falls in the middle of the forest, will anybody notice and the answer is always yes.  Simply because we are so interconnected.  There can never be an action without a reaction.  There can never be a ripple without rings from that ripple.   We can kid ourselves with our degrees of isolation but in reality we are truly all connected.  Why wouldn’t we be?  After all we signed up for the human journey and if you are reading this, good for you, you want to know about what’s changing in the journey!  YOU are…

So, finally, as I woke up the next day to a beautiful sunrise, I thought “Argghhhhhhhhhh my head!”   I had the worst headache in the world, and it continued.  Worse when I tried to focus on information that I could see in the airways my head ached worse.   I grumped and moaned at the Guides.  “What the heck, I can’t seem to focus”.    The response was the same “You are not meant to focus, you are meant to allow the changes to come into place”.  I was really annoyed, it took absolutely nothing but me shifting focus to cause a headache.  My eyes ached and I thought this must be a flu or something but I had no other symptoms whatsoever.   I was reminded gently that I would be learning new information, changing old pathways of thinking and these changes would be extremely beneficial.   I cannot believe how many times I tried to use old links and ended up heading for a darkened room just to try and get away from my head and eyes.    If I left things alone and only viewed energy I was fine, but as soon as tried to get a fix on a person, that was the end back to an aching head.

I think I am possibly the worlds most stubborn person and in myself at times, the most judgemental person of myself.  I immediately decided that I wouldn’t be getting more information because it was so scary to have all the old ways I had of looking at information suddenly removed.    I panicked and couldn’t understand why thoughts seemed to just drop out of my head, that I could just stare vacantly into space and there was nothing there.   Again the Guides said just give us until Wednesday.  NO people, no drama just chill.

So the best advice I can give you is JUST chill.   Stop forcing things, allow your body to tell you it needs rest, allow rewiring, cellular changes and purges (random colds and flus) to clear your system and allow this new beautiful green flowing pathway changes to slowly integrate into you.  Stop fighting.  Actually stop thinking and just go with the flow until you feel in a better space.   Stop controlling and trying to think about this and that and come back to being.  Truly its the best advice I can give you..  don’t be like me and nearly take out your own brain..

Allow, rest and recharge and let that beautiful heart based connection start to heal and change old perceptions and conditioning.   Its a beautiful thing, if we only leave the energy to sort it’s self out.

Hope this resonates with some you and you have more understanding about what’s happening and why you feel the way you do.  Old patterns, habits and thoughts are being rewired in the nicest possible way.   Breathe and allow, coming out the other side will be a marked change in the way you think from your heart and certainly that is a really good thing.



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  1. Kerry

    Thanks Jacqueline, such synchronicity I fell asleep twice during the day yesterday, something my usual energetic self wouldn’t normally “allow”, kept getting cards on “surrender” and woke up this morning with the inextricable feeling that I was going through a rebirth process and panicking that I would find myself back in the place of “not knowing” and having “lost” all the spiritual understanding I’ve finally woken up to in the last few years. The arrival of this in my Inbox this morning helped no end obviously! Appreciate your blogs very much 🙂