Spirit Whispers: Fragmented you and the unlearning…

Wow what a whirl wind couple of months, and really I need a kick in the bottom.  I spend so much time with Guides and they pass on so much information that at times I am never to sure what to blog about.   However, this one is such an important one and impacts us all really with the shifts and changes of energy that I need to blog it or it will get left in the piles of draft blogs that I end up accumulating but not posting.

Soooooo, how have you been lately?   Been feeling like you are kind of in pieces and bits of you are meh about doing this, a little blerk about doing that and nothing really fitting into place the way you would like it to?   You are so not alone.   What if I told you that bits of you were flying around in pieces trying to reassemble yourself into a space that is more deserving and serving of you?    Hmmmz, I know it’s a little like take the red pill or the blue pill isn’t it.   However, if you are having rewiring in your thought processes as I mentioned in the last blog. Then what do you think you would do with all the redundant old thinking that you get rid of?   It would leave simply holes in your understanding of who you are.

It’s a bit like cleaning out your closet and suddenly going “OMG!  I threw out nearly everything and now I have a) room for new stuff and b) NOTHING to wear….  It’s a very similar analogy really.   You have done the rewiring in your thoughts, thrown out all the old understanding and now trying to figure what to do next with all the space and trust me, there is a A LOT of echo’s going on in that space.

For a huge amount of people it feels like standing in the dark and feeling around until you hit something familiar that your brain goes “Phew, I recognise this”.   The absolute complete and utter plot twist is that there ISN’T anything familiar and there actually isn’t supposed to be anything familiar.    When you know familiar there is no change whatsoever so of course things need to be different.

So if you know everything that you have learned up to this point in time and it has been logic based and structured.  Yes it can feel safe, but safe kinda at times can be boring.   We love structure, we think it makes up our world.  We ask what you do for a job, do you have kids, have you travelled, but rarely do we ask “What makes your heart sing?   What makes you light up so much with passion that you want to embrace the world with your passion?   What takes you to the depths of your soul and scares the pants off you?”  Hmmmz… not so much of that going on in your structured world is there?

Yet there is so much we have learned that we simply need to UNLEARN.   People can argue that we need to fit into society and societies rules.   Get a job, get a life, get a Phd.  However, within all that structure, where on earth do you give yourself the approval to be you?   Are you following YOUR dream, or did you get so influenced with a dream that someone else told you,  that you forgot what made your heart sing and you just really wandered along doing what everyone else seemed to be doing because it seemed like a good thing at the time.   Sadly, it’s a sheep mentality in a world where you were born to be an original.  Getting bogged down in all the smothering of your true self there?

This year is a Universal Year of implementation and before you start waving the BUT WHAT, implement what? banner at me.  How much room have you given yourself to dream?  and I mean that in the nicest possible way, but have you allowed yourself to look, truly look at what you have been doing up to now and see how that is working for you?    We live in a pressured world where people are suffering from more illnesses, more depression and more demands and we think that all that “learning” we have had has been good for us at a soul level?   It really hasn’t.  We can become so logical that we lose empathy, and we can certainly lose empathy for ourselves as well.

This year is about implementing our need to take ownership of our lives and you know what?  How perfect!  After last year and the Universal Year of New Beginnings, which gave so much closure in so many spaces, take all your rewiring that is happening at the moment changing us from logical thinking into heart based thinking, what a perfect time to take control back.   Key words that… Take control BACK.

Yes, yes I can hear you.  But I need to work to earn a living.  Yes, I agree you do, but if you hate it are you honouring you?  or are you suffering in a space because of a fear of change, or not knowing what you want to do.  I hear so many people say, “I have always done this, I don’t know how to do anything else”.   Looks at you suspiciously, “errmm How did you learn that in the first place?”.   Life is about evolution, and evolution of self it’s certainly NOT about stagnating in a role where you feel trapped and smothered every single day of your life. Rat wheel anyone?

UNLEARN you, it’s stifling the energy from your heart and soul.   I’m not saying that there isn’t value in what you learned but how much as it structured you into stopping believing that anything is possible?  HOW MUCH?    Life is so short, I deal with death every day.  I work with people all over the world every day and its saddening how many have such wonderful dreams that they never will fulfil just because they stopped believing in the magic of themselves and became resigned to life….


  1. 1.
    the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.
    “the origins of life”
    synonyms: existence, being, living, animation, aliveness, animateness; More

Wow look at that… continual change preceding death…  who knew?   I am just trying to show you a point.  When did you expect less for you, when every part of your soul says “I know there is more”.    UNLEARN people, for it’s simply time to grab life and embrace it like a long-lost friend and start to realise it’s time not to just be in your life, but be your LIFE with love.

It’s a beautiful thing.  So set a plan, what would you like to unlearn with your new heart wired thoughts?  Sacrificing your needs for another just to keep them happy?   Working in a role where you are not appreciated because no one gave you enough appreciation when you were growing up and its all you are used to?  Resenting that others seem to have it better than you, but in reality you don’t believe you deserve more?

Let’s start unlearning and better yet enable others to help unlearning by your example.  Give yourself freedom to embrace being you, beyond expectations, learning or society.  It’s not about rudeness, selfishness, it’s about freedom of self to have the loving relationships you want through honesty, compassion, empathy and love.  NONE of those words are logic, they FEEEEEEEEEEL and they are your heart.



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