Spirit Whispers: Being Empathetic 101

I get  a lot of questions from people about empathy and being empathetic, and the one thing that really bothers me at times is how much people resent their own empathy.   I often talk to the Guides about empathy and what ways are good for people to help themselves deal with overwhelming emotions that do not even belong to them.   The Guides say it is about knowing you, knowing what is your emotion and what simply belongs to others.

We get barraged literally all the time with energy.   Energy from the earth (which is incredibly loving and supportive), from animals (which again is loving and supportive), energy from people (which can sometimes ermmm not be so loving and supportive).    So everything has a frequency that impacts us in this current world.  We at times have become so adept at shutting out awarenesses that when we do start to develop, we do one of two things, either shut it out completely or feel like we are being overwhelmed with it.  Neither one is particularly successful for having a beautiful life.    Becoming so detached from your emotions that people think you are cold and unfeeling, or becoming so overwhelmed by emotions that you detach from people because you feel you cannot deal with their emotions.   Both pretty much SUCK and can make you feel more isolated.

It works like this, energy is everywhere.  You only have to think of a person and you have linked into their energy, their moods, their feelings and their fears.   The question is do you actually realise that you have done it?   Most probably not.   Those days when someone crosses your mind and you decide to ring them.  You were having an empathetic moment because you have already linked into them and subconsciously you know you need to connect.   That is empathy on a telepathic energy level.

Meet up with someone in the supermarket that you only know acquaintance wise and are overwhelmed with sadness and just really want to give them a hug.   That is energetic merging empathy.  Before you even touched them or maybe you didn’t, your energy merged with theirs and you went into sympathetic awwwwwwwwwwww mode.

Meet up with a friend for coffee and give her a hug and think OMG, she feels like she has a tonne of responsibility on her and I feel completely exhausted before we even have coffee and WHAT is with her back? as yours goes out in sympathy.   Tangible energy exchange by touching.    Every part of your being will feel the impact on that contact.

Walk into a room of people and immediately feel like you have been swamped with a barrack of emotions from suspicious, anger, frustration and annoyance, to tears, laughter and joy.   RANDOM and confusing.   That is a mass-energy merge at its best and they happen constantly at a mall or a supermarket.  Personally I HAVE to take a shopping list or I end up inadvertently buying other people’s stuff.

The point is this….  Being empathetic is completely and utterly normal.   Seriously, it’s a normal trait of humans, we just have been conditioned and taught that is it invasive or wrong to notice, absorb or heaven forbid merge with anothers energy.   However, you already are in many, many ways without even noticing and if you were remotely nodding your head at some of the above, then welcome to empathy 101.

So with the help of the Guides, here’s a few tips on not how to deal with energy outside of you really but how YOU deal with your own energy.   It’s about taking some of the control of your energy back for you.    It’s only when empaths become sponges for other people’s stuff that the real drama starts for them and then it condenses completely into them making them feel so very trapped in their own emotion and body.

  1. YOU ARE NORMAL, do not let anyone tell you that you are over emotional and hopeless.  That you are just depressed and need to lighten up.   You are struggling to figure out why you are feeling like being rolled over by a freight train and someone says lighten up?  Until you work out WHY, you can’t lighten up.   Accept that you feel deeply, it makes life easier.
  2. Cannot stress this enough for empaths!   Daily, twice daily, three times daily, actually whenever the hell you feel overwhelmed. TAKE A WHITE LIGHT ENERGY Shower.   Stand under a waterfall of the stuff and envisage it washing all the “stuff” you may have inadvertently sucked off another.   Keep it going until you feel “washed clean”.  (I do this about 15 times a day!)  Never do you have to take ownership of others emotions, or fears, ACKNOWLEDGE that.   It’s a free choice planet and YOU choose!
  3. STOP sponging.   I know it sounds so simple BUT in reality if you know the person you are meeting up with is exhausting, then bubble up and be aware of what you normally do, NO merging with their stuff.   You are not here to save the world, but it would be a great start for you to start saving you.   Good practices of awareness save empaths.  END of story.   Going to the mall, sheesh slam that bubble of light around you and keep it tight.    You wouldn’t stand in an aviary of birds and let them poop all over you, stop collecting that stuff at the mall!
  4. Empower you.   Hmmz, I didn’t feel like this before and now I feel crap.   Oh dear, talk about accepting that feeling when it isn’t even yours.   Take ownership and empowerment and wield your energetic weight.  TAKE THAT OFF ME NOW if it’s not mine. You can feel someone’s stuff but you can acknowledge and rid yourself of it as well.  Again never own anothers emotional state when you do not need to.   I constantly am aware of things seeping, poking and trying to work their way into my auric field, but its a bit like swatting flies, you can do that allllllllllllllllllll day or you can get some fly spray.  Which in this case is keeping your aura protected and clear.
  5. Check your thoughts, if they are becoming draining, negative and low and you didn’t feel like that before chances are you’ve collected something somewhere, you wee hoover you.   Ask for those thoughts to be removed if they are not yours.  Within moments it’s a lifting sensation off your head.  If it doesn’t then look at WHY you have allowed your thoughts to become heavy and HIT the white light shower for 5 mins.
  6. Bring in I love you’s in FULL force.   Ohhhh not just for others, but for you as well.   Nothing more empowering if you are in that business meeting and someone is venting full force and you are wishing you were on another planet for the sake of peace.   Do this, think of how much you love your kids, your pets, your home whatever, and bring that energy into yourself and apply it to you.   Love yourself that much, it’s like giving yourself a celestial sugar rush.   Warmly loving yourself, sends out ripple frequency that makes you feel supported, calm and loved and helps to change your energy field.   GET practising, it’s your best defence for you.   Love shatters negative frequency when you apply it liberally to yourself and your energy field.
  7. Pay ATTENTION.   Energy seeps, it feeds and it amplifies.  In a lack of awareness, you are at your most susceptible.  CHANGE it.  If you notice you are starting to feel ill but weren’t before, aches, pains, negativity and depression, glance around and put out feelings to see whom it is coming from.   Close your eyes for a moment and scan the room.  As your energy touches where it is coming from it will get more intense.   Once you have the source, don’t bombard them back again, simply acknowledge, send love and ask immediately for the energy to be removed from your aura and SHOWER.

I am not going to bombard you with a massive amount of what to do’s.  Good habits start with small acknowledgements, good practices and SELF AWARENESS.   These are learned behaviours, and on the days you forget, you pay simply.  It’s how it works.  But it’s this as well, if you brush your teeth every day, or take a shower, or change your clothes, THEN why is it any different needing to look after your energy space?   For me there is no difference, it’s actually MORE important for my own well being and sanity than a clean pair of socks.    Take the time, give it a go and let me know how you get on.    YOU deserve to be empathetic, cause the world needs us, but you don’t need to be overwhelmed every moment of your day.



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