Spirit Whispers: The Toss of a Coin – A Parable

They say time flies when you are having fun but also when times are as intense in energy over the last couple of months, then things can just plain old become a blur. We are master magicians when it comes to excuses for even our own time.

I was listening to the Guides the other night when I was weighing up a choice for myself and I seriously stopped thinking so much around this parable. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and also get the point of it as much as I did.

The Toss of a Coin:

‘I don’t Know’ mumbled the young man to himself. ‘Why is this so frustrating!’ He had thought over all of the choices, all of the options. After all to be offered two completely different jobs, two countries. Both jobs offering him an opportunity of a lifetime yet he could not decide between the two. He has a week to decide. That in itself wasn’t making it easier because of it had of been a shorter time he could have made a more impulsive decision he felt.

He relayed again in his mind, both companies were international, both offering the same packages, bonuses and benefits. Both were in countries he was really wanting to visit, let alone the opportunity to live and learn the languages and the cultures. Argghhhh why was this so difficult!

After mulling it over for two whole days and nights, with lots of input from both family and friends, he was still no closer to a decision. Finally he decided he would make his decision on a toss of a coin. Heads he took the first job, tails he took the second.

He flipped the small silver coin over and over in his hand. He drew in his breath and flipped the coin into the air, watched as it rose up high and then flipped and travelled back down into his palm. Slapping his hand into the back of his other hand, he left out his breath in a huge exhale and stared at the coin. Tails!

His heart leapt! Yes! He so wanted that job! He frowned, hold on a minute. He wanted THAT job? Hadn’t he wanted both of them, couldn’t decide between the two and now on a coin toss he suddenly realised which one he truly wanted?

He smiled wryly to himself and flipped the coin in the air once again, caught the coin and again put his hand on the back of the other hand. Tails again. He laughed out loud this time because if it had of been heads he would have been disappointed. Putting the coin in his pocket he went to tell his family his decision.


Sometimes the more you mull over things in your head, the more convoluted your thinking, the harder it is to make a decision. If you understood there was no failure what so ever, no missing out, that ever opportunity you take WILL be the right one for you regardless, maybe then and only then you would understand how much you honour you in recognizing for every choice there is always going to be another choice, and none of those choices would be wrong for you ever. You never miss an opportunity, life is always what you make it. Your biggest choice is to stop fighting with yourself and give over to experiences that make your soul soar. Don’t look for a easy solution, look for the adventure that makes your soul sing, for as the coin is in the air, you know in your heart what you truly want.



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2 responses to “Spirit Whispers: The Toss of a Coin – A Parable

  1. Stephanie

    Welcome back! Great to read another post. Yep, your coin toss parable is right on the money.

  2. cm cck

    I missed your posts but it was worth waiting: this parable is exactly what I need today. Thanks for relating your experience with the guides so we can also benefit from their wisdom.