Spirit Whispers: Finding the long way home…. to yourself

Sooooooooooo how you surviving all the changes in the Universal frequencies at the moment.   Personally in my own world (not the ones I jump off the planet to), there has been some very HEART based changes.     When the Guides told me at the start of the year that this year would be broken into two six month spaces,  I had a tendency to listen with half an ear as per normal.

However, the reality of this Universal Year of Implementation has been very intense.   The first 6 months of this year was always going to be about what you need to shed off.  Like an old skin or persona that you have contrived to hold onto for too long, it really wasn’t serving you any more and because you are the culmination in this lifetime, of all of your experiences through many other lives, this too means that to get to the heart of you, you needed to start to address simply what you are hiding from yourself.    It really doesn’t serve us to hold onto past hurts, and lifetimes of them, really sucks as they resurface in subtle ways in our current realities.   Now I have just been told off by the Guides for saying SUCKS because we are meant to be learning about ourselves in this lifetime and it is so important in the agreement we have with ourselves that we do, so resenting the learning is not a particularly good way to start.

We cannot be the empowered beings that we need to be when we are holding onto clutter from unhealed parts of ourselves.   The more we have hidden, the deeper the pains, and I did talk about this in the last blog of the threads of what we are here to learn about, the more intensely we can feel the release of these old hurts.       Some of us need a catalyst before we address how we really feel, and we don’t instigate the changes that we need also until at times there is a catalyst that forces us to look at how much armour we have placed over our beautiful hearts.

Be it a fear of being betrayed and then having that betrayal play out in the now.  Or an innate fear of rejection and to be rejected from job after job.   These are the types of intensified learning that are playing out in the need to address our deeply buried hurts that we hide even from ourselves.    The first thing to remember is THE UNIVERSE IS NOT PICKING ON YOU.   It is truly trying to empower you into acceptance of all the bits of yourself that you think are horrible, unlovable or make people judge you.  In reality you are only judging yourself and within that you cannot run or even accept living in heart based energy.    So the GIGANTIC push is on over the next couple of weeks to really amplify how much you need to love you and I truly mean that.

People struggle to love themselves yet the funny thing is you are called a Human BEING.   Not a human doing, human worrying, human stressing…. BEING!    No wonder the Universal energies are trying to get us to clear up what we do to ourselves with our mind, its incredibly detrimental to our hearts.     Sooooooooo gorgeous people, have you finished berating yourself for the things that are changing in your world.   Are you taking ownership of the hurts that are surfacing or are you trying to dismiss them when in reality there is a pattern and the pattern is so clear that you are saying.  “Why does this always happen?”   “Here we go again”.   These are the keys to understanding ourselves, because there is no rolling over in this energy and ignoring what is going on because its going on IN you for you.

Confronted three months ago with my Dr telling me the dangerous levels of my blood pressure and trying to get it back under control, added to worries about my partner, my gorgeous life long friend,  my beautiful sister, my gorgeous sister-in-law, my lovely mum (all whom are doing their own addressing of fears, hurts and shedding what is no longer required).     I forgot the journey is also about me and also understand this is not about any of those concerns, life happens and its meant to happen.   It’s also not a pity blog where I want you to feel sorry for me either.  ITS ABOUT LIFE.    When you are too busy doing, you are NOT being.   When you are not being, you are never in your heart energy, you are always in rational mind.      All of the challenges everyone has had and are having around me and you, are about being in your heart, acknowledging how you feel and what you need to change to live your life differently.

Heart based energy is about HONOURING how you feel.   Smothering your emotions because your brain tells you to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and ignore how much that hurt, adds PRESSURE…   When you add stress and pressure to the human body, things are bound to go pear-shaped.   It responds fantastically well by getting unwell or slowing you down.   What a brilliant design to bring your focus back to your own importance.      You cannot function without your body so the push to the heart based energy is on.  START LISTENING.

You are on a wonderful journey of discovering how much love you can generate.   For our planet, for others but don’t start kidding yourself because most of us have been doing that for years, you have to be included in that.  The Guides call it the “Fine Art of Distraction” and you know I think I have a degree in it.     When things start to go wrong in my world and I start to feel overwhelmed, I find someone I feel has a bigger problem than me and I go whole hog to support them.  (I see you, I see you, going OMG I do that too).   Well it doesn’t work and it never will because the fundamental flaw of the Game of Distraction is that the Universe will remind you that you are continuing to overlook yourself and your need for attention, approval and love, from yourself.

I have spent hours lately with the Guides, I love them so much, however when challenged by Hanni about how I love myself I really started to squirm.  Hard to out manoeuvre a being who loves you so unconditionally but also has a BS filter….   and I found I was full of BS when it comes to acknowledging my own needs.     You wanna try that one out on yourself too.   Say something nice to yourself, complimentary even and see which part of your brain snorts….   It’s not heart based, it’s rationale based and its a flawed one.   Nothing makes you compare yourself more to others than your brain.    Your heart, if you are working, living, breathing, BEING from it, loves unconditionally and when fully open, just allows and loves and loves and loves.   When you love you, you see all the love in the world and it amplifies.   You end up loving that person who is stealing your car park, or cut you off in traffic, because you know that they are struggling just as much as you to find themselves on the long journey home.    That boss that points the finger and grizzles, they are struggling finding their way back to them too.

Sounds like a lot of love to have?   You have no idea yet what you are truly capable of…   It’s only JUST starting, but to kick-start it is the Universal year of Implementation.    June is bringing its own energy to get to the heart of the matter.  It’s not a look out as so much as an OPEN UP energy and heal your beautiful heart.    There will be heart glitches, and flutters, and a whole load of people CREAKING as their hearts are opening in frequency to allow the change in the heart of you.  There will be planetary changes as the heart of the planet also opens up to this new energy of oneness.  Our beautiful world reflects us, changes frequency with us and empowers along with us.    Stop fighting you and start opening up your beautiful heart to find the truth of who you are.

Stop resenting what you see as challenging you and start looking at why the world is responding to you as much as what it is right at the moment.   Heal… LOVE… Come on home to you and start by recognising WHY things are the way they are happening around you and start giving yourself permission to feel.     Welcome to the Evolution of you.

Don’t forget it’s a process…. with every recognition of an old habit, an old hurt, that massive twinge in your heart that says I fear this.  Apply love liberally and follow your heart.   Brains are getting darn over rated and the truth of us has always been our love.   The next six months are gearing up to bring opportunities in wonderful ways, so don’t ignore what you are needing to recognise at this very moment and don’t resent the next four weeks because the Universe simply has your best interests at heart and will work with you in every single way to illuminate and remove those unhealed aspects so you can start loving you completely.

So last advice?   BE KIND, to YOU first and allow the rest to fall into understanding….





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6 responses to “Spirit Whispers: Finding the long way home…. to yourself

  1. Frances Knight

    Thank you Jacqueline! I love your wise words … they have gone direct to my heart! Lots of love xxx

  2. Tina

    Thank-you Jac, as always great blog. Looooved it. 🙂
    Love n Hugs xx

  3. Linda Brady

    Timely as always. Thanks Jac xxx

  4. Jo

    You’re amazing. Thanks so much for your wonderful words Jacqueline. 🙂 xxx

  5. taniabowkett

    Beautiful as always Dear Heart xx

  6. Susan Alderston

    Thank you Jacqueline for your time, energy and love.Your words are inspirational,as always.You help make our journeys so much easier.