Spirit Whispers: Perception into distortion.. The Art of loving ourselves well..

The shifts and changes of energy over the last couple of months has brought a tremendous amount of illumination to ourselves as we start to really see how we need to heal as humanity as a whole and never has it become more clear that the ones holding us back are ourselves.

Never do we truly like to look at ourselves as a problem, and in reality we are not, but our perceptions and insecurities can be the root of our problem with ourselves.

As the unique human beings that we are, we have our own thought patterns, our own beliefs that we tend to like flowers in the summer.  Just like flowers, even when they are individual flowers of the same variety they will have subtle variations and colours that make them different from the rest of the flowers surrounding them.

In a sea of humanity, you are exactly the same.  Governed by your own experiences with growing up, your family environment, and learned behaviours you are an independent, unique flower.   Within all of this learning you develop your own point of view and your perception of the world.   This is reflected in your interactions with people, circumstances and situations and wonderfully it is completely yours.

However, we live in a very logic based society, and that society can place terms and conditions on how we live by the created belief systems of our learning in a negative way.   Unfortunately when a logic based society comes filled with expectations of behaviour and how we should be the emotional side of us starts to suffer.

Human beings are born with a complex brain system, of feelings to be experienced as well and they can be in direct conflict with logical perception, that can give us a false sense of entitlement about what our own individual needs are.    We learn actively about this every single day when we are interacting with people and we suddenly find that we do not agree with their point of view and if their point of view persists, then we can find that our ego, our belief system and our learning can demand them to see that they are wrong.

This is when perception at an individual level can become a distortion.   When we are forcing another person to look and accept the way we are feeling or our point of view we are in reality saying, you need to change, you need to listen to my view on this and you need to see that my view is the right one.   In this instance ego becomes very forceful and we can decide in a moment that we simply do not like that person, circumstance and we step into intolerance massively followed by judgement.   All of this is based on a perception based on us logically thinking we know the best way, a better way or a better perspective.

It causes constant frustration within the person with the distortion of believing that everyone else is wrong and they are right. It makes them difficult, accusational, blaming as their ego tells them that their distorted perception is right and the world is against them.   Sadly, it is just a deep insecurity of not giving themselves enough love to see that they have nothing to prove to the world and an inability to be accepting of unique traits of others,  within themselves in a loving manner.

The shifting energies of the Universe are pulling us relentlessly towards unity, and a unity at a heart based level rather than a logic based level.   If the Universal energies are pulling this frequency forward, then we have to have empathy for both ourselves and everyone else on the earth plane simply because transitioning from logical thinking which is massively based on perception and distortions of perception, to relearning to feel positively is incredibly challenging.

When our thoughts based on our perception and learning, make us insecure, our brain releases a chemical reaction and we activate into how we feel, at the same time logic goes to work trying to explain why we are feeling that way, and then in turn based on our old learning and thought patterns tries to find something or someone to blame externally for how we feel.

In reality, we feel because we are supposed to feel to be fully in the human experience and those feelings are generated inside of us are massive indicators of where our hurts and insecurities lie.  We have the potential to create a very judgemental way of within ourselves of dealing with how we feel and then we direct it outwards into our relationships.

“My boss didn’t thank me for that job, I feel disgruntled and used”    Yet knowing within yourself you did a really good job, why wasn’t that enough to keep you happy?   When perception distorts it is merely that there are aspects within ourselves that are unhealed because of learning that we have had externally that has made us judge our own worth.

If there was no insecurity learning within a person who self congratulates and self nurtures there is be no need for an external gratification from another source to enable us to feel happy with ourselves.

By the same reason if we have a perception of having a bad day, we can find comfort in food, other people, drink, and relaxation.  Yet all of these aspects are external and really don’t actually help you to sleep when you wake up at night and think of the same frustration that the boss didn’t actually say well done like you would have liked.

Re-learning in this Universal energy to give yourself permission to self regulate yourself lovingly by recognising the areas where you have not been loving to yourself is the best way of going forward into this energy change.      However, it takes understanding and patience and love, to see that you have the ability to change your old habits and patterns of not loving yourself enough.

Firstly give yourself permission to feel, because within that feeling lies the answer to your insecurities.   We are taught as a society to smother our feelings, hide what we truly feel, nor voice our unhappiness; these are in reality harmful actions to ourselves.  We end up being ruthlessly cruel in judgement to ourselves and others because of a perception we are not allowed to say what we feel, let alone feel what we feel.

I do not mean this is walking up to your boss and giving them a talking to because they didn’t thank you like you wanted.   This is about seeing still that the main source of your unhappiness is in the way you treat you not the way others do, they merely reflect the unhealed aspects of you back to you.   It is about saying I am allowed to feel this way, however, I need to recognise why I do.  When you see that you were not given enough approval in your childhood and it taught you to not give yourself enough approval, you see that only YOU can give yourself back that approval and so you start a completely new way of thinking and dealing with others.

You no longer are dependent on others perceptions, or their input, but rather can self regulate yourself in understanding and love and compassion.   It will change how you look at the outside world completely and it will make you more stable in yourself, giving yourself the much-needed approval, love, compassion and forgiveness that your insecurities are crying out for.

So start thinking about how much you love you… and then start healing you away from distortion and back to being the beautiful, loving being that you simply forgot that you are.  You and only you are capable of healing your own hurts, but in a Universal pull that really wishes you to step into heart based energy and be truly happy.  Now is the perfect time to be getting back to really, truly loving you in your entirety.




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2 responses to “Spirit Whispers: Perception into distortion.. The Art of loving ourselves well..

  1. Jane Ellis

    Hi Jacqueline, Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the address you gave last night and listening to the readings. It was very empowering to see you standing up there so comfortable in your own power. BlessingsJane x