Spirit Whispers: On the edge of Tomorrow

“Lao?” “Yes?”   “Is this why old like tubes are appearing around people like old skins and they are shedding off their old stuff?”   “Yes”…   “We fight to stay the same don’t we”.  “yes, but the same isn’t there anymore”….

I have to say that I am really fascinated at the moment with the energy.  Incredibly.  I want to stare into people and look at how far they have come in their understanding.  I want to wake up more people and say REMEMBER who you are.   I’ve been spending huge amounts of time just watching, listening to the Guides and being in awe of how people are getting that they are both the key and the solution to the changes in their worlds.

I wish so much that people could see that things are changing so much that none of the old rules of learning down here apply anymore and we have more choices in front of us than has ever been presented if we can only remember that we are the Creators of our destiny.

Why did we forget?  To empower ourselves to relearn.   Part of the Unlearning is to look at all the learning we have had before, grow from it and move forward into new and more positive choices for ourselves.  The biggest concern is our perception of suffering until we work that one out.  Aren’t you tired of taking a battering?    We hold ourselves in perceptions until too they fade away and we learn even more.

Here’s what I have been extremely fascinated with lately.   Appearing around people is like this old tunnel, it looks grey, faded and worn, its always behind them.  When I first saw it I was what the heck is that?.   Then as I looked further I could see that it was old conditioning, old soul experiences and old understanding, patterns and behaviours.  People had been walking that tunnel for years.  For a moment they are paused at the entrance of that old tunnel, thinking about how far they have come.  They are taking inventory, taking stock of the learning and they are LEARNING that they have more choices than they thought as the old tunnel is fading away with all its conditions and doubts.   In front of them is two new pathways… its like emerging out of the darkness and blinking because its so darn light.  People are pausing and have been pausing, in conjunction with the Universe to take stock, to let the human body catch up and now as the new pathways are forming, it is so time to be planning.   March is an interesting month as it highlights these two new pathways.

When I ask the Guides why two?  Why are there two of them? they have come back with this understanding.  March brings decisions in multiple ways, defined by our courage and our ability to plan.  Again I will say we fight to hold our degrees of suffering because they are what is familiar.  One pathway represents even though it is new, our tendency to play it safe.  Therefore to me while it shines, it shines not as brightly as the other one.  It is the still the playing it safe pathway.  Also we are still fighting with addressing giving ourselves the approval that we need internally, to do with permission to be our authentic selves, hence we are still in the energy of the relationship with self so the pathway safe is appealing…

If our pathway forward is of our own choosing and we are still doubting we can be all we can be, then March brings the hard learning level into play.  The month of choices between these two pathways has the ability to bring us to the depths of ourselves to release the last of our internal fighting.  We will still have aspects that we need to heal but we never can remain in the one spot. EVER!  So choices represented by these two new golden pathways become so very individualised for only you can decide for you and for all those people wailing but I just want PEACE.  It comes from within and how peaceful are you truthfully with all those accusations you keep piling on yourself about your worth? Hmmz funny how you don’t want to make eye contact right now….

Look I am not meaning to say that March will be challenging, (so quit with the eye rolling), I am saying you need to get truthful and by that I mean truthful with yourself.  We think we have so much time as humans, that we will get to that and heaven forbid we also say it will happen when it it meant to happen.  Yes that is true, but we outmaneuver ourselves a hell of a lot too.

Everything that orchestrates in our world is either teaching us something or responding to us.   We need to give ourselves more permission to have a pathway lit up with all of the things that we want.  We think at times we have to earn stuff, and we do if that is part of what we planned for ourselves, but we are really shirking having the lives we want when we are constantly selling ourselves excuses.   The pathways are in front of you guys, and boy are they, in this Universal Year of Freedom, filled with opportunities.  Don’t miss them, get creating.  Stop hiding waiting for the hammer to fall, because in March it may well do, just to wake you out of inertia.

Personally I’d take the second pathway, the lit up one if I was you, because life is for living and you finally get a chance to create something special away from old thinking, old patterns and behaviours…  CREATE IT GOOD… Stop procrastinating for the love of Mike, and get those projects up and get into them, its about not just knowing you have wings, or remembering that but DOING something about it that makes the Universe go, I sooooooooooo got you covered for EVERYTHING…..

We are on the edge of tomorrow people… what kind of tomorrow are you invested into making…  its up to you…






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  1. lyndahay

    Thanks for this….very inspirational x

  2. Tina

    Thank you beautiful you. Hugs xxx