Spirit Whispers: Standing at the cross roads

Goodness, this year has decided to disappear as well, as we are heading fast into April!  Don’t know about the rest of you in this energy but sleep has been a commodity that has been sought after but not received as much as I would like and that has been due to integration.

We basically let the body sleep, work upstairs and bring changes back into the body, wake up down here and repeat!   Means some completely upset nights and if this is what you have been doing, know that coming into the 15th of April, this too shall pass as the subtle changes to the human body structure are being done mostly at night time.

I was talking to Lao also about so many people coming who are standing at the cross roads of their new pathways and looking on with confusion, so wanted also to blog about this challenging change too.

(is very hard to not giggle as a large Angel is leaning over my shoulder reading what I am writing with interest! and since it is usually dictated by upstairs I get to reread it afterwards as well!)

At a soul level we have what I call planned learning, orchestrated experiences, to a certain age.   When we have completed this soul level learning, we reach a point I call the cross roads.  Now this can happen at multiple levels cross roads as we complete different levels of learning however, when a soul contract has been completed within ourselves its a completely different thing.

Simply as Lao explains it we can come in with drive and what we think is purpose.  Say if you are a Carer Soul, and your life lesson is needy and difficult people, you are here to learn how to say no, how to not sacrifice yourself for others, and find the balance between serving and losing yourself in others needs.   Its a very common soul type and of course desperately what the planet needs, people who care.   However, on this pathway and others also is soul contract completion.  Once you have learned all you needed to, completed all of the learning in this regard to a very complex level.  Then you are released from your Soul Contract.   Not knowing that you were under contract in the first place confuses people so much as they suddenly go, “I have nothing else to give”.   They decide they have “cared and served” enough and they change their lives completely!

Then they start literally getting confused.  They have been “driven” internally for years and years to “look after others”, that has been their “programming” and now they are feeling around in the dark completely confused about what they are supposed to be doing.

This is the cross roads I am talking about.   This is when they go I have done this for years and I have no energy to put into doing this any more but WHAT next???     Please know this applies to ALL the soul aspects, not just Carer Souls, that was just an example.    So gorgeous people appear on my couch saying I have lost my purpose, my passion, my drive, my enthusiasm.

The good news?  No you haven’t, you completed what you needed to, wonderfully, completely, amazingly and NOW you get to create.   The only problem is that it is a space that people are sooooooooooo unfamiliar with they have no idea what to do!   Imagine this, a group of little children who are taught everyday to sit still, stay on the mat, listen are suddenly let go in a massive playground with all the bells and whistles.   They pause for a moment trying to actually understand they are allowed to play?  with everything? for no time limit?   They wait for it to sink in before they take off noisily in ones and twos.

YOU are exactly the same.   Only you have had years and years of being committed to the Soul Contract that says this is what you HAVE to do.   So its not like the kids who accept and take off whooping!   Instead you say, because rational mind says, “I’ve lost my purpose” and then start to pick at yourself massively because you think it’s something that you have LOST!   So people sell their house thinking that will make them happy, they change their job thinking that too will change things, get a makeover, change a 30 year relationship because there MUST be a problem somewhere (hello midlife crisis).

But the simple reality is you have been released from driven learning.  You just transitioned without you realizing it.   Well, you realized it to a degree when you said “I don’t want to do this anymore”.  However, you are still searching OLD patterns and behaviours going this is what I have always done, this is what I should do.   Yet the frequency is not there anymore and YOU can’t go back to it no matter how much you try and force yourself.  Your heart will NOT be in it.

In this Universal year of Freedom, it is doubly hitting people incredibly hard as they think they are the problem, when in reality THEY are the solution.    What if I gave you permission to play, because simply that is what the missing ingredient is.   PERMISSION to stop being a human DOING and create a human BEING.   Look at ALL of your habits and constraints and conditions you have put on your life.   Where is your sense of adventure? or have you matured past it?  Well bollocks to that, you are inside a big kid!  and your sense of responsibility says I should KNOW what I want.  But its this… YOU never gave yourself PERMISSION before to simply be and LOVE being alive, finding your passion for something you love.

And by the way?  Don’t kidd yourself that you were passionate about your job, in a Soul Contract you ALWAYS will be passionate and purposeful about what you agreed to learn.  But notice this, once that feeling changes you are so struggling to get it back aren’t you?  Instead you are forcing yourself to do something just because you thought it was what you wanted and needed, and you did, during that Soul evolution.   Well done you but you have been released from that expectation and you get to play!   Well earned my friend!  You successfully completed your learning!

The other thing I hear?  “But I still need to make money….”   That is fine!  I am not telling you to take a slow boat to Alaska, just because you don’t think you should do anything.  By all means take the boat if your heart says I have waited my whole life to do this!  but know that within your learning you can see that your job, your learning does not any longer need to consume you.   You have have your job, whatever it is, but put passion back into your play!   Most of the people I see, their job was their whole life, then kids and partner, but nothing else in between.  What is your personal Goal?  Not by distracting yourself with other stuff, like kids, and work.   But the creative stuff where you do something just for you.   A Marathon, Write a book, Paint, Design, learn Flying, Deep Sea fishing, Scuba, Volunteer in a third world country,  Train racehorses!    Get inventive for the love of Mike!

Your Soul now has the ability to fly within creativity beyond contracts, to be truly free to simply love your life!   Yes, you will struggle to get your head around this concept because it is driven BY you.   This is unfamiliar territory people but YOU need this for you.  There is no wrong, no right, but an exploration of who you need to be for you at a deeply personal level.   Yes!  You will probably shock the pants off everyone who says “but you always have done this, why change now?”.   That’s the whole point!  When do you say I get to do stuff I want to do?  You moaned about it at times,  when you were working hard on your Soul purpose!   But I loved what I did!  So you did and you did it wonderfully, THIS is your reward not a punishment!

Its your cross roads people, not mine…  You choose for you, wonderfully, passionately and enjoy all you are creating.  It simply is time and in the unfamiliar may you find the truth of what you love just for your SOUL!   Now is perfect!






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