Spirit Whispers: Get off the Cross Roads, Deciding Factors

Following up on my last post, and ever having one of my moments, I stomp off to the “Off Worlds” to talk to the Guides about soul level journeys AGAIN.

Years ago the Guides were explaining about accomplishment levels that occur on the life path of each of us.  That we put specific learning spaces into action down here on the earth plane.   For instance, from the age of 0-10 years old, these are the most formative years both in terms of human development and also implementation of soul level learning.  Physically we grow and experience, emotionally we grow and learn about people, connections and understanding.   At a soul level we start to implement multi level learning about how much approval we give to self, in the face of maybe not receiving enough approval from parents or siblings.  This is a pivot level of learning that we will implement over and over for the rest of our lives until we learn about what conditions we have set ourselves during this period.

In truth this is such a learning experience on the earth plane that we totally underestimate how much has been preplanned at a soul level for our optimum growth of self.  However, we are able once completed some of that multi level learning, able to recognise the passing of these milestones by one factor.   It’s when we say to ourselves, THAT’s ENOUGH.

We may not remember exactly what we agreed to learn from others about ourselves, but we recognise completely the “that’s enough” level of completion.  Normally that is directly coinciding with the completion of soul level learning.   When does soul level learning finish?  Basically when we get enough illumination of what we needed to learn that does not serve us any more.    It can take time, years in fact, to stop beating ourselves up enough to realise that we are part of both the problem and the solution of our learning.  Simply, what we allow persists until it has taught us all that we need.

In this energy at the moment, there is multi level learning condensed, simply because of the fact most of the people I deal with at the moment are in the 40-50 plus age bracket.  This is a major completion phase of your life path and it brings in some amazing learning in itself.   At this point on your life path, it means you have completed in understanding, some MAJOR life learning.   You mostly know who you are as a person.  You have dealt with some difficult people, situations and nailed quite a few of them.  So you reach a completion level at a soul level.

This stage can throw people completely as they go from what they think of as being purpose driven for the last 40 odd years.  Be it being a Carer Soul and looking after others needs for all that period of time, or a Cause Fighter Soul type, passionate about a cause for 40 odd years to suddenly going “I don’t want to do this anymore” and it thuds with such a resounding noise that you suddenly are thrown into resentment at having to put others needs first, or your cause suddenly doesn’t have the same flavour or passion it did.

Most people hit a wall about this time.  Their confusion massive as they struggle to actually understand what has changed.    This is soul level completion of an agreement with yourself of what you needed to experience at a purpose driven level.   Some people persist in that old understanding to the degree it affects their health as they struggle to try and fit back into a way that is truly and truthfully no longer serving them.  Some people completely toss their toys and resentment bubbles over as they blame everyone else for not feeling the way they did before.   We search constantly for reasons that we may have let ourselves down or lost something.   However, in reality, we have given ourselves permission at a soul level to let go of our duty to experience and come back to simply being.

It’s a hard concept for the brain to understand but the heart, well the heart just gets it if you are prepared to listen.    The heart, so beautifully connected to the Soul, knows its time simply, to change from hard level learning into a more simplistic approach.   The heart says, I’m not in this anymore for learning.  I am in this for loving.  Loving what I do, loving the people I need now in my life (and this may be way less than you ever thought), loving my time and consciously seeking enjoyment.

Now at this point people can sarcastically say to me, and I get it completely.  “I still need money to live!”.   No one said you didn’t.  However, your Soul is trying to get your attention about what you think you need and the change from being driven by soul level learning.   As the Guides say, this is one of the most liberating yet confronting times of your life.    Simply because it relies on you working it out.    Final stage learning at its best.

You always had to work it out before, why do you think it will be any different now.   The deciding factor that comes into play, is HOW you work it out.   When you were a teenager, you thought you were invincible and you could do what you wanted.   NOW when you have the ability to DO what you wanted, you are allowing your confusion at what just happened to hold you back.  The perpetual catch 22.

This stage is about abundance, freedom, peace and enjoyment.   If you recognize the permission you have given yourself, you will stop looking for that redefining PURPOSE, that you think you have lost, and come back to understanding this is so much more.   “I’ve lost my passion” people wail.   No, you haven’t.   You have been released from driven LEARNING.  Congratulations!!  It’s well earned, you have done so well!

I did remind you of this in the last post, and you all nodded and stayed exactly in the same position.   Well until you change standing at the cross roads and bringing in some of those deciding factors, you get to stay in the same energy in the same space until you hit the “THAT’s ENOUGH” energy again.

Think outside of the square people, the changes are right under your nose.  Stop trying to control everything and allow yourself to re-dream a new existence.  One that supplies all your needs and hopes and financials.   This is one of the best times of your life to receive abundance like no other because of what you have completed.

Now is perfect.  So make a plan, I won’t remind you again as the time to be pausing on the cross roads is passing with every moment and its time to step into ownership of WHO you are and need to be for you.   If you are too chicken to make a plan, watch your levels of resentment and frustration as they will build and build.   Do something random and see where it takes you but above all, ENJOY this next stage brings so much opportunity if you can just get out of your own way!






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  1. Stephanie

    Bless you Jacqueline. Right on the money.

  2. Claire Slee

    Love everything you do Jacqueline! Beautiful! 😘😘😘