Spirit Whispers: Calling all Carer Souls..

Hmmz, as I said in the previous posts there are so many changes going on in a rapid fire evolution of who we are.   I have spent and spend a lot of time with people, both alive and not and I have consistently noticed since January there has been a rather large push on to empower Carer Soul Aspects to be aware of responsibilities they are carrying for others on top of their own stuff and also the growing resentment that is sparking within the Carer Soul Aspect which is really not of their nature.

Now Carer Souls do guilt beautifully unfortunately, and it drives them to accommodate other people’s needs before their own.  Part of the Carer Soul life experience is needy and difficult people experiences. Also we are slap bang in the middle of relationship energy governed by the relationship with ourselves.   This is putting extra pressure on Carer Souls to release old energy, old connections that are not empowering and all directly related to putting other people’s needs before their own.

People, simply, the philosophy of the planet has changed and so are we in recognition of the changes and their integration over the next 5 years.   The Carer Souls who have been working diligently within the last 2000 years odd, have been nurturing, supporting, and loving and assisting people under this old philosophy, which has been simply suffer to learn.   We needed Carer Souls by the dozens to help fulfil this learning program and so they incarnated over and over again in this assisted learning.      However, the greatest changes have come in over the last 12 months and has been continuing to impact in integration, the newest philosophy of the planet which is now, Create to be.

Carer Souls, deeply aware that something has changed are not sure what.  But they have noticed this.  Their tolerances are shot.   They can go from 0-60km’s an hour from normal mood into frustration and resentment if someone asks them to do something they don’t really want to do and they are horrified by this.   Most Carer Soul’s that are coming across my path are blaming themselves for being lacking in this patience and tolerance.  They have for years been able to pull this amazing loving, compensating energy out of thin air and suddenly it is not there to be able to do that with and nor is it meant to be.

Please Carer Souls, cut yourself some slack.  This is a massively evolutionary time on our world and it is one of empowerment.  The empowerment is recognising that people are not needing our assistance to the same degree.  They are awakening to the understanding that they need to be responsible for their lives and they are the ones to help empower themselves forward into their beautiful lives.   It truthfully is an amazing time of recognition.   Please understand also this, it is not that Carer Souls are not required anymore, but your role has changed completely in this Create to be energy.    You will still be drawn to people but you will not be pulled at the same Soul level to “fix, heal, save”.

So please stop with the impatience directed towards yourself.  Can you think of it more this way.   That the Universe is showing you where you have over compensated yourself towards others needs and it is time to re-balance the equation so you have the life you want beyond the soul purpose you came down here for.   Truthfully you cannot change you are a Carer Soul, people will always be so important to you, but with balance you can decide now to do some things for yourself as well.   What a wonderful space to be in.

Welcome to the teacher element of your soul journey.  This is where you get to lead by example to others the way you want to live your life.   One thing to remember within this transition is that others are not aware what has changed about you.  They know something is different and in the relationship stakes they are really confused about why you are behaving the way you are.   If you have been over nurturing family members they will be horrified at you now standing your ground where you never did before. Work environments with colleagues, suddenly become unbearable.  With your children, you are suddenly telling them that you are not helping them anymore to the degree you did.  They will be shocked!   Inter relationships your person will be confused, after all you have been picking up after them, nurturing them, putting them first and now you are suddenly saying “No” and at times not politely either.

Beautiful Carer souls I see are yelling “Enough, I’m done!  It’s over, I’m finished!  That’s it I quit” and they are quite simply meaning it, to the complete and utter confusion of everyone surrounding them.    Taken aback people are responding to this change in their beloved nurture with mixed emotions.  Some accusing them of being selfish, rude, unco-operative, and generally wanting Carer Souls to get back in the box that they have been in for the last 2000 years.

The good news is and I mean it is good news.  You can’t.  So you need to regroup and recognize what is happening, without blame of others, or yourself.   It is simply time for you to lead the way in understanding and that wonderful compassion that you have, to live the life we can without the suffering learning we have had for so long.

Now you need also to understand this, some people will get where you are coming from. They will empathize and understand completely.  Others simply will not.  You will have to learn to let go of your guilt if you have tried enough to communicate your needs and others are refusing to listen.   They are simply not meant to, it is not part of their growth.  It is your own.  It is time you understand that.  No one person can drag kicking and screaming people forward into evolution that they are not ready for, nor happy to do.  Each must evolve in their own way.  You need to accept this and this will initially be very hard as you cling to the old frequency with all your might, but becoming more and and more frustrated and resentful and the Universe will illuminate more and more your need to lead by example.

So over the next couple of months, Gorgeous Lights please be kind to you.  You are the change the world needs to lead forward and again you are at the front of the charge and the change.   Time to acknowledge, take ownership and give that wonderful understanding you do to others that this change is empowering, rewarding and creative.   Step forward bravely, and create beautifully.  Now is the time and it’s what you came to do.












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3 responses to “Spirit Whispers: Calling all Carer Souls..

  1. beryl

    Very timely message I have no patience with people at the moment the smallest thing annoys and plays on my mind over and over again were I once did things for people I don’t as much any more your right it does confuse but I’m glad its a good thing thank you

  2. Was hanging out for a new post from you Jacqueline, I said ‘Thank God!’ when it appeared in my email! Couldn’t agree more, my partner and I are both the carer soul type, attempting to balance our own needs within our relationship, families, colleagues and the wider world! No small feat here! Knowing that the energies are re-aligning after 2000 years is a relief, meaning, I wondered what was happening to me, what the heck was going on! This explains alot. Thankyou so much xxx