Spirit Whispers: Once more into the fray…

Sooooo how you all surviving?   The feed back from the ‘Calling all Carer Souls” was remarkable so it was wonderful to know that there is a few of you Gorgeous people sitting in awareness of this change and hopefully it gave some illumination!

I asked the Guides how exactly do we need to address the challenge of this energy and the Guides said simply “Acknowledgement” and I was intrigued.   Acknowledgement of what exactly?   I mean did we do something?   Has there been some magical thing that we have done to ourselves that this energy is trying so hard to get us to address?   Did we own a philosophy?  Were we incarnated with a purpose that no longer applies?  I mean WHAT the hell??

Patiently as ever they explain and I love them so much that I listen to the melodic tones and light expressions of the off worlds and patiently translate as follows for all of us so we can try to understand.

“You have been in the process of learning for many, many years a contrasting understanding.   You have learned that you needed to persevere, to struggle, to suffer to learn and on that basis of understanding, there has been a tidal wave of souls returning to the earth plane with an over balance of nurturing soul purpose.  These souls were to offset the learning of the many, with simply their love, their faith and most of all their hope.

These souls have worked hard with all aspects of learning to keep loving and harmonising the planet while other soul aspects brought in the multi level learning required by the governing learning.     To this end, this has continued for 1000’s of years.    In the changing of the Guard so to speak, or the governing philosophy changing.  All of the soul aspects have been confronted to release their deep resentments, judgement and conditioning learned from that old philosophy and cellularly stored for all this time.

This is what is presently happening, soul deep and cell deep release as you move forward into the new philosophy beyond the suffering to learn.    All soul aspects are affected. Some will fight to hold onto their old ways, their old learning as the fears on the planet have been in place for such a long time that it becomes inherent soul behaviour to keep this pattern on rinse and repeat due to the limitation of their fear.

After all, it is so phenomenally different from any understanding that has been on the planet realm before, that the unknown brings in fear and the flight or fight instinct is activated as you actively search for a cause of your vulnerability, your resentment, your change.   Carer Soul aspects are the first to instigate the change with their withdrawing of energy in over balance.   They suddenly are no longer wanting to add their collective energy to an old skin that is peeling away.   They are preparing for the new wave of understanding in the best way they know how.   Stabilizing their energy in a new direction of balance.   They are simply standing their ground harmonising without FIXING, being loving and compassionate, but in some instances instantly intolerant of being pulled back to the old philosophy and being forced to over assist other soul aspects through this transition.

The acknowledgement is this.   Lead by example.   Acknowledge first the change and then become the change so you do not drag those forward who are not ready.  But live like the change is already here without distortion of the original purpose.   Distortion of the original purpose is JUDGEMENT, CONDEMNATION, RESENTMENT.   You are free to be truthful, joyful and complete without the responsibility anymore.  So do exactly what you do best.   Acknowledge that role is over.  Be firm in why you will not bend but with compassion and love because YOU are leading the charge to the new philosophy.   Reteach love, harmony and do it so well that others will be inspired to make the transition.

Each soul aspect is so important, so judgement is the worst possible thing at this stage.  It’s not about patience and tolerance. It is, and always has been about love.  This is something Carer Souls do so well.  They love unconditionally.  Now is the time to invest that love into yourself and live by that love.    Change what you need to in order to live joyfully but release the responsibility of  centuries of thinking you need to drag everyone else forward.   That is the suffer to learn philosophy.

Honour now your journey and each time confronted with people who try to pull you back, send love simply and stand in harmony of creating a new balance, one of leading by example”

Phew!   So there it is, you Gorgeous, Gorgeous People… Once more into the fray, but this time so empowered with knowledge of change, that you simply shine brighter with the understanding all you have to do is acknowledge this is happening and keep LOVE brilliantly applied to living the life you need to inspire others to want what you have so they follow your example!    I have to say, this will take some getting used to, this new understanding and I know personally it will have its own challenges as we are only human but what an awesome goal to fix on, hold to and pursue!  Living so awesomely that others want what you want!!!   You can do it, it’s why you incarnated now and boy are we overdue for it.      Remember we fight to hold on, we fight to let go…… BE Patient!!!!!   Bring in the Big Love and lead the way….








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4 responses to “Spirit Whispers: Once more into the fray…

  1. This whole stance is remarkably like that of the final stage of women’s consciousness… the crone. To love unconditionally, go no longer need to be the bringer of healing or even doing. Am loving this call to release centuries old resentments, fears and judgements and allow purselves to have that “free-floating” experience of life without those old guard rails on our live highways

    • I agree Jody, the stages are set by understanding and it may well be that it’s because of the age I am but I am noticing that the younger ones have more of this understanding way beyond their experience or human years XX

    • Isn’t that amazing? And.. more indicators that the old characterizations are falling away or, rather… being released. The “stages o life” and soo much more are based on century old patterns that are losing their “validity” as new awarenesses and understandings emerge. And how wonderful that we have the likes of Blue Sphere, and others who, by articulating these changes, assist us in our own evolutions

  2. Tina

    Thank you honey, felt the ping at the words “over balance” of nurturing soul purpose. LOl….
    Exhales…. with loving compassion.
    Much love xxx