Spirit Whispers: Let’s hear it for the boys, Com’on lets give the boys a hand…

I’ve been tossing up writing this post for ages and ages and I feel like it’s really appropriate in this energy as relationships are being impacted with the change of philosophy and purpose.

Look Guys and Gals, the energy changes affect everyone, no one person is immune from this change, it’s across the board.  Our kids, us, our partners, parents.   In some form or another we are impacted.  I talked about we fight to hold on and we fight to let go.   It really is a hugely transitional time but you need to think about this as well.

Men and women think differently.   Gawd I feel like goin Duhhhhh at myself.  All the Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus stuff but the truth is, we do think differently and the impacts on males in this energy is also breaking my heart.   Women are coming in droves as the distortion of the Carer Soul release is pulling out all the Judgement, Condemnation, Frustration and Resentment and directing it fair and square at their closest relationship.  Their mate.

As one Gorgeous man said to me last week suspiciously.  “No I think it’s the water, there is something in the water, all the women at work are like it too and they are snapping and grumping too.  But my wife, I think she wants to kill me and I have no idea what I have done”.

Gorgeous Girls, women are probably 70% more in touch with their emotions give or take. Men on the other hand have been Society Programmed, to man up, suck it up, smother emotions and get on with it and it has been passed down generationally that their role is to NOT be over emotional.  Carrying responsibility for their families, deeply loving their mates, but not showing it like we do.    WHY are you expecting them to behave like Hairy Women in this energy???    They aren’t women, they are men and one of the beautiful traits that men have is they love to “fix”things for their beloved women, and this is key “AS LONG AS THEY KNOW WHAT’S WRONG”.  But the distortion is making a lot of Carer Souls incredibly angry at their partners.  Complaining about their lack of connection, understanding, support and love.

Look I’ve been there and it’s not nice at all.   I’ve got one lovely and confused man at the moment going but I thought you wanted this? Or this?   He summed it up beautifully for me and I need to pass that one on too.   “Look, I’m a man, my brain capacity to think about all the things you do, as fast as what you do, is just not able to.   Give me one thing to think about, one thing to look at adapting to in this energy and I can do that.   But don’t bombard me with all the things you say I am doing wrong because I need to process what has changed and I only can do that one thing at a time”.

Gorgeous Carer Souls, have a think about this, you have been in a relationship for years and years and you have “programmed” your partner what you will do for him.  Be it look after the kids, cook, clean, do things for him and now suddenly, you want to do all those things but on NEW TERMS.   Your poor man, he is going what the hell?  What changed?  We were happy, I thought.  He works really hard, and you had got into a pattern of how you live your life and now you are pulling the rug right out from underneath him.   Most men at this point get incredibly defensive because they feel picked at about what they are doing when their Carer Soul partner is screeching at them, that they do nothing, you do everything and that they are lacking!   Shooooooooooot, and you wonder WHY they are pulling back, getting grumpy and relationship tensions are building?

Their insecurities in this energy are going through the roof as well.  They are feeling they are not good enough, that they are bored in the relationship, work,  that their needs are not being met, that you are always picking and grumpy.  Their frustrations and resentments are actually the same as yours just from a different angle and in some cases its NO DIFFERENT!   Its causing massive changes in relationships as some end crashingly, heartbreakingly fast as both parties screech “I’m done!!” and words and actions happen that can never be taken back.

Human nature does one of two things when the going gets tough.   We fight or we flee.  That can mean completely different things in men and women but if you take the gender out of it, it means the soul will decide what it most needs as well.    Communication of needs within relationships, ANY relationships is key at this time of change.   Things are changing, and they will keep changing, so we can head back into having mutually, emotionally balanced human beings on the planet.   It’s a good thing people but stop blaming your closest relationships, and in particular the males!

But why I wanted to write this blog is to highlight, since three-quarters of my readers are female, that your Males need your help in this too.  It is not about always having to be the one who does this, or this and suffering in that responsibility.  That’s the old way, suffer to learn.  No I am talking about the new way, the empowerment way.   Tell your partner, lover, friend, that your needs have changed. NOT that you want them to change, but you want them to help you through these changes.   That you need them to adapt with you, and you want to adapt with them.    They simply are incredibly confused that the person they love to bits is wanting to beat them about the head with a stick.

Com’on you Carer Souls, this is part of the charge forward, “reteaching, empowering”.  Stop expecting the males of the planet, to “get it” and change as fast as you are, they can’t they don’t even know where to start.    It’s like asking them to dig a hole for you, wave in the general direction of the garden and not give him any tools.   That’s never going to work.   He will be standing in the garden worrying about which is the right place to dig the hole in case he gets it terribly wrong, and then grumping because he has no tools to do it with and retreat into himself just waiting to be torn to shreds for being so incapable.

Please, this blog is just something to think about if you have decide that your male doesn’t fulfil in this energy your needs or requirements.   Please think where he is coming from.  More than anything in these changes, we need to be empowering each other, not ripping each other down in blame and confusion, when no one has given anyone a clue about what is going on.

Some souls will be ready to leave their relationship, their soul growth complete.  Others have this amazing opportunity to put new connections into their relationships by reharmonising their current one.     Those single males and females?  You have the biggest choice.   You get to look at changing what you are broadcasting out to the Universe in your needs.  You need to get clearer.

“Dear Universe, I’m done, I recognise that I have completed my learning under the old “suffer to learn” guise.  I get it, I acknowledge I’m past it and support me into the new energy of empowerment.   Send me a person who can help me teach others how to have the beautiful relationship every soul deserves”.

Set the intention people and lighten up on the pushing and pulling on each other.  The expectations that are invisible, the pulling down of the old paradigm, the programming of society rules, upbringing.   All of these things are needing to be addressed so we can move forward.      Each person so crucial to help us evolve into the next phase and the boys are crucial in this as there are only males and females on  the planet in one form or other and we need each others support in all of this.

Spirit told me when I was 6 years old, there would be two earths.  I wondered about this for years and years and now in this frequency I think I understand.  There will be those who want to move forward and embrace the changes, and there will be those who simply do not.  All of that will be okay, and exactly as it should be, but I don’t know about you. I’d like to empower as many as possible into the new earth, bringing communication and peace into the new “Create to be Energy” and I need to step up and live by example, it’s still a choice for everyone.

So lets hear it for the boys, they are in the thick of it too and regardless if they are 2 or 50, a little bit more patience, understanding and simplicity in communication of each others needs will save a lot of time and energy not to mention relationships as we transition through the next 6 years.





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  1. Tina

    Thank you honey….. Adaption hat on, Empowerment pants on. Let’s do it.
    Much Love xxx ❤ 🙂