Spirit Whispers: Carer Souls and Building Blocks

Sending out huge awesome, cosmic hugs to all the Carer Souls in this change energy.   You know I kind of want to explain what has been going on for the last couple of months so you can see it in a more empowering way than feeling the pinch of the changes.

We incarnate and we incarnate again and again, with purpose most of time.  Carer Souls have been down on the planet in abundance to help with the “Suffer to Learn” learning philosophy.   In my understanding which is based on the way I see colour in people and around people, that say about 70% of the planet is Carer Souls.  They have been down here for years helping people, nurturing people for 2000 years and more and being wonderful in their ability to nurture others.

Note I said OTHERS.    Now I have explained in previous blogs that changes for the Carer Souls were going to happen and that the responsibility requirements would change again as well.    So a little bit deeper into the incoming frequency, I notice that there are some huge impacts going on with these beloved Carer Beings.

They think they are being battered by the Universe into not caring.  They are struggling to care at all, about anything, they think.     Now, Gorgeous, Gorgeous Carer Souls, please understand this.   If for centuries you have put others needs before your own over lifetimes and lifetimes, do you not see that you are having to rebuild yourself into your own needs and this is completely and utterly unfamiliar territory for you as well.    For the first time in a long time you are being hit with unfamiliar feelings of self-worth, self value, and self-love.    It was easy to love other people and avoid yourself but you can now no longer do this.

Now you are being confronted with your own needs and it is very, very important not to start resenting others and yourself about what is being shown to you within your own feelings and understanding.  It can make you feel extremely picked on and wonder what is the point of being here.     I am seeing many people feeling this way and I have been wallowing in feeling like that for a while as well.   Each of us are here to experience being true to ourselves, in the face of the change of philosophy we are feeling a bit bereft and isolated in misunderstanding what is actually changing.

You are actually being presented with the most empowering and wonderful opportunity as we move into the new “Create to be” philosophy over the next years.  You are being given permission to rebuild you beyond responsibility and into the light of creation.    It’s not like being given a clean slate, you are being asked to look and clearly define all the areas where you have taken on too much responsibility, both in this life and others and to free yourself from that responsibility on self.    This is personal responsibility where you FEEL responsible for sorting everything out, which is vastly different from actual responsibility.

These are the areas where you claim responsibility which is now no longer yours to carry and you do not even have the energy nor, as you are horrified at yourself to find, no longer even WANT to.   The first thing is to stop beating yourself up.   You have another four months transitioning into your new foundations, so start staring at the old ones and start acknowledging what you are being shown.    This is the very seat of conscious choice.   The level that your soul has been released from that old understanding and like a shedding skin, you are stretching, pulling and redefining yourself into a new space.

Stop feeling guilty about it and start acknowledging the absolute honour that is being bestowed upon you.   The “Suffer to Learn” philosophy means you are still expecting to suffer in this, and you are fighting knowledge that you already have in the depths of your soul, that things are changed.  THAT is still suffering energy and you are only fighting with you as you try to figure it out.    Please come back to acknowledgement, that this is how it is supposed to be now and each time you try and pull yourself back into that old frequency you are zapping into resentment and frustration at everyone else and yourself.

It’s a pivotal time of rebuilding, of allowing yourself freedom to choose not on the basis of supporting everyone else, but for you.   It will completely feel like you are feeling around in the darkness trying to find a foundation for yourself, but that is the whole point.   YOU get to build the foundation and I suggest you start with one block. Giving yourself permission to rest.   Your soul is sooo tired of all the wonderful hard work you have done, that it’s going “I’m done”.       Well you aren’t done.  You are DONE with the old philosophy only and that is why it is time to declutter both symbolically and physically so you are free to move into stage two of your empowerment.

Stage two is building what you really love.   You remember all the times you told yourself you would love to have the freedom to do something wonderful, but you have to do this, do that, fix this, fix that.    This is not about going stuff people, I’m over them and I’m going to be selfish.   Lord, you don’t have a selfish bone in your body, you just need to do some things for you and its a reward time, so its perfect!   The best way I can explain what I have been shown is this is a “re-educate” time.

Re-educate yourself about your needs in living and breathing the beautiful life you want to have, by creating it and you as a Carer Soul get to lead the charge in this.  You re-educate you on how to create what you want for you and then you get to teach, by example, others how to do the same.   So if you notice, you are still nurturing others by teaching them, but not this time at the cost of you.

You will teach by BEING, fully present, fully caring, full acknowledging and fully creative in nurturing your own soul.   When you do this, others will think I want that too and they will ask you how you did it, and so beautiful, divine Carer Souls, your new purpose is empowered.    Teach you how to be free from the suffer to learn philosophy and you teach by example others to change too.

I am so excited (or will be once I put some more building blocks in place) of the potential of this new “Create to be” planetary alignment, I feel like I have been waiting for this my whole life.    There will still be personal life lessons but not the overwhelming need of support people, as people slowly but surely evolving into the new understanding.    Now some won’t.   Human nature says we fight to hold on, we fight to let go, but at the end of the day, those who want to evolve and their souls know it.   They are already ahead of the eight ball.   Keep going, keep changing, keep leading the charge as you so wonderfully and beautifully do but stop beating yourself up with an old philosophy that is no longer even you.

This is why you came, for this pivotal change.  Step into empowering you and start with yourself.



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  1. Tina

    Thank you Beautiful Jac..
    Perfect timing.
    Much love xx 🙂