Spirit Whispers: Breaking free

The Grand old Duke of York, he had 10,000 men.  He marched them up the top of the hill and he marched them down again.  When they were up, they were up and when they were down, they were down.  When they were only half way up they were neither up nor down…

Well that certainly (thanks Granddad) sums up the energy at the moment and I have so many gorgeous people saying “I don’t feel like I am up or down, or even in the middle of anything at the moment”.    This is such a pivotal stage in our evolution right at this present time and for many, many people including our children it is just down right confusing.

There doesn’t seem to be a space to even get away from your own brain in this energy at times as everything seems to be pressuring or pressing in this energy as well.  I said to the Guides I feel like I am fracturing, like a vase, and hairline cracks are appearing all the way through me.    Serenely, they nod and say yes.   I glare at them as I feel it’s all very well for them to agree with that but it is making me feel like I am falling to pieces as well.    They disagree in so much as it’s not falling to pieces but cracking facades and illusions and programming that has been in place for far to long that is holding us back from being far more light that we have ever been.

So if you are noticing this about yourself, can you please stop putting pressure of you to be the same person you were 6 months ago because simply you are not and you are not going to be.   This is release energy and some of the things you are releasing you may not even be aware of it at a deep level but you just know that doing that behaviour, keeping others happy, is suddenly not appealing in any way, shape or form any more at all.    Please as I have said before do not beat you up about this, and you know I will probably keep saying it a bit in these blogs.

Guilt, the learning curve of the Carer Souls…  Stop feeling guilty that you cannot even summon the energy to go back to who you were.   These are all suffering spaces of the past,  and they do no serve you at all in this present change and it is a change, and yes it won’t last.   Stop thinking you are becoming a bad person just because you are evolving.  You can’t be if you tried.   You are internally and externally rebalancing yourself in a much more empowering way for you.

Think of it this way, every day for say 2000 years you have got up and dragged a big elephant around behind you.  You have got so used to carrying this elephant, feeding it, cleaning up after it, patting it, carrying it, dragging the weight of it, loving it and suddenly, after 2000 years, the elephant goes ‘Hey I’m good now, I’ll go do my own thing thanks’ and you go ‘WHAT?!?! what am I supposed to do now?  How am I supposed to be now?   I had this role, I had this elephant to look after and now after everything I did it doesn’t want me?”

Suddenly, you are bombarded with unfamiliar emotions regarding this… Resentment!  (Bloody ungrateful elephant), Anger! (How dare you be so selfish elephant running off on your own), Frustration! (where is another elephant who wants me to do this.  OMG there is a lot of them, I don’t want another elephant now or do I?  I don’t KNOW!)  Intolerance! (well stuff the lot of you, you all look like elephants to me and I am soul weary tired) Judgement! (If you are going to be elephants, buggar off and see how well you go by yourself)  Relief! (Thank Goodness I don’t have to do that anymore)  Guilt! (What if it fails, what if the elephant suffers, it will be my fault) Worry! (That elephant, it will get it self in trouble and what do I do?)

Now I will point out here, these ARE unfamiliar emotions because you are getting to feel them in their entirety where as before you could SMOTHER them with compassion, and empathy.    Well now you can’t simply and you are not supposed to.   This is singularly one of the most pivotal changes for the Carer Souls and other soul elements as well, don’t think its just Carer’s its all of us as this philosophy over the planet changes.    This is the rebalance of you… bringing you back to normal experiences beyond your perception or role is the imbalance of emotional states.

Look if you are like me you are still going bawl over sad movies, puppies  playing and fish dying, it’s not changing you, its evolving YOU into a space where you get to be more balanced IN you FOR you.  In doing this the rest of your world benefits.   People you have over supported can start to find their own feet.   I didn’t say they were going to LIKE it, but its important in evolutionary growth for people to grow, to evolve and its so important and empowering for you to lead the way in this.

This is one of the biggest re-education phases of the planet.   We change within, we change without and humans don’t actually really like change that much.  However, we are tired, soul tired, and we want we find to be living and breathing our beautiful lives.  We are looking at all the conformity of society as well and going Ummmm tell me AGAIN how this is empowering me? because I feel like I’m on a rat wheel and I don’t want to live like this anymore.

These new illuminations are crucial for us to begin in ourselves to pave the way to start CREATING what we truthfully and truly desire.   We are Creator Beings who got sidetracked by suffering to learn.   We are only just cracking open to start to empower and embrace the new “Create to be” philosophy.   It really doesn’t make us love any less nor have less compassion or empathy, but it makes us want to be fully present in our own being as well which will make it just different from before, not less, MORE.

It will take time for people to evolve too so its about leading by example you Gorgeous Pioneers, and re-educating yourself first about what you need in your heart to live a w fulfilling life for you.  When you do that you can then teach others to let go of fears, conditioning, programming as they come and say “how did you do that? How did you create what you have?”  and you being the beautiful, amazing being you are in all your glory will say “here let me show you”…

I’m loving where we are heading, but you cannot avoid your own fracturing, sit in it.  Get uncomfortable in it, get vulnerable in it, because within that vulnerability shines the truth of your light.  Look I will be honest, I thought it would be just easier to go back home again.  (Pity me, Brigade of One…. and it seriously was avoidance on my part.   Wallowing gets boring after a while *winks)   However, the truth is we chose to be here at this time and the cracking is partly addressing our secret fear we will fall apart.   We don’t, we CAN’T,  we reform, heal and under the cracked exterior we are still and ever will be the shining light we need to find our way home to.

I see you, you beautiful, Divine thing you, waiting to crack through and appear as the new being you are creating and I am in awe of you.   Celebrate cracking open, embrace it, you are rediscovering who you are and beyond the cracks is your freedom. Hold your light, surrender to the process and lets Hi Five each other on the other side as we truthfully are in this together and I am honoured to be with everyone ever single step of the way.   Remember who you are and stop fighting the process.    Everything is how it needs to be for us to figure out what is truly important going forward.





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  1. Sandy

    Thanks Jacqs – that was lovely – very inspiring. I can relate to all of it. Blessings,