Spirit Whispers: Truthful Alignment

You know when the Guides said that the philosophy of the planet would be changing at a human level, we go okay, no problems then, but I do not believe we completely understand the entirety at times of the change.

Under the old philosophy of “Suffer to Learn” we spent time going from crisis to crisis in order to learn what we needed to by sheer persistence and because of that philosophy there was also a tremendous amount of Carer Souls incarnating to help us through this time which has been perfect.   This integration into the new philosophy has been interesting and I personally feel like a new student trying to relearn how to be and how to re-educate both myself and my body into the new integration of creating what we need for ourselves.

The one thing I have been talking about with them over the past month is the impact of “truthful alignment” in the unfolding new tapestry of frequency.   Ultimately we used to be telepathic, but in order for us to be completely telepathic we would have to be much, much more honest with ourselves first and then with others.  To this end though I have noticed more and more people coming asking me what is wrong with them.  That their tolerances are shot with people, that things are coming out their mouths without them thinking about it and they are feeling really confronted with their own feelings in the face of either discussions, or difficulties with others.

All of this, is, of course, completely on track with truthful alignment.  However, the sticky bit is and it does get sticky, is HOW truthful you want to be.    It is very easy when you are transitioning to think that no one else gets you.   That your friends and family are now beyond you even wanting to be in the same room with them, let alone the same planet and it is where people are saying I am at my loneliest right now.  This is where judgement is way too easy to come in and isolate you.   The reality is that you are not isolated or lonely, you are just maybe transitioning faster, or slower or “limboing” (which is that cement shoes wading through waist deep mud feeling).     Blurting while incredibly therapeutic for yourself may be intensely uncomfortable and confronting for your people who know you as the mediator or the peace maker of the friends and family.

I have found personally that I simply cannot refrain from commenting when in the past I have just been quiet about what I have not been happy about and tried to keep the peace as much as possible.   Ummmmm you could say that I am enormously failing at that right now.     The key to truthful alignment is indeed allowing yourself to be honest about how you feel but in the middle of that do not forget also your core fundamental truths.  Honesty with love, respect and kindness has an assertiveness all of its own.  Blunt force trauma about someone’s lineage or selfishness is neither assertive or helpful as MOST and I seriously mean this, do NOT see their own projections or learnings EVEN when loudly pointed out to them and they are not meant to.  THAT is part of their learning.

So then the question becomes in truthful alignment, how to honour how you feel without creating World War III.  In some cases by all means you may be ready to create that war, however what does it truthfully serve you in the long run.   We all know how it feels to not be heard, not be honoured in our feelings and our thoughts which is why we learned to keep them to ourselves in the first place.  But this isn’t about other people’s behaviours or even their soul level learning down here.  This is truthful alignment of self, in self for self.

You are no longer serving you to smother your emotional state and rational mind is fast losing control in this energy except to pick at you guilty when you do blurt out exactly what you think and that doesn’t help either.    The key in this energy is allowing yourself room to grow into this new energy of self-assertiveness with love.  We are all evolving, everyone at different rates.  Some people will simply refuse to accept the new energy and that is perfect.  Some people will fight to hold onto the old energy and accuse you of changing and that is perfect too, you are.   On this amazing free choice planet, everything is always for our optimum individual learning, exactly as it should be.   But while you are fighting with yourself about trying to get back into the box you were in before with situations, work and people remember this.   It AIN’T your box anymore.  If you have already noticed that you don’t fit that mould, you will be spiraling into resentment and frustration every time someone tries to stuff you back into it.

When I asked the Guides about it, they said in our fight to smother our emotional states, we have done harm to our permissive selves and we are having to relearn how to give ourselves permission to be.   This is a new concept under the new philosophy and one that is making us feel like we are feeling around in the dark and wondering how to turn up, what is our purpose and where to from here.    It seemed to be far, far easier to suffer, we know that one, and we can look for it anywhere.  However, to be able to create what we want?   What the heck?  Where do you even start.

Upstairs keep showing it to me as people with these new beautiful pathways forming and them busy throwing trees and scrubs in their own path because they have never, ever given themselves permission to BE.  BE happy, BE alive, BE emotional, BE present, BE honest, BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.    It’s a new philosophy people and its one of tremendous change, 3000 odd years of living under the old one, is not going to be done in 2 seconds flat.

We are adjusting and letting go of old responsibilities in our body structures (watch out for head, neck and shoulders with that release) and in our actual cellular structure.  It’s a process and it takes time to integrate in self and it takes time for our bodies to get used to the release changes too.   Expect illuminations as you are shedding old ways.  Expect lightness of mind, brain and dizziness, headaches, muscles aching.    You have been carrying stuff over many, many lives, ditching that stuff energetically is not only exhausting but your body has to readjust to not carrying that energetic weight too!   It is very much time to pay attention to what is really happening to you.

This is the shedding, the unlearning of all that has been before and you are slap bang in the middle of the process Gorgeous Lights.   There is more going on than just feeling totally intolerance and stuff falling out of your mouth when you least expect it.  This is truthful alignments in relationships, and relationships will change as you change the relationship you have had with yourself in the perception of what you were carrying in responsibilities.    It is so very, very important to be kind to yourself at this time.  Add truthful expression with love to your vocabulary and watch out for snaps of intolerance as who you are dealing with may not be there yet, or even be able to get there.  Try not to crucify them and yourself during this process.

This is the time to seek your tribe, the ones who want to be free enough to work with themselves and be honest enough to allow you to be you without the bonds of responsibility and denial of emotional self.   I want to also say you are not going to fall to bits surrendering to the truth of you.  You may go through some emotional ups and downs as you free you into truthful alignment but it is infinitely quicker than smothering emotions and being in the hurt for days and days, months and years like you have been doing.

The main purpose of this blog is to let you know you are not alone, so many people I have seen over the last 6 months are in this integration and we are seriously all in this together.  Tell people you are evolving, own that with all your heart if you are, explain you have a need to express how you feel and they are not to fix it, deny it, tell you it’s wrong, but rather just hold space for you to evolve into who you need to be in the truth of you.  It as I have said is not a five-minute process, it’s a process and we need sometimes to surrender to just being in the process rather than pushing and shoving our way through it in a need to get out the other side.  You are heading there anyway, slow down and appreciate the recognition in self of the change and then start loving you for your unlearning.

The truth is the real you has been smothered emotionally for years and its time, Gorgeous Lights, to start the journey to freedom of self to be yourself.   Now, in this energy, acknowledgement and recognition are all you need to start with.

Repeat after me….   “I’m evolving, unlearning and re-educating me on how to be me and I need to love me through this” ….. You so got this!


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