Spirit Whispers: Challenging releases of Truthful Alignment..

Sooo how you all surviving the four planet retrograde that is going on in April.  When the Guides said that April would be a conflicting month I just nodded like I normally do and went on working.  However, as the energy shifts and changes, it has become slightly more challenging again as trying to hold onto your old habits is now starting to wear yourself thin.

Look I cannot stress enough this. If you are going to force yourself into an old energy flow that no longer serves you, you will get sick.  It’s a bit like listening to an eighties record over and over again.  As much as you think you love the music at some point it will grate on you if you listen to it too much.    I am fielding so many phone calls from people asking me why the are getting sick, to look at their auras and their soul pathways to see that they have completed what they needed to under the old energy but are refusing to acknowledge that THEY have changed.

I will spell it out really simply…. If you have the following symptoms or thoughts you are changing frequency and need to honour yourself and others in this process.

  1. Headaches and slight dizzy spells, like mild vertigo.
  2. Frustration coming in instantly someone expects you to do something for them.
  3. Resentment of always feeling like you are the one who has to take responsibility
  4. Looking at friends and family with new eyes and not liking how much they take you for granted.
  5. Stomach and bowel complaints that seem to make you feel more upset internally  than usual.
  6. Fatigue in waves and not feeling like you are sleeping well.
  7. Tearful emotional episodes when you feel like you are on a roller coaster.
  8. Feel like no one listens to your problems
  9. Isolation away from friends because you feel like what they find important is shallow.

Looks at the list again, yes well you could be confused and think these sound like PMT symptoms.  However, when women have PMT they are going through hormone changes!  It’s exactly the same thing at an energy level but its not PMT, but its affecting men and women as well, we are all not that dissimilar you know.  Men are just more likely to settle more deeply into themselves and not communicate while grumping about the world.     Its making the genders brush up against each other in not the most positive of ways.

Truthful alignment requires you to be that, TRUTHFUL and if you are continuing to work in a role that you hate, hours that are too long, pressures from family for their commitments and you are getting exhausted then the Universe has no alternative but to help you see how important you are using the only tool it has for you to notice the change in frequency.  YOUR BODY.  Sooooo, here’s a list of how your body responds when you are pushing it into a frequency that doesn’t serve it any more.

  1. Mental fatigue – Headaches  – cause, Overthinking and over analysing how unhappy you are but not doing anything about it.
  2.  Blurry Vision or flashes of Light – cause Vision being affected by what you don’t want to see and are avoiding seeing where you need to make the changes in your life.   The flashes of light are Spirit desperately trying to get your attention to see the world a different way.
  3. Stomach aches – cause not being able to stomach the current energy and feeling sick when coming in contact with people draining your frequency.  Solar plexus is the first indicator that you cannot “stomach” something anymore
  4. Bowel disharmony – cause (Now every time I say this people laugh, but its a fact) your bowel processes waste and when you are holding onto energetic shit, either yourself or others, it’s here.  Nine times out of ten, bowel inflammation is caused by aggravation to the digestive tract either by foods ingested, or energy.  If you have a sensitive bowel, this will be where you shove energetically your own drama and other people’s crap. LITERALLY.
  5.  Neck Aches – cause carrying responsibilities that are not yours to carry causes the neck muscles to tense up completely in an attempt to carry the weight.  You have all seen the picture of the man carrying the world on his shoulders.  Please make a mental note.  YOU are not here to save the world single handed.  When you are taken out with illness the world goes on. PERIOD.
  6. Back Aches – Again responsibility strikes again and while yes, we can all carry things the wrong way and not bend our backs properly.  This one is mostly muscular and tension based.  Responsibility to carry others always brings up back problems and more so in this energy of truthful alignment.
  7. Uterus – Sorry but the human body is a pocket the more you get inventive, the more you find places to stuff your hurt and drama.   This organ symbolises nurturing.  Lack of it to self and to others gets shoved in here constantly and forgotten about, until symptoms come back to remind you that you need to nurture you at a health level.  Ladies, don’t do this please!   Nurture you and you have room to nurture others…
  8. Prostrate – cause, hiding anger and frustration at an emotional level in your root chakra.   Gorgeous men, you are the new warriors and its time you need to sort out your emotional baggage.  Men feel vulnerable talking about their emotions but when you don’t mostly you hide it with anger and the root chakra is an awesomely harmful place to store it.   Remember no one is immune in this energy, its one of change.   Your awareness is crucial.
  9. Heart – cause is emotional imbalances.  Heart the seat of our emotional state is often smothered, squashed and hidden.  Our heart beats faster when we are upset and the more we try to hide it the more we put this fabulous organ under pressure.  Giving in to your emotions doesn’t mean you fall to bits.  It means you give yourself truthful alignment to say your emotional needs.   Gorgeous people stop hiding the truth in your heart.  Give yourself permission to acknowledge how you feel.
  10. Throat – cause – You know that annoying tickle that appears out of nowhere and suddenly you are choking and spluttering and embarrassed that everyone is looking at you. That kicker is when you won’t say what you need to and your body goes into a spasmodic affect to try to get you to clear off your voice cords what you need to.   Stop hiding your thoughts, truthful alignment asks that you freely speak with love what you think.   Stop punishing you.

Please just have a think about what I am pointing out.  If you can see spaces where your beautiful body is showing you in this current energy how inventive you are about avoiding what you need to change, then you and only you need to ask yourself how do I look after me in this process.   To do that I have another list to remind you off.

  1. There will always be another job.
  2. You cannot fail ever, you just change pathway.
  3. Give yourself permission to grow and move from where you are trapped.  You did that you can change it.
  4. Money will flow if you stop over focussing on it.  Learn the laws of Abundance and live breathe them.
  5. Relationships change because you changed, thank them for what they brought you, try harder in them or walk away knowing you did your best.   Neither will be easy but only you can decide if you have had enough or its worth it.  Stop fixing everything!
  6. Accept – Accept that changes happen and you are changing.  Stop fighting with yourself to be the old you.  You aren’t and there is no going back.  Suck it up buttercup you are beautifully evolving.   BE YOU, do your thing…

Hugs you all warmly and hugely, you are not alone in this energy so don’t think you are isolated, find your tribe, people who get it, people who listen and help you grow.  Break free from the chains of the past and give yourself permission in your truth.  It is you that you have been waiting for.   Now is simply perfect to start changing and acknowledging it.




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4 responses to “Spirit Whispers: Challenging releases of Truthful Alignment..

  1. Linda Brady

    Mwwaaa…. (((Jac))) hugs you tightly! THANKYOU…. love you loads xxxx

  2. Jo B

    Amazing! Thanks so much Jac for lighting the path through challenging times. xxx

  3. lyndahay

    Thank you…just what I needed x

  4. Thank you. Trying to truly process all you are writing about these days….and to work out what action – or not – to take,how to change – or not – what to do, to correct the physical symptoms. Stay with us! And thank you for this latest blog that showed us ways of helping ourselves. Blessings and love to you too Jacky. xx 🙂