Spirit Whispers: The Pause Button

Ever feel like you are Tangoing through your own life.  One step forward and one step backwards.  This energy at the moment is very much like that.  We are releasing so much old stuff at so many levels that we forget that we need to pause.   In the pause, we reassess and get to where we need to be for ourselves as well.

In my usual impatience with the energy, I decided to pick Samael’s brain (do they have a brain) about why we struggle so much with communing with the Universe and even our perception of God ending in why don’t we feel listened to.    In only the way Samael would, he took me to the Garden of Eden.   I often wonder, since I am not religious in any way, why they show me things out of the bible.  However, I do understand this, that grains of truth are in everything and even though I am not of any denomination, I truthfully LOVE the energy of churches, of devotion and of love.  Now, grains of truth, may not be the exact truth but there is always wisdom and understanding to be gained if you just PAUSE for a moment and consider.  In my case, its always pause and then give the third degree because I am nosy, but its still a pause.

The Garden of Eden was truly beautiful, all the spaces of the world combined in one place. I asked a question that I have been longing to ask for ages.  “Was Adam lonely really?”   Samael laughed “Adam could hear God and commune with all the animals and nature, so no he was not lonely.   Mostly human beings are group beings, they need to belong and it was that want of belonging in Adam that caused God to create another complimentary being.”   I look at him suspiciously.  “You know I have always been kind of suspicious of the bible.”   He laughed again.   “There is learning here if you allow me to continue.”

Any hint of learning for me is divine so why not.   “Why did God stop talking to Adam and throw him out of the Garden then?”  Seriously, I have these questions, doesn’t everyone?  Again, laughter from Samael and then he replied.  “No man has been cut off from God, the Divine or the Universe.  Man’s perception he is of lesser value, or is unable to commune with the Divine is what truthfully holds human beings back.”    I frown.  “So you are saying that we believe we cannot be heard, or that the voices that we hear in our heads at times are just imagination or ourselves talking?”   Samael nods.  “When you are talking to me during the day, could you believe you are talking to yourself?”   I think about that for a moment, because I have spent so long talking with others in my head that it just seems plain wrong to not have them there.

“If I didn’t understand that there was something else I suppose I would, but I would feel so terribly alone in my thoughts.”     Samael nods again.  “Do you think also if you dismiss that you possibly can talk with your thoughts to others, other worlds, to the Universe, to God, then that avenue would be closed to you?”    I consider that again.  “Well if no one mentioned it, then no probably not.”   I keep thinking about the isolation of that thought and how much I would hate to be alone in my own head, it kept making me sadder and sadder.

“So why do I remember being able to talk to you guys?  Why doesn’t everyone?”   Samael asks me “Do you remember when you were little what you did?  In your head?”   I laugh, it still makes me feel a bit mortified.  I must have been about 4 years old and it was dark and scary and I felt so alone “I yelled in my head for help.  I didn’t just yell I screamed for help, for someone to come and make me feel not so alone.”   He laughed.  “Yes, you did and LOUDLY.   Do you know where it went?”   I reply “I thought it out, to space to everywhere, please hear me and come.”   He smiled, “what happened?”   I laugh I love this memory so much.  “Blue hands came and held me and a voice that sounded so calm and so loving said I’m here.”    I smile with the memory, those hands made me feel so very, very loved.  So loved in fact I never asked where the rest of the body was!  I laugh about it now but I still feel the same way completely and utterly.    That love is the main reason I talk to Angels and Guides, I simply love that feeling of being supported and so very loved.

“Do you now think you can talk to the Universe, God, the Angels and Spirit?”   I smile “Yes, because I had hope.”    “Do you remember visiting the Prayer Room?”  I smile again another place I love so much.  “Yes very much so.”      “When you come to these places, talk to us and walk with us, is it because you believe you can?  Is it your choice?”  I smile again, “very much so.”    “Then so it is.”     The air spins around us and the beautiful garden fades.  “It was not so much that God stopped talking, it was a choice, a choice whether you believe that you are heard or not.   In expecting to not be heard, even though you are, you expect not to get an answer.   A long time ago people forgot to listen, not because they were to be told what to do, that has always been free choice to listen, to grow, to learn.   They forgot to trust themselves to hear and doubt came in and isolation came after that.”    Again, I feel sad.

“Crikey, Samael, sounds like some sad myth or legend.”  He laughs and lightens the energy.  “Everything is a choice, in all ways.   Sometimes in the pause, you get room to listen, to decide, sometimes within quiet, there is always a solution.  Sometimes when you yell loud enough in your head, there is an answer.   No one knows unless they test it, unless they have faith in trusting that there will be an answer.    Mostly we answer by signs because you seem to trust signs more than words in your head or voices.  So we work away trying to help as much as possible until you remember it’s a choice.”

I think for a while on that.   So we chose and we choose but mostly we don’t trust ourselves to have an answer.  I don’t seek answers from the Guides, I talk to them about things I am interested in, their comments in the same way as I would teachers or people who I value their opinion on the earth plane.  All of those snippets become like a jigsaw puzzle I putting together, of what resonates with my soul, my truth and my hope.  I seek wisdom and understanding everywhere because it broadens my understanding of life and others as well.

We are in a little pause energy at the moment.  Reflection of how far we have come and what we need for ourselves moving forward.  Mostly I think we are yelling out to the Universe for understanding but not expecting an answer.  I think we need to maybe pause for a bit in the energy and be truthful with ourselves about what we want.  Out of our lives, ourselves and the bigger picture, because sometimes the smaller picture just is a bit sucky for a time.  Personally, I am using the pause time to de-clutter those thoughts that no longer serve me, habits that are no longer serving me and giving myself permission to create more room to have time to grow a little more.   In the pause I can hear me, the deep part of me that needs to be listened to.  It’s calling me, from within, from the Universe, maybe even the Divine.   But I need to listen because I haven’t for a long time and I need to re-teach myself to listen clearly again.  The answers always were there and now its time for us to pause and listen for ourselves.

This is a reflection time, but its a good reflection time.  Worthwhile if you sit and look at how far you have come and how much you have grown.  Then it is worth asking that question to yourself.   What am I planning for me, what gives me hope, joy and a sense of purpose.   Then listen to your soul and see what comes back.  If you cannot decide or it’s not slapping you in the face like a wet fish, then its time to give yourself permission to play at a few things so you can redirect you and re-educate you on what makes your soul sing.   Give it a try…  Sooner or later you’ll push the play button and worlds can open then, but the pause?  it’s worth sitting in for a bit.





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2 responses to “Spirit Whispers: The Pause Button

  1. Natalie Elms

    Thankyou so much Jacqueline. I was tuning into you a few days ago, wondering when your next message would be, and here it is. Absolutely wonderful. Thankyou again x😊

  2. Yes, yes and most definitely yes… Two things. First, while in pause mode, answers to questions I didn’t know I had, slide by and I sometimes grab at those answers as if to make them stand still and BE answers. They often don’t because they truly aren’t answers, destinations, but simply stillness, stops..pauses.. along the way. They are not answers but unfoldings in that stillness. Second, I have been amazed recently at, even with my discussions with “upstairs”, a part of me that seems to expect this to be hard and expects NOT to get answers and so, as you have so eloquently said, I don’t. And if I allow that “pause”, then the awareness itself unfolds… when it is time for me to do this. The rush to “hit play” is in itself fascinating and I wonder at what creates that…. Thank you for another wonderful post..