Spirit Whispers: The Art of Persistence….

Over the last couple of weeks I have been mildly entertained by the different ways that we try to manipulate situations into our own understanding or belief structure.  I think about 20 years ago the Light Worker mentality was if it is meant to be it will fall into place which is lovely, but boy that shifts responsibility doesn’t it?

I now look at the changes in energy and see that with the new Create to Be energy that we need to be a lot more specific in our requirements and beyond that, we also need to stop the instantaneous gratification band wagon as well.    When did we learn to expect everything to drop in our lap?   This is the fastest time of creativity that I have ever seen in my life yet people are STILL sending mixed messages to the Universe and still believing that the Universe is not responding the way they want it to.   Key word there is the WAY they want it to.  You cannot bargain with the Universe, you are simply bargaining with yourself.

Say I was teaching you to ride a bike and had the training wheels on for you to learn. Then told you that I would take them off because you had one single ride, you look okay, tell yourself you won’t fall off and you should be perfectly okay.  Sound like a good bargain?    Learning to ride a bike required persistence, not bargaining.    Setting up a business required persistence on the part of the owner.  They didn’t bargain that if they turned up to work  didn’t ring anyone, that all their customers would know they were open.   They persisted, in marketing, connecting, promoting and taking ownership.

No one ever sat down to write a book, a story, a novel and said Oh I won’t do that today, I will get on to it tomorrow but it will be really successful.   Well it would be if it wrote itself.     Do you see the point I am trying to make at the moment?     Anyone can have the Universe within/without on their side, if they are open-minded, creative and most of all? Persistent.

I love this new energy, it brings collaboration, people connection, it also brings in understanding if you are unable to do a task, that the Universe can respond in sending you someone who can.  That’s connectivity and that is the basis of our persistence, understanding in this new energy that we do not have to do things alone.    We need to be working the Universe within/without smarter.    Opening up more avenues so we can actively see how supported we are at all times.  That most of our learning is governed by our own need, our growth and we demand to see the Universe respond, by how we are responding to ourselves, usually very ungracefully.

This was the discussion with a Guide the other day.  “Why do I paint?  I get so frustrated that I want to paint and then wonder what avenues I should promote my paintings.”  Samael pauses for a moment.  “Be specific, do you want to promote them yourself or have someone help you that is more orientated to being of assistance?”  Me rolling my eyes “Oh look I did the self promotion thing, it did my head in.”  Then I look mortified. “Gawd, I wasn’t very persistent though after four years running around I had enough!”  He laughs “Send out that you would like help, you are after all in this together all of you.”   I can do that, I can ask for help!  So I send a clear message out Art promoter required mentally to the Universe.    Samael laughs at my determined thought and face.  I laugh at me too, there must be more than one way to find help.

The next day I wake up to an independent email in my mail box from an Art Promoter in the States.   I laughed so hard it wasn’t funny.   My friend said “What’s the catch, what’s the cost?”   I said “It doesn’t matter even if there is a cost.  The point is that the Universe is actively listening always.   I didn’t say send me someone who won’t cost a cent!”  At the end of the day it’s still my choice if I choose to go with them but I didn’t dismiss it because it came with a price tag, that isn’t the point!     The point is that there was a response to my request and it was up to me whether I saw it as a positive or a mere coincidence!   Personally I don’t believe in coincidences just responses!

People always ask me why they got the job they didn’t want.   I always laugh at that one.  When you want something you set a tonne of conditions on it.  I want this job because this, this, this, this. I deserve this and this, it should be mine because… The Universe within/without goes phew, how do I accommodate all of that?     Whereas if you don’t want the job you go “I don’t want that!”   Simple concise and to the point.   Much easier for the Universe to interact with so it presents you with the very job you didn’t want because there were no conditions merely a choice.   It’s the choice that makes the difference,  conditions are bargaining and gain you more learning.

Years ago when I started actively working with Spirit, they asked me one simple request. That I would say yes to everything that was presented through them.  For two reasons, they wanted me to step outside my comfort zone and trust they would take me where I would learn the most about myself and people.   The second reason was that I would not trust myself to not make a mistake.   I personally think the latter is the main reason we learn so much about ourselves through experiences.  We really don’t trust ourselves at times to make the right decision for our potential growth.    In asking me to follow their lead at times, it has taken persistence, patience and tolerance and the person that benefited the most from all of that was me.

Persistence is an Art, it takes belief in yourself.  It takes you down different avenues, it makes you inventive and creative in finding a way around hurdles while still keeping an eye on the ultimate end result.   There is no instant gratification in it at all.   There are beautiful shining moments of absolute wonder, awe, frustration and annoyance.   It’s like riding the bike finally without falling off three times before you reach the corner.   That wonder of achievement and congratulations of self.    We suck at congratulating ourselves seriously.  We more likely falter at the first bumpy bit and then self flagellate ourselves, berating ourselves for our stupidity at taking a risk.

Well life is a risk, every day in the work I do I am at the coal face of people losing people and the one thing I see, is we need to be helping each other more, congratulating people more and empowering ourselves more.     We are the Universe in motion and we are in this together.  Now in this creative energy we are needing to reach out to each other and offer what we can but expecting people to offer themselves for nothing is also another fault picking that is happening at the moment.   We live in a society that requires finance to live, and those people who are stepping out and taking the risk to be their own bosses, they need to live too, not be shot down in flames for their persistence in changing their worlds.

Persistence IS an Art, it promotes change and empowers people to find another way.  Persistence is loving what you are doing so much, you change your world and the way you live to do it.   I have huge admiration for persistence because luck has nothing to do with it.   A Universe responding in motion to your joy is something else and wonderful to behold.    Create your art, what you love, the art of being you, and for the first time in your life be persistent at it so the Universe within/without knows you mean it because the change always has to happen in you, with you to find out how truly creative you can be in this beautiful energy of “Create to be”….      Talk to people about what you are changing, challenge yourself to find ones who can help you, encourage you and support you.  This energy is bringing the tribes of change together and through persistence we will find each other and the time is now.change







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3 responses to “Spirit Whispers: The Art of Persistence….

  1. jo@jobailey.com

    So amazing. Thank you gorgeous one xx

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  2. Fiona Newsome

    That was truly inspiring to read and so timely to remind me to be persistent and do what I do best and ask for some others to help me do what I need to do. I actually did this last week as a sign was being repeatedly given to me.I said yes to the presented gift and connected to exactly the extra support I needed for my new stage going forward. Brilliant …..
    Love your Wisdom Jacqueline. xxx

  3. Yvette Palmer

    Thank you Jacqueline for reminding us to keep on the path. Our guides are with us and the markers are left on the path, but sometimes we just ignore them or get frustrated at the time it takes – HAHA.