Spirit Whispers: The Crunch before the Release

“Oh My Dear, what if I fall?  Oh my Darling, what if you fly?”    All of the soul aspects are struggling at the moment to keep their flow and momentum.  Most people I am seeing are questioning all of a sudden, What is my purpose?  Where did my Mojo go?  I used to love my work, now I don’t know whats wrong with me?      I kind of want to scoop up so many people and hug them and say please stop.   Stop thinking there is something wrong with you.

Think about it this way, if you have been operating under a philosophy for thousands of years that says others are more important than you are, you are so very used to looking after others.  No where in that equation did you stop and look after you.   This is the whole basis of the suffer to learn philosophy.  It’s not called Suffer to Learn for nothing!  However, within the changes of yourself and the soul releases, you are being gently pushed, pulled, cajoled, and in some cases yes forced! to see your own importance finally.

Most are finding this crippling to themselves as their bodies go into meltdown, brains get tormented as you drastically try and convince yourself there is something wrong with you and force yourself into an old energy that does not serve you.  Its like backing yourself energetically against a wall and then systematically bashing your head against it over and over again.  The only way you really realise how important you are is when your own health is affected.   Either mental health, or physical health.  It forces you to realise you need to change things.   This is not about suffering but illumination of what needs to change so you get to have a more fulfilling life and before you wail you like helping people, I will stop you right there.     You didn’t change your SOUL aspect, you are changing with your soul support.   You are still your own soul type with what you came to do, but now there is a change, and the change is your own importance as well.

Most souls are awesome avoiders of their own self.  They have been looking after others for so long, they feel like they are failures if they do not continue to do this.   Unfortunately the only person they are failing is themselves.   Self care is NOT embraced in our current Society and the guilt and shame some souls carry at feeling like a failure by an impossible standard is just cruel.  You are not here to save the world, you are here to start with you first and if your own body is showing you how, then you need firstly to be paying attention to that.   We all can say the right thing, but this energy is about empowerment and doing it, not just mouthing the words and going back to bad habits again and again.

As I re-read I think, oh dear that sounds like a telling off, but to be perfectly honest are you listening?  to you?   Its crunch time, and its becoming more and more important every day for you to believe in you what you can create and I know that I have talked about this over about three different blogs or more but the bottom line is the energy has already changed Gorgeous People and the disharmony that you are experiencing is from an inability to recognise it at a beautifully, naughty, human level!

I had a change of Guides recently and I am so conscious of how human I can be and am supposed to be when Guides change.  I think I don’t like getting to know someone again but then I always benefit from it in the long run.  This is exactly like that you are going to benefit hugely from it, so gorgeous people get out of your own way.    If a situation and a circumstance is repeating, look for the illumination of it,  it simply is where you are being shown all the areas of learning you have now finished with and need to move on from.   You deserve to be in the lighter energy and what you are setting up now, will have impacts over the next five years this is why I and a lot of other people are being so persistent about moving us forward.  It’s simply important for you.

I was working in the Off worlds the other day and watching new colours and energies moving towards the earth plane and thinking about how empowering these colours are and then listening to the frustrations from the other side about our lack of acceptance of changes, the slow evolution of ourselves.   We do need to be really aware of frustration at this time, its a process learning to give ourselves permission to be the Creative Beings that we truly are.

As always right before the epiphany, we always fight the hardest to hold onto our old ways.  If you are choosing to do this, you will be stuck in between a rock and a hard place as the momentum moving forward just puts the squeeze on you.    This blog is really a vain attempt to help you realise that you do not need to do that to yourself that the releasing of the old energy brings in a surge of the new and that tired, frustrated feeling will just drop away as you stop fighting to remain in an energy that is completely draining you.

As we near the end of June, expect a few more stop/start energies as we are shown what we need to let go of and stop resenting these too, they are truly just illuminations of our owned bad habits in so many ways and only through illumination do we see what we didn’t before.   Keep your chin up, the energies are moving slowly but surely.  Keep wading but keep recognising that the only squashing on you, is what you think you are giving up, when you are actually gaining from letting go.

Find your brave, you Gorgeous Light and stop fighting to hold onto the old you as a new you is emerging!




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3 responses to “Spirit Whispers: The Crunch before the Release

  1. Pam Wallace

    Really great timing. Thanks Jacqueline

  2. Tina

    Hi ya Honey!! This blog is right on point, yesterday was my that’s it “ENOUGH” day!!! Today is like….. why did I need to get myself to that point in the first place. I can laugh about it now…lol, we are so funny at what we can to do to ourselves when in avoidance.
    More Me Time here we come…. Wheeeeeeeee!!
    Loving Hugs xxx 🙂

  3. Janiese Kulsen

    this is beautiful and so full of meaning. I have seen myself doing this in the last couple of days. Feel so much better to have the positive energy than the negative. Thanks J