Spirit Whispers: Shifting changes

And wheeeee where has the time gone.  My apologies for not blogging, so much it seems has been going on in this amazing shifting energy.

August is unfolding in such an interesting way.  It has been fascinating to help people understand what is changing within them at a soul level.  The releasing of responsibilities seems to be especially challenging in some instances for people.  Seems to be there is still a lot of denial of self going on and also the old structure, or philosophy has been making people really believe that there is something wrong with them that they are not turning up carrying all the responsibilities for everyone or even want to carry that responsibility any more.

I spent some time in the Off worlds looking at the harmonic changes the new structure is bringing in.  Always good to have the heads up with whats coming, it is also crucially important that we don’t skip any of the steps down here in the process.

I laughed at what my Guide said.  He shook his head sadly and commented.

“As human beings you do love to avoid the obvious until the Universe brings it around with a colossal slap to the head for you to pay attention to.”   I laughed.

“I thought you told me that the point of the human experience was to be fully present in each experience so we learn the value of growth?”

He laughed then “Yes but you are all so stubborn at times.”

Well they have that right.   We fight to hold on, we fight to let go basically and fear that any changes that we bring in will cost us in some way.  Transition through the other side of any learning and then see in hindsight how it taught us, empowered us, or humbled us.  What a fascinating journey.

The one thing also I have noticed is in the work I do with the Guides and in the off worlds, I do have a tendency to get distracted by the big picture stuff a lot and then get completely confused when I remember that people transitioning through this energy can find the whole process completely confusing. So in an effort to be helpful here’s a list of the transitions at the moment you may be experiencing.

  1. Thoughts dropping out of your head.  This is where your brain synapses are shifting frequency.  Please try to make notes for yourself and allow the rewiring PLEASE. This is across the board, adults and children, so make your communication concise and honest.
  2. Restlessness… Not just restlessness but that disgruntled, gawd I’m over this, restlessness.   This one is just your soul saying pay attention you are needing to transition.  Stop hiding yourself in the Distraction Game!  You are being pulled at a soul level to evolve.
  3. Intolerance for your current situation or people.  This one is crucial to work with because it will save you a heap of heartache if you don’t blame everyone else for feeling this way.  Denial of self is the worst way to deal with this stage.  Throwing yourself into more responsibility will make it worse. It IS about you and it’s time to look at your needs.
  4. Acknowledge its an internal change.  That your outside world is responding in so many ways to you but changing the job while good for you, may not be the change that you need for you.   Think about how YOU are turning up for you.
  5. Keep breathing!  When we are transitioning we can spiral so badly into self blame and cause ourselves such anxiety.  Feelings are so important to flow through but we can hold ourselves in a funk in this energy for ages as we fight with acceptance in self of evolution.
  6. Congratulate yourself on how far you have come and know that this is actually an empowering stage.  One that you have never been in before.  Stop expecting epiphanies to slap you in the head telling you where to go next.  This is an evolution of self.  Put fun things in and positive things to focus on but no one ever rushes making a fantastic cake.  Stop doing the same to you.
  7. Time out’s.  Give yourself these so you can harmonize yourself as you will feel like you are burning through energy and can over tire you.   Get the sleep you need for you and if the sleep is restless, waking a lot.  It is because you are integrating energy into the body so it’s a little stop/start at times.
  8. Headaches/heart palpitations, these are all signs of energy shifts.  Keep your water intake up and hydrate yourself.  Avoid the “treat” foods to make you feel better as you may find you are not fussed on those either at the moment.
  9. Allergies surfacing.  These are indicators of your own tolerances as well with foods, dusts etc.  As we change in our bodies these can be accelerated or exacerbated.  Pay attention to what your body is showing you and make allowances, its a transition period.

August is a great month for cracking through the final stages of frustration and getting to the nitty gritty of the foundations you are building for the next stage.  But don’t forget to address the left over energy and frustrations from the last stage.  You don’t build a house on old foundations so this is a bit like picking up the last of the old buried bits that make your new foundations wobbly.  Dig deep, sort them and allow the new foundations to build in energy as they work through into your consciousness.

You are the solution and key to your new stage.  Invest into you well with recognition and acknowledgement and know that each person addresses these stages independently, so be patient with you and patient with everyone else as well!  We are always and in all ways in this together!





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  1. lyndahay

    Thanks Jacqueline…very insightful and as always arrives in my inbox at the perfect time x

  2. LOL ALLERGIES???? I spent over a week with the worst allergies ever. So intense and thank goodness I had ome idea of what was going on. THANK YOU for the verification…