Spirit Whispers: Watching Judgement

Wow, its been ages since I have blogged and I apologise!  There has been so much energy shifts over the last 6 months that I have been flat tack with Upstairs and lovely people working on the changes.

One thing I have noticed over the last couple of months is where those who are shifting forward are simply wrestling with their intolerance and judgement of those who are a little behind or plain old balking at the energy shifts.   That old saying comes to mind completely.  “We fight to hold on, we fight to let go.”

While each person has their own personal journey, once we have started the move forward we can become incredibly frustrated with where others are at.  Spirit has said for years, you must honour each person’s journey.  Which is all well and good in theory but can be really frustrating when you are aware you have changed but feels like you are wading through pea soup energy with everyone else looking at you vacantly!

This energy is very much bringing also illumination to the forefront of what no longer serves us.  Unfortunately unless you communicate that others simply will not know where you are coming from either.  Think of it this way if you have turned up in a certain way for someone for say 3 years or 30 and suddenly you are going “Nope, I know I used to run around after you trying to make you happy, but now I’m done!”  but you don’t say it, you will get some very, very confused people trying to put you back in the role that you have done for them over that period of time.

It can be very easy for your feelings of resentment and frustration to turn to judgement of their behaviour when in reality you are going to have to sit in the uncomfortable knowledge that it was you that created that scenario in the first place by turning up in that way for them.    Trying to get someone to understand that you have changed is quite difficult when they suddenly feel like they are under attack because their lovely accommodating person has disappeared into this, from their point of view, unhelpful, stubborn personality.

These relationship changes are difficult for everyone to transition.  The key is being kind to yourself and to others as you make the stand in how you wish to turn up for yourself now.  Communication and clarity are a key, without judgement.   Externally you seem the same person, they will be asking why now?  Why have you changed now?  and many you will have to gently let go as they won’t want you to change or evolve.

Spirit asks that you gently tell people that you are evolving, and you want to evolve with them, but give yourself space to find the new you as well.   These are changing times and they affect hugely the foundation blocks of who we are developing into over the next five years.

The flowing energy is one that upstairs calls “Truthful Alignment”.  It empowers us to think, live, be, speak, who we are and we need to be giving ourselves approval to do that.  I don’t mean that silly New Age bollocks of telling people you have found your truth and give free license to be as rude as anything.  But a truthful alignment of lovingly owning your own truth and speaking assertively and firmly.

Think of it this way which is the way Spirit explained it to me.  You have parents that told you what you can and can’t do for years.  So you awaited their approval and did things a certain way to get their approval.  Some resented them and did the opposite.  Both ways were a search for approval.   Then teachers, we waited for approval from there for getting it right, and again in some places, that didn’t happen either.  Bosses?  Same thing, we all love the boss saying you did a great job.  Can you see the underlying frequency? Pattern?   Waiting for approval from others?

This energy is going to bring up judgement in you but in reality it is where you are releasing the need to have approval given to you from others.  This is the empowerment push for us to give approval to ourselves to love and appreciate ourselves being “needing” to be approved of by others.  It’s an evolution shift and a powerful change to the dynamics of how we turn up for each other.   Upstairs called it an equalization change in balance of relationships and BOY are we overdue to step into the ownership of approval of ourselves!

So catch yourself when you are judging others for being either slower to wake up or not wanting to evolve.   This is such an individual change and challenge for a lot of us, who do not actually realise what is happening.  Be patient those of you who know you are with those who don’t.    Rome was never built in a day and old philosophies and programming don’t change fast either.   Come from a place of empowerment and love and make the transitions easier for yourself and others.

As ever, we are truthfully all in this together and we need each other to evolve forward in the most positive of ways.



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2 responses to “Spirit Whispers: Watching Judgement

  1. This is, as usual, wonderful. As my guide Michael told me, “if yu are going to change the rules of the road, be sur to let the other drivers know.” Thanks, Jacqueline, for shedding some light on q relatively murky subject…

  2. Yvette and Warren Palmer

    Wow love the post Jacqueline, it is really difficult watching others wading through the muddy bog and struggling, also in letting old people go when some of us are in a different place now. Keep these coming it really helps the understanding. Blessings Yvette