Spirit Whispers: Some Assembly Required

Two weeks ago I stretched to get loo paper for the bathroom and felt my entire diaphragm lock up.  Pain stretched from the middle of my back, around my ribs and down into my intestine and pelvis.   I froze in absolute pain and tried doing the shallowest breathing as possible to minimize how much agony I was in.  I simply couldn’t move so began counting as slowly as possible before I tried to straighten up.    None of the muscles were responding and I felt tears stream down my face as I huffed tiny breaths trying to breathe.

This was not my normal back problem that I have had for years in the lower back, this was something else completely.  I felt broken in pieces and ever so slowly taking tiny huffs managed to shuffle upright and to the door.  I squeaked out a help please as I moved out of the bathroom and my son came from his room.  “Jesus Mum!  What the hell you are white as a sheet!”

“Don’t touch me!  Just move things out my way please.” I hiss at him huffing like a train trying to get air into stuck lungs.  I felt like I was in a vice.  I was still crying as I struggled to get to the bedroom and off my back.   Sometimes stretching out flat on my back would pull things back into order.   I look at the bed and suddenly think, OMG I straightened myself up, how the hell do I bend to lie down again.   Bands of agony tighten again as I move to sit and my son holds out arms in case I pitch forward and pass out which is what he is afraid I will do.

Between the two of us I collapse into bed and try breathing.   Nope still no major luck and I cannot see to take the pressure off my diaphragm.  “Go get me painkillers please Love, I can’t do a thing until the pain settles down.”    He sprints off.

I close my eyes and yell inside my head for Elom.   My beautiful Angel Guide appears with a whoosh of wings.  He looks at me considerately.   “We did warn you to take better care of yourself.”   I refrain from swearing at him, he’s not being patronizing, he’s merely stating a fact.   My son is back with pain killers so I swallow two and thank him, ask him to give me some time and I will call if I need him.   Elom waits patiently as I close my eyes and put all my concentration on him.

I have this habit of rising up and away from the physical body when it’s not doing so well.  It annoys the hell out of my family as I distance myself from it but it sure is a heck of a lot nicer than sitting in the pain.   “Okay, firstly did I break something? or is a disc? because it sure as hell feels like I strained my diaphragm!   I have scanned myself and T9 is illuminated and nerves have shot off, locking up intestine and bladder as well as feeling like my ribs are welded.”

Elom looks at me carefully.   “We asked you take some time off to recalibrate both your aura, chakras and physicality.   You have not.”    I roll my eyes mentally at him.  “I am, in a couple of weeks I am going away for a week to the middle of nowhere, so yes I heard and I am.”

“You know the alignment of the Universe also co-incides with changes of the energy and the physical and you also know that up to Christmas is part of the re-assembly of assignments of soul, soul alignments and chakra integration.”   Again, I try not to roll my eyes, I have been Upstairs most nights working towards this DNA structure and integrated chakra system realignment.    I sigh impatiently and do my normal irritating habit which is “yup, yup, yup, yup.”

Thank God Elom is as patient as he is.   “In order for those alignments to integrate fully with the human body, you must also surrender to allowing the physical to adjust to these changes.   You have not.”

“Oh look this is probably all because of falling through that rotten canvas deck chair last Christmas and hitting my head and tailbone, it’s still bloody numb!”   He sighs and for a little moment he lights up golden like a Christmas tree light.

“It is very irritating when you keep pushing boundaries when we are trying to help integrate the changes.”

Me indignantly “What reaching for loo paper for the bathroom??”

As you can see the conversation was circular and to my end just a distraction from coming back into my extremely pained body.    At the end of the conversation Elom did actually ask me to tell you what to do in this energy so here it goes now that after two weeks and the wonderful healing touch of Malcolm Bishop of Contact Care!  I can sit and write this.

  1.  Look after your physical at this time right up to Christmas.  If your back is playing up it is to do with displaced responsibilities that your body, chakras and energy is trying to show you is imbalanced.   Any pains at this time are illuminating where you are holding onto grief, pain, responsibility and a need to control.   Do that and you end up where I was.  Taken out to heal in conjunction with the energetic changes.  START LOOKING AFTER YOU!!
  2. Stop fighting with yourself  mentally and using distraction as a tool, it’s about looking after you and telling yourself you have no time to rest is just ridiculous.   Your physical body is the only one you have right at this time and this chakra realignment and soul shift is massive.  Believe me, you can feel like you are a jigsaw that someone dropped on the floor and you are trying to reassemble yourself.
  3. Get enough sleep.  I know sleep is erratic, trust me, the changes in body and chakras is throwing all the sleep pattern alignments out of control.  We are doing major energetic realignments and it’s not set to change much apart from a lovely lift coming 15th of November.
  4. Declutter!!   As much as possible, energetically, physically, emotionally!!   We are setting up the new foundation changes for the next five years in this new energy coming in and it is crucial to address what is coming up and let it go.    Old issues will be shown to you so you can let go and heal or let go and change your boundaries.  These are GOOD things.
  5. Give yourself permission to change and allow enough time to do this, it’s an integration people and forcing yourself into a self-imposed time out of health because your body gave out is not the way to do it.   We need to start acknowledging that we need spaces out to allow energetic adjustments.  You are not crazy, you are an awakened being hugely affected by the energetic shifts and acknowledgement of that is massive!
  6. Talk about how you are feeling, you are so not alone!!   Most people are impacted in some way as they just feel different, are aware of change but not knowing what it is.  Talking means unity and Unity is our way forward in supported understanding. Don’t isolate you because you feel deeply or feel affected, you are not alone in this.
  7. Harmonize your Chakras!  Ask for white light energy to flow down through your Crown chakra and help with the realignments, bring in the shades of Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and give your changing chakras a helpful boost.
  8. Go see a healer you trust for a detox of emotional baggage.
  9. BE PATIENT, we are in this together as we are reassembling ourselves from DNA outwards, particularly increases in understand and chakra balances.   As we run through the main chakra alignments in the body you will notice changes, heart palpitations, intestine spasms, coughs, sinus’s.  You name it.  If you are worried, see a professional for piece of mind, our bodies will all be responding differently depending on the cellular memory and our stored issues and emotional traumas.

Mostly!  As I am reassembling my own jigsaw puzzle self, give yourself time to adjust.  There is assembly required and like most wonderful things, they need love, permission and time to adjust.     We are evolving and change is a very good thing if we love ourselves through this energy.   Keep shining people we are in this together and this integration too will pass!

PS:  Look if you can take some me time.  I’m heading off to recalibrate myself on a beach in the middle of nowhere for a week. I recommend a day at least to just give yourself space to be fully present with your body.  Your soul and chakras will thank you for it!






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3 responses to “Spirit Whispers: Some Assembly Required

  1. Lynn Peterson

    Get well soon lovely lady enjoy your time

    From nan😊


  2. peggy

    enjoy your time away rest

  3. Robyn McLeish

    Thank you so much for that post. I was suffering myself from an injured hip and everything that you said resonated with me. I took the time to work through both the physical and emotional issues and the very next day the pain had diminished significantly. Turbulent times are teaching us all.