Spirit Whispers: Declutter, Unpack, Clear Out!

Well in the last blog I talked about fragmenting and us cracking, or totally feeling like we are cracking into pieces.  So many people I am seeing are asking me, who am I?   I don’t know who I am?

Coming out of “Suffer to learn” we are reassembling ourselves into a new us.  One where we are a priority in our own lives.  Now always when I say this people go, oh that’s just being selfish.  You want me to be selfish?  I get guilty if I do selfish.   I usually go right and do you get resentful when people are asking you to turn up for them instead of you?

It’s a catch 22.  The more you do not feed your soul, the more put out you will be in this energy when people ask you to do things for them. But also remember this…. YOU in the first place programmed all the people around you HOW you would turn up for them.  If you were over compensation their needs than of course they will keep asking, expecting and venting.   I would too, you were wonderful at looking after their needs not yours.

So before you pull the machete and chop their heads off with judgement.  Think of this.  YOU ALLOWED THEM to expect so much from you by doing.    I am seeing so many people instantly finish friendships because of expectations and yet they are not seeing that the arrangement was incredibly one-sided because they LET it be that way.   This is not a time of judgement and disillusionment but rather recognition, acknowledgement and illumination.

To be perfectly honest, when the Guides said that we would head into four months of truthful clarity I was like ohhh awesome people will be more honest.  Well yes the brutal honesty is there but heck people there AIN’T much love going on.  Loads of pointy fingers and yelling more like it and the most yelled?  “That’s IT! I’m done!”     Stop with the catalyst recognition already!    The illuminations are so you can learn about you, not morph down to a tantrum throwing 3 year old.  (Well okay sometimes I do believe that helps because at least its truthful).  However, truthful clarity is about honesty with love.

Everything that is happening at the moment is about empowering you into a better place.  Being more worthy with yourself about your time, your energy and your love.  Upstairs will always preach about you needing to look after you first so you have the energy to then love others.  When we love ourselves unconditionally, we put no conditions on others, so we can acknowledge where their level of learning is, know it’s about them, and rise over the top of it.  ALL WITH LOVE.  Ahemmmm, that actually is a crucial ingredient seriously.

Personally I’m so tired of hearing people tell me how narcassistic that one is, how dangerous a person they are, how manipulative.  All I see when I look is a damaged person who learned how to damage other people.   We need those people though, because they teach us so much about ourselves in so many ways.  Plus they give you amazing choices to grow you.  Every person that I see that has been with a “narcassistic” person has decided they deserved more, needed more, wanted more, learned to love them more.  Okay, Okay, it can be eventually.  But this is a learning realm, and you aren’t really learning about others, but your patience, tolerance and love of YOU.

I know I’m annoying but hey I’m a big picture person, cause all those pieces together brings more understanding.  Most people need to be fully present in the experience, its how we grow and learn and evolve.   However, as I digress the main thing you can do in this energy is:

  1.  Recognise
  2. Acknowledge your role
  3. Inspire yourself with the knowledge
  4. Forgive YOU
  5. Evolve

First start?  Let go of the baggage, stop carrying that heavy stuff with you.  Apply forgiveness for needing to learn it all in the first place, and allow it to fall away.  You gained what you needed from it at the time but to carry it all is making you soul level weary.  Its baggage not just from this life either, but lifetimes.   We are heading towards upgrades, over hauls and recalibration.   Time to definitely throw out the baggage, old shorts, the don’t hurt me, blame and as someone so eloquently said fill in those cracks with loving light to help reheal you into the new person your soul is longing to be.  The one that you allow just to BE, BE LOVED, BE SEEN, BE HONOURED, BE EVOLVED.

The time is perfect.   Four months, clear out, let go, love you a bit more and forgive you passionately for all the learning.  Step away from judgement, criticism and morphing down to kindergarten levels.   All it does is make you resent who you are.

There will be all sorts of challenging energy within this as you fight with you, with others as ego has a play in saying I need to be right in this, hold onto those old outdated values.  Allow all this, its part of the process but whenever you get the chance…. breathe in, blow it out.  Hug yourself in love, and LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


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