Spirit Whispers: Entering the Age of Accountability..

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I think the problem with human nature is we just hate change.  However, the one thing I have noticed and I am sure everyone else has in their own way too.  Time they are a changing.  Driven by the Universe’s big plan for us all, energy and frequency keeps on a moving.

We have been transitioning through Relationship energy over the last 10 months.  Relationship energy is really governed by our relationship with ourselves reflected through others.   Loving the illumination that is coming through others at the moment (wonders if the sarcasm is a bit obvious in that sentence).  However, it is necessary.  Basically in all your relationships whether they are family, friends, lovers or work colleagues, you will be shown how people expect you to turn up and where your unreasonable expectations of yourself are.  This will be on the basis of how you have turned up for everyone in the past and trust me, I don’t think you will have been liking it.

I have had so many gorgeous people going “What am I doing wrong?  I bend and I bend and it’s still not enough.”   Well it actually is enough, you are enough.  The Universe is just showing you that bending yourself, contorting yourself for others doesn’t serve you.  Not a bit and hey I have had this argument with myself as well.   Do I have to become selfish?

No, it is not that at all.  Sacrificing yourself to keep others happy never served you and it has nothing at all to do with selfish, but rather selfless.  (See previous blogs)  Still if you have had this habit for a lifetime.  It will feel really confronting to look at where you are continuing to behave in a way that doesn’t work for you.  I mean literally everyone will show you by making you feel like you are being taken advantage of.  I walked around thinking I had “doormat” on my forehead for ages until I realized something.

“I have literally trained people to believe I am available for their needs all the time”

Gawd, that was mega confronting and it was simply what the Universe was trying to show me.  Bless it, through a myriad of different people and in different ways.  So it was back to the “Oh gawd it IS me” again and then putting in healthier measures to re-establish the balance my soul desperately needed so I could stop jumping into judgement of them (myself really) and frustration.   Bless the Universe, it’s really trying so hard all the time to get us to look at ourselves through others actions and our own.

So just when we are doing that, along comes the “Age of Accountability”.   Talk about onion rings and multi level learning and I can hear you say wait what?  Aren’t we in relationship energy as well?   Yeah well, errmm yes, its kinda a “let’s do the whole hog”.. Can be summed up as follows…

  1.  Enter Relationships with Self Energy reflected from others… 10 months and counting before
  2. 5 Planet retrogrades to make you really look at your “stuff”
  3. Enter the “Age of Accountability” 6 months ago .. No running from yourself with that one…
  4. Drum roll…. Now “Truthful Clarity” for the next 5 months…

Seriously, why not have a complete clear out of family, friendships, go through the washing machine of planetary alignments,  realise its ALL about you and be annoyed where people can’t take accountability for their own crap least of all yourself, and then fall into yelling some home truths at everyone AND yourself…

Ahhhh Universe we looooooooove you!

All of it is for your own good.  It is the end of the “Age of Illusions” people and thank GAWD for that really.   Everyone is tired of putting on a mask, turning up in ways when we don’t want to.  But the Age of Accountability also starts with US.   Do you really take accountability for your own actions?   When you are being a plonker and you know you are, do you blame a situation for causing it?   A person for triggering you?   Them for being well, them?

We are wonderful at believing and I mean believing that its someone else’s fault that we feel like crap.  But if the Universe is responding all the time to US and ALL of us are in it together, then it’s ALL our crap… Combined, in little crappy formats just for our own brains…

Universal CRAP…  That is overdue to be cleared away, so in truthful clarity we can… drum roll again… be ourselves!!   What is that?  I dunno, I struggle to be honest enough with myself about what I need before I am distracting myself again with stuff to do, for another, for others, for my kids.   OMG I’m a Crapologist…  I have filled my life up with little bits of crappy things that annoy the hell out of me, because I don’t take the time to listen to myself at all.  Queen of Distraction… or Crapola…

Now if you are reading this and going… OMG I am a Crapologist too…  Well done, we are after all in this together and to be perfectly honest it’s not all crappy.  It is simply where we need to realise that it ALL starts with US.  Not the job, the husband, the kids, the weather, the bloody planets… its US.   Where we truthfully put our focus and attention is the reality of who we are.   Its our life… We only GET ONE..

And before you go money makes the world go around, or I have to work, or look after the kids… Yes I get that, shock horror… SO DO I.   But you don’t have to sacrifice yourself completely in the DOING of it.   The Age of Accountability is where you step up in “truthful clarity” of WHY you are doing what you do, and OWNING it, if you want to, but be honest with it.   If you getting those pings of frustration or judging people for not doing enough in your own world.  Then its up to you… BE CLEAR, BE KIND, but be honest enough to decide if it suits you.

Last time I looked there was no gold medal issued for looking after the world single-handedly…   Collectively, sure we all make a difference, but making yourself sick, draining your energy, having no freedom, no enjoyment.  That’s crapola peoples, and you wanna take some accountability of self for allowing yourself to convince you, this is your life.

Every part of these changes coming in are designed to serve you, help you, empower you into your beautiful life.  BUT, you have to lead it.  Take accountability for where you are turning up, why you are doing that, and flipping heck, be honest with yourself.  It’s the end of the excuses and if “but” flies out your mouth?  Well HOWS that working for you.  Cause ain’t no-one going to come rescue you, until you look to your beautiful self and take accountability where you need to.

I’m loving dropping the crap, being honest and sitting in uncomfortable realisations that I have been striving for perfect for years.  I’m not, actually I don’t want to be.  I’m untidy, messy, lazy and weird.  Maybe that’s my superpowers…  Best I start owning them… How about yours?  What you wanna take accountability for?   and better?  How you wanna start turning up… as you are building the new foundations for your next 5 year investment into your life.  Make it a goodie, because in the Age of Accountability it will ALL be up to us…

*winks… How’s that working for ya?





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