Spirit Whispers: Truthful Clarity, the game changer…

I love that there is constant change, but I had to learn that one.   The quote goes “we fight to hold on, we fight to let go” and boy do we fight.  Mostly with ourselves I might add and we simply project at times onto others and the fight goes on.

Think of yourselves as a moving, constantly adjusting piece of symphonic music.  A constant adjustment to chords, pitch, layer, rhythm.  Human beings are like that, a moving master piece of music.  I mean imagine if you had to listen to the same piece of music over and over again.  The first couple of times you think “ohhh I love this song” and listen delightedly.   Play it another couple of times and its starting to wane in its beauty, and predictability.  You still love it but your ears are kinda craving some new tones.   Listen to it for too long and the darn thing starts to irritate the hell out of you no matter how much you loved it in the beginning.

That is simply what happens when we hold ourselves in the same frequency, same learning, same conditioning.  We become bored, irritated with our lives and bundle into resentment of everyone else around us when actually what is required is an adjustment to ourselves within ourselves.

I love this new energy coming in, but many do not as it brings brilliant illumination and then change.  Lovely change.   In the layering of the Universe, we have moved into the Age of Accountability (welllllll yes, it was always about you) and with deep chords of Relationship with Self energy, then higher pitch notes of Expectations collapsing, subtle middle tones of Illumination of Boundaries,  sharp pings of Frustration, Resentment and Intolerance as the illumination spikes.  Then WHAM out your mouth will fall Truthful Clarity.

Under the Societal programming of not really saying what you think… which by the way never serves you and makes you feel taken advantage of.  Truthful Clarity shines with its pure notes.    See it is simply this, the Universe is trying to make us think, speak, be in perfect harmonic alignment.  Smothering your needs, thoughts and feelings, never ever fitted into that beautiful plan and because we are soooooo good at doing that because we got taught to put our own needs last, of course the Universe was going to bring in Truthful Clarity energy.

Loving it yet?   Didn’t think so.  It’s a tad confronting until you get used to what it represents for you.   You may find that things are plopping out your mouth rudely at the moment or you are pinging yourself into guilt plus feelings because when someone pushed your boundaries, you grumped… or not just grumped but blew a valve… o.O

We have got to start being gentler with ourselves seriously.   If you are ignoring the energy changes because you don’t know what is happening, please realise this.  This energy is affecting everyone, not just you.    As I said in earlier blogs, I am hearing “I’m done.  I’m over this.” and you know what, that’s okay.  Well done you for recognising you are at the end of that particular musical piece you were living and breathing.

Time for some realisation you were getting sick of it and now adding some new notes and chords to your story.   Truthful clarity is your new best friend if you bring in kindness and understanding to self and then give that to others.  Biting heads off others for their own lack of understanding never worked and brings you into feeling picked on and isolated.  BE HONEST.    I’m feeling this way… you would be surprised HOW many people are feeling it too.   In our honest dealings with others with love about our own feelings, and our acceptance of sharing, we find our way through this completely.

Heads up, we just entered it and its here for the next 5-6 months…  He he he… Right over Christmas and those feelings that Christmas brings up in torn loyalties, senses of duty, and forced cohabitation with relatives you may not like.   Hmmz, I’m not laughing really but the Universe it brings with it such wonderful opportunities to illuminate where we are not turning up for ourselves and forcing ourselves into situations where we lie to ourselves about what we are doing.

Hell I could pin a tail of that mischievousness and call it a weasel…  Sorry, bad Blackadder pun..   But, think about it carefully beautiful people, and start to bring thoughts and feelings and EXPRESSION into alignment or the Universe will present more and more situations for you to get fully illuminated with Truthful Clarity.

Hey, it’s up to you and you can always blame someone else for their Truthful Clarity, but the way through it is to realise, adjust and surrender to the changes within and without.  We need to come back to understanding ourselves and others and sharing more how we are truthfully.   We live in a world where Depression is an ugly flower stuffed to the back of the vase, but the truth is, its still in the vase… It’s there no matter how much we ignore it, and it’s not going away until we bring it to the front and heal it with understanding and love.

Just have a think for me, for five minutes please.  HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU SMOTHER HOW YOU FEEL? WHAT YOU WANT DESPERATELY TO SAY?    You keep doing that and you lose the ability and the words to say it.   Why are we doing this to ourselves, this constant pressure.  The Universe heard and its responding and its starting the process of change.  Time to get real, to drop judgements and recriminations, and bring things back to love.  Its time, it’s over due and we are losing too many beautiful people in the expectation of being superhuman instead of plain old humans with thoughts, feelings, doubts and insecurities.

EMBRACE TRUTHFUL CLARITY AND GET EXPRESSING… with love, with kindness and with understanding.  We all need this energy and its NOW.


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  1. Love it love it… Honoring our truths,being clear in self about our boundaries, qcting from tht place…. and always with love and compssion, nd understanding. Easy? Nope… via
    tl… oh yeah!!!