Spirit Whispers: Identity – Who are you?

Goodness, time just flies when you are having fun, or rather time just flies full stop doesn’t it.  The last couple of years have been so daunting for people in general as I have worked with people whose worlds have fallen apart and they have been presented with new opportunities.  Doing that is hard work, and it makes time just disappear.

One of the most confronting things to happen, particularly to the Carer Souls, whose mission has been down here to look after the many, in many cases at the cost of themselves, has been the collapse of their “regular” worlds.    I need to step back a bit and explain to those who have not been as aware.

In 2018, it was the start of the new Global philosophy, “Create to be”, this new energy has been building very quietly in the background away from the old “Suffer to learn” philosophy.  However, we are slow learners and we love to hold to our habits and behaviours that we have either been programmed with or accepted as our lot in life.  The shift has been subtle.   You feel like you don’t want to run around after people anymore, you are feeling frustrated that people expect too much from you and you are tired.  Then about 8 months ago, a bigger shift came in as we entered the Age of Accountability.  Then your thinking would have really started to shift completely.  The Carer Souls started to really say “NO” and pull back from being overly responsible in all ways.

This is all as is should be as the changes are LIVE, BREATHE, your beautiful life.  It is so important that we have self accountability and self-approval to be who we need to be for us.  However, as Carer Souls these habits of looking after others are at levels of lifetimes and deep, deep programming.  Stepping away from people is hard, and makes so many of them feel they have failed.  Feel guilty at not being there for people but also instantly resentful at the same time.  This shift is real and very confusing.  It has heralded a huge amount of people across my pathway struggling and its a very real struggle, simply because after so many years of being there for others, they have no idea what so ever about who they are.

I have been asked for years and years by people, what is my purpose.   Now it has changed in the last 12 months to “Who am I?”    Carer Souls deeply feel in a lot of cases that their identity of being here for people has removed their purpose.  However, this could never be more wrong.  Your role just changed and the most important person in your life is now you.  Well, to be honest you are the most important person in your life, but you put you last….

The Universe is an impartial equalizer and every aspect of your life that has been out of balance for your needs has been under inspection and change.  It is hard to NOT feel picked on by this especially when the Carer Souls have done so much for others as well.  But the point is this, YOU always were so very important, you just forgot about you in helping others.   You haven’t actually lost your identity at all you are redefining who you are and you are here to do what you love.  Now when I explain this to all you beautiful people you do one thing.  You wail “I don’t know what I love”.    Errmmmm that’s the whole point, having been slaving over keeping others happy, fulfilled and ticking along, OF COURSE you don’t.

Identity was never WHAT you did, it is who you are.   How can you know who you are when you are distracted and busy doing for others?  The sum total of you was never what you do for others.  The sum total of you is YOU.  You don’t even know you.   You are re-purposing you, reassembling you, figuring out you and everything around you will have changed so you can do this.    You are a re-educator, you are here now to re-educate people on how to live, breathe and have your beautiful life and guess what?   You get to start with YOU.  You get to find out how to love your life, be IN your life in a fully present way and you have to cut yourself some slack.   This is new learning and it is so very important that you invest the time into you.  THEN and only then will you be able to love your life so much that others will say I want to have a life like that too.   That’s your mission, that’s the change.  Lead by your own example.

Now I can still hear people wailing “I don’t even know how to do that!”   Of course you don’t!   You need to do the exact opposite of everything you usually do.  You have been doing that for so long you have no idea how to do it differently but every time you go to do the same thing, that bubbling frustrated resentment is on you like white on rye!

Implement the pause, seriously.  Pause and go, Hmmz I feel that resentment, I know why I am feeling that, I will say no this time.  I will change things this time, I will speak my mind.  I will give myself permission to say that’s not okay for me, doesn’t work for me.  I will celebrate my own recognition of MY needs and be okay with that.  You are changing the world, and you are starting with you.   Now Carer Souls love to make everything tidy, nice, sorted for everyone else… Hmmz you gotta learn to let it be messy, untidy, unfinished.  You weren’t born with a cape on, time to stop trying to save the world single handed.

To make things easier for yourself and stop you getting so disillusioned.  Think of it this way, you have to “Honour someone else’s journey”   They incarnated here to have THEIR journey.  You didn’t incarnate here to do that for them!  You have to let people have their own journey.  You have a Carer Soul perspective about how to make their lives easier, however, its your own perspective and its THEIR life and learning to do it their way.  Consider this, you may just be enabling some of their behaviour in doing too much for them! and in the mean time exhausting you.  Keep doing that, keep exhausting you and the Universe will bring in multi level learning at a health level so you learn your own importance.  Don’t be doing that either, you only have one body and you need to look after you first with it!    Where have you turned up in life doing things for others soooo much that you forgot about you.   I expect many, many places, which is the reason for this blog.

All I want you to do is understand.  TIME is important and you are done… Done doing it all for others, the Universe wants you to be fully present, loving your beautiful life and you with your love, your empathy and your compassion are just the person it needs to re-educate others on loving their beautiful life and learning how to create it.  Teach them well, but start with you first.   FIND what you love to do just for you.  Go DO that, make it a life, a job, a career but FIND it… then once you have done that, others will follow your lead.  Be brave, be kind, be strong.  You always were, so BE YOU.


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