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Spirit Whispers: Self Permission… an unheard of solution…

I was having a discussion with the Guides around self sabotage and how much if the Universe is responding always and in all ways to us, then why do we see things not falling into place the way we want them to.   This, of course, sparked a discussion about perceptional control but that is another whole other story.

As usual I am walking across a desert with Trayedt, I listen to the sound of his sandals in the sand and ask again for his opinion.   These discussions are not definitive in the sense I believe all they say, but more designed for me to think about how I implement the understanding into my every day life.   The Guides quite often take me to spaces that are uniquely their own to impart wisdom and I wonder a little if Trayedt hasn’t brought me here because of my tendency to be distracted by everything else around me.   We all can be perfectly human and want to avoid intimate discussions at which we are the source.

I sigh and Trayedt stops walking to look at me curiously.   “Why is it that I feel like I am my biggest obstacle in this changing energy?”   He raises both eyebrows and looks at me “You really want me to answer that?”   I wrinkle my nose at him “Okay okay, rhetorical question”.       He laughs, “Half of your problem is upon acknowledging you are your own worst obstacle, is what to do about it”.    “I love avoidance” I mutter.

“Indeed” he replied.   I do at this point refrain from rolling my eyes.  “Self sabotage is very subtle” he adds.   ‘You can give yourself a million reasons.  Justify a million answers but the problem is it takes you simply back to square one again.   Humans have an ability to wait for catalysts before they change things.  When the comfortable becomes too uncomfortable, and what they thought served them no longer serves them.  Then and only then usually do they change what they are doing.   Simply how uncomfortable do you want to get?”

I sigh again. “Unhelpful answer, Trayedt”   He raises an eyebrow and walks on for a bit. I trudge after him “Just give me a solution”  I woffle at his back.  He stops and turns, hands clasped behind his back, over robe warm against the desert wind.  He stares at me intently for a moment.

“What about giving yourself permission?”   “To do what?  I told you, I am already in my own way and you’re now telling me to give myself permission?  To what?  Get out of my own way?”    He smiles “why not?”    Stunned for a moment I think.  Why not?  It’s a concept that seems so simple but so stupid.  I look at him and narrowly miss the small smile that he is concealing.   “Very funny, har har”.  He walks on and motions me to walk beside him.

“When do you give yourself permission?   Permission to change things?  Permission to be yourself?  Permission to be annoyed, permission to be sad, happy?   You fight your emotions because you do not think you should have them or be allowed to have them.  You smother your expression because you convince yourself that others thoughts should be looked after, even when they voice them and you are taken aback.   When exactly do you give yourself permission?”

I think about this for a long moment and then I frown.   The human brain is the only one on the planet that has a Judge, a Jury and a Sentencer in it for every single action that we take.   We wallow for days over something we said to someone else, what we should have done differently, how we could have been more assertive, understanding, ruder.   We justify our actions and we do wonderfully, GUILT.   For what?  Feeling the way we did?   We are not brave in how we communicate and least of all with ourselves.

We simply look at times for outward approval.  Confirmation from others that we are doing the right thing, we judge ourselves a lot from other standards and a societal perception of “doing the right thing”.  We ask our children to fit in, and try to fit in ourselves when at times we don’t feel like we fit at all.  So why do we do this?  Human nature says we need to fit somewhere.  Belong somewhere and part of us longs to be at peace in ourselves.   Yet it is us who creates our own peace and we cannot do that when we are blaming ourselves internally for our very actions and thoughts which are NOT that bad!

So Trayedt is right and it is a thought-provoking understanding.   When exactly do you give yourself permission just to be you.  To say what you think without malice, conditioning, justifying, or being frightened of what other people think?   This programming to give others external peace gives ourselves none and it simply doesn’t serve us either in this upcoming energy.  Acceptance of self and permission to be ourselves is exactly what we need to be doing.    There is nothing wrong with saying that you don’t agree with someone or something.   If they get the pip then that’s their issue and learning, we need to stop expecting others to “get us” all the time and just be ourselves with our own permission.

So here’s an affirmation and I’m building it into my New Years implementation list.

I give myself permission to be the change I need for me.  I give myself permission to re-spark me into passion by exploring new ideas and things I love to do.  I give myself permission to let go of the past, and old philosophies and ideas that no longer serve me.  I give myself permission to let go of energetically draining relationships if I have learned what I needed to.   I give myself permission to embrace change with joy.  I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION.

Looks at you curiously.   How do you feel?   I felt different, I felt like I let go of a weight I didn’t know that I was carrying.  Expectation of self to be something I didn’t even know that I was doing.   I think in giving myself permission to change in myself I have started to work on the obstacle that was me.

You are NOT stuck really, you are keeping yourself stuck because you haven’t given yourself permission to change YOU.   Now is perfect, its a planning month January and the new energy kicks off in February/March for most.  Time to start giving yourself permission to create what suits you and what you needs.  Its empowerment time people and you need to stop waiting for someone else to empower you.   Give YOU permission to fire up, fire out, and relight your own flame.    Shine the light you are and get into a permissive state of mind.

I will take that new job and create it beautifully.  I will have that new relationship and create it beautifully.   I will have that new friendship and create it wonderfully.  Get excited about giving yourself permission.   Its simple time and more than anything in this year, it is your time.  After all you just gave yourself permission *winks




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Spirit Whispers: Growth in Experience

I plop into bed and sigh.  Sometimes its only when you get off your feet and lay down do you feel completely relaxed.  I close my eyes and hear “Come up” and I smile to myself.  Time to go.   I feel myself reaching up and hands grab mine and I am pulled up and out into a field where the grass is knee-high and its like a green sea all around me.  The sun is shining and the sky is azure blue.   The large oak tree is off to the right and I can feel the warmth of the soil on my bare feet.    I smile, no wonder everyone gets so annoyed at how fast I go to sleep, I simply either step out of the body or get pulled up into a different space.   I hear deep laughter and turn.

Guides are interesting beings, they bring with them such learning that they can create their own spaces where they are most comfortable but this space is mine, it’s a sanctuary place from a life long ago and initially when I land here, its a soothing place of remembering that life that I had for such a short amount of time but one that I loved.  Filled with childish laughter and warm sunny days of no responsibilities.

“Talos” I acknowledge with a grin as I turn.  The sun glints off him as this Guide looks like burnished copper and he bends his head in acknowledgement.    I have to apologise to him so much at the moment.  He is new and I keep inadvertently calling him Lao as I miss the deep discussions with my previous Guide.   Luckily for me Talos never takes offence and he brings his own level of learning as they all do.

“Are we off then?” I ask and again he nods.   One thing I have noticed about Talos is he prefers to show me in threads of light which open up and series of events play out instead of talking verbally.  The only thing I really hear loudly is the laughter or an inserted comment in my ear when I doing something with someone that also applies to me and since we are all in this together most of what happens applies to everyone.

In a moment I am standing on a beach and the tide is gently lapping at my toes.  This is Talos’s space, this beach and the rocky outcrops of land that lengthen into the island.  The sands are white and the sea azure and the sky kisses it with the same colours.       I dig my toes into the sand and feel the warmth.   Talos moves and sits on a large space of rock.  In this space he looks more burnished in the sunlight.  Ancient melodies play around him when he is in his own space and as usual strands begin to flow off him as he shows me another level of learning weaving through time.

This lesson is about choices and honouring choices.   Human beings judged themselves over and over for their choices made.  Each time they forget that there is another choice and they just have to move seamlessly into new choices without berating themselves for what they deem a failure.    He shows me where we want to evolve but we fear evolving will cost us something, so we go back time and time again to either blaming ourselves in perception or blaming others for bringing us learning as well.

The reality is there is no failure, there is just growth and learning.   I lean into watch a strand about misinterpretation because of a lack of communication and the series of events that unfold in two men killing each other over a misunderstanding and then being on the other side and congratulating each other at a soul level for the understanding that they gained from that very act.    I look at Talos “Wasn’t that pointless?  I find that pointless from a human perspective.   They both got so wound up about what they perceived was right and ended up ending their lives and then they are celebrating what they learned?   What the heck?  Why couldn’t they just work it out”   I cannot see but I feel the grin from Talos.

“That’s the whole point.   They were not meant to on the earth plane, they were meant to be fully present in the feeling of it, the emotions of it, the being present in the whole experience.   They learnt so much about ego, perception, anger, rage, vindication, passion.    Each experience will be looked at for a very long time in terms of what they have chosen to experience with each other”.   I must look kind of disgusted because laughter ripples across my senses from Talos.   “Hmmmz”  I mutter unconvinced.

“You are supposed to be personally involved in your own experience” he explains.  I get that, I do and I watch in my own current life learning play out in the most interesting and valuable of ways but sometimes my frustration is that we seem to learn so slowly.     Talos snorts laughter audibly this time.    “You are looking at it the wrong way.  What is every thing you learn is looked at with the same wonder as an adult as a child.   That instead of accumulating your hurts and guarding yourself so completely to not get hurt, you surrender to understanding the value of the experience.   That is how you grow”.   I roll my eyes at him.   “Yes we get that, and the theory of it is wonderful.  But when you are in the experience, it sucks!”    He laughs again and I feel slightly indignant on behalf of humanity.

“Look it’s easy for you guys, you are off the planet!”   This makes him roar with laughter.   Talos has shown me his own experience on the earth plane and the wisdom that he gained from his experience.   His loyalty and his faith unshakable even with the betrayal that he experienced down here.    He has come into help me understand and put in context learning to come.

“Don’t ever forget you have a choice in how you choose to view the learning.   You either grow from it and expand, or sit in it and wither.   This is ever the choice as a human being.  Let it shape you or crush you”.

This morning I am thinking about what we talked about and I think it applies across the board to most experiences down here.   We as human beings seem to love putting things in categories.   That was a good experience and I enjoyed it.  That was a bad experience and I resented it.   But either way, you change, you evolve, you decide what you will let affect you, and what you will let go of.    That’s the experience, being present for all of it and allowing the space to be as it is.

I made a promise to myself a long time ago that I would keep learning and growing until I leave the earth plane, it’s what I came for and I would try to not harbour resentments for any of the experiences I have.  I have been and will continue to be challenged on my faith, hopes and beliefs.   There is no right or wrong, there is experiences and we need to be present in them.   This is the most awesome place to learn and grow.     In our acknowledgement of that, and acceptance of that, we can see where we are completely evolving and learning.    We just have to decide how we let it shape us, and really that will be perfect too.

We need to be kinder to ourselves, in truth we are still children, growing and learning.  We can aspire to have peaceful existences but we are growing and changing and all the way through we get to decide what we need for ourselves to grow.   We need to honour all our choices as being the right one for us right in that moment for our growth and learning, and surrender to that.   Not judge others or ourselves for the growth.  It is what it is and learning about ourselves is what we came to do and now is the perfect time to acknowledge that.



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Spirit Whispers: Calling all Carer Souls..

Hmmz, as I said in the previous posts there are so many changes going on in a rapid fire evolution of who we are.   I have spent and spend a lot of time with people, both alive and not and I have consistently noticed since January there has been a rather large push on to empower Carer Soul Aspects to be aware of responsibilities they are carrying for others on top of their own stuff and also the growing resentment that is sparking within the Carer Soul Aspect which is really not of their nature.

Now Carer Souls do guilt beautifully unfortunately, and it drives them to accommodate other people’s needs before their own.  Part of the Carer Soul life experience is needy and difficult people experiences. Also we are slap bang in the middle of relationship energy governed by the relationship with ourselves.   This is putting extra pressure on Carer Souls to release old energy, old connections that are not empowering and all directly related to putting other people’s needs before their own.

People, simply, the philosophy of the planet has changed and so are we in recognition of the changes and their integration over the next 5 years.   The Carer Souls who have been working diligently within the last 2000 years odd, have been nurturing, supporting, and loving and assisting people under this old philosophy, which has been simply suffer to learn.   We needed Carer Souls by the dozens to help fulfil this learning program and so they incarnated over and over again in this assisted learning.      However, the greatest changes have come in over the last 12 months and has been continuing to impact in integration, the newest philosophy of the planet which is now, Create to be.

Carer Souls, deeply aware that something has changed are not sure what.  But they have noticed this.  Their tolerances are shot.   They can go from 0-60km’s an hour from normal mood into frustration and resentment if someone asks them to do something they don’t really want to do and they are horrified by this.   Most Carer Soul’s that are coming across my path are blaming themselves for being lacking in this patience and tolerance.  They have for years been able to pull this amazing loving, compensating energy out of thin air and suddenly it is not there to be able to do that with and nor is it meant to be.

Please Carer Souls, cut yourself some slack.  This is a massively evolutionary time on our world and it is one of empowerment.  The empowerment is recognising that people are not needing our assistance to the same degree.  They are awakening to the understanding that they need to be responsible for their lives and they are the ones to help empower themselves forward into their beautiful lives.   It truthfully is an amazing time of recognition.   Please understand also this, it is not that Carer Souls are not required anymore, but your role has changed completely in this Create to be energy.    You will still be drawn to people but you will not be pulled at the same Soul level to “fix, heal, save”.

So please stop with the impatience directed towards yourself.  Can you think of it more this way.   That the Universe is showing you where you have over compensated yourself towards others needs and it is time to re-balance the equation so you have the life you want beyond the soul purpose you came down here for.   Truthfully you cannot change you are a Carer Soul, people will always be so important to you, but with balance you can decide now to do some things for yourself as well.   What a wonderful space to be in.

Welcome to the teacher element of your soul journey.  This is where you get to lead by example to others the way you want to live your life.   One thing to remember within this transition is that others are not aware what has changed about you.  They know something is different and in the relationship stakes they are really confused about why you are behaving the way you are.   If you have been over nurturing family members they will be horrified at you now standing your ground where you never did before. Work environments with colleagues, suddenly become unbearable.  With your children, you are suddenly telling them that you are not helping them anymore to the degree you did.  They will be shocked!   Inter relationships your person will be confused, after all you have been picking up after them, nurturing them, putting them first and now you are suddenly saying “No” and at times not politely either.

Beautiful Carer souls I see are yelling “Enough, I’m done!  It’s over, I’m finished!  That’s it I quit” and they are quite simply meaning it, to the complete and utter confusion of everyone surrounding them.    Taken aback people are responding to this change in their beloved nurture with mixed emotions.  Some accusing them of being selfish, rude, unco-operative, and generally wanting Carer Souls to get back in the box that they have been in for the last 2000 years.

The good news is and I mean it is good news.  You can’t.  So you need to regroup and recognize what is happening, without blame of others, or yourself.   It is simply time for you to lead the way in understanding and that wonderful compassion that you have, to live the life we can without the suffering learning we have had for so long.

Now you need also to understand this, some people will get where you are coming from. They will empathize and understand completely.  Others simply will not.  You will have to learn to let go of your guilt if you have tried enough to communicate your needs and others are refusing to listen.   They are simply not meant to, it is not part of their growth.  It is your own.  It is time you understand that.  No one person can drag kicking and screaming people forward into evolution that they are not ready for, nor happy to do.  Each must evolve in their own way.  You need to accept this and this will initially be very hard as you cling to the old frequency with all your might, but becoming more and and more frustrated and resentful and the Universe will illuminate more and more your need to lead by example.

So over the next couple of months, Gorgeous Lights please be kind to you.  You are the change the world needs to lead forward and again you are at the front of the charge and the change.   Time to acknowledge, take ownership and give that wonderful understanding you do to others that this change is empowering, rewarding and creative.   Step forward bravely, and create beautifully.  Now is the time and it’s what you came to do.











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Spirit Whispers: Standing at the cross roads

Goodness, this year has decided to disappear as well, as we are heading fast into April!  Don’t know about the rest of you in this energy but sleep has been a commodity that has been sought after but not received as much as I would like and that has been due to integration.

We basically let the body sleep, work upstairs and bring changes back into the body, wake up down here and repeat!   Means some completely upset nights and if this is what you have been doing, know that coming into the 15th of April, this too shall pass as the subtle changes to the human body structure are being done mostly at night time.

I was talking to Lao also about so many people coming who are standing at the cross roads of their new pathways and looking on with confusion, so wanted also to blog about this challenging change too.

(is very hard to not giggle as a large Angel is leaning over my shoulder reading what I am writing with interest! and since it is usually dictated by upstairs I get to reread it afterwards as well!)

At a soul level we have what I call planned learning, orchestrated experiences, to a certain age.   When we have completed this soul level learning, we reach a point I call the cross roads.  Now this can happen at multiple levels cross roads as we complete different levels of learning however, when a soul contract has been completed within ourselves its a completely different thing.

Simply as Lao explains it we can come in with drive and what we think is purpose.  Say if you are a Carer Soul, and your life lesson is needy and difficult people, you are here to learn how to say no, how to not sacrifice yourself for others, and find the balance between serving and losing yourself in others needs.   Its a very common soul type and of course desperately what the planet needs, people who care.   However, on this pathway and others also is soul contract completion.  Once you have learned all you needed to, completed all of the learning in this regard to a very complex level.  Then you are released from your Soul Contract.   Not knowing that you were under contract in the first place confuses people so much as they suddenly go, “I have nothing else to give”.   They decide they have “cared and served” enough and they change their lives completely!

Then they start literally getting confused.  They have been “driven” internally for years and years to “look after others”, that has been their “programming” and now they are feeling around in the dark completely confused about what they are supposed to be doing.

This is the cross roads I am talking about.   This is when they go I have done this for years and I have no energy to put into doing this any more but WHAT next???     Please know this applies to ALL the soul aspects, not just Carer Souls, that was just an example.    So gorgeous people appear on my couch saying I have lost my purpose, my passion, my drive, my enthusiasm.

The good news?  No you haven’t, you completed what you needed to, wonderfully, completely, amazingly and NOW you get to create.   The only problem is that it is a space that people are sooooooooooo unfamiliar with they have no idea what to do!   Imagine this, a group of little children who are taught everyday to sit still, stay on the mat, listen are suddenly let go in a massive playground with all the bells and whistles.   They pause for a moment trying to actually understand they are allowed to play?  with everything? for no time limit?   They wait for it to sink in before they take off noisily in ones and twos.

YOU are exactly the same.   Only you have had years and years of being committed to the Soul Contract that says this is what you HAVE to do.   So its not like the kids who accept and take off whooping!   Instead you say, because rational mind says, “I’ve lost my purpose” and then start to pick at yourself massively because you think it’s something that you have LOST!   So people sell their house thinking that will make them happy, they change their job thinking that too will change things, get a makeover, change a 30 year relationship because there MUST be a problem somewhere (hello midlife crisis).

But the simple reality is you have been released from driven learning.  You just transitioned without you realizing it.   Well, you realized it to a degree when you said “I don’t want to do this anymore”.  However, you are still searching OLD patterns and behaviours going this is what I have always done, this is what I should do.   Yet the frequency is not there anymore and YOU can’t go back to it no matter how much you try and force yourself.  Your heart will NOT be in it.

In this Universal year of Freedom, it is doubly hitting people incredibly hard as they think they are the problem, when in reality THEY are the solution.    What if I gave you permission to play, because simply that is what the missing ingredient is.   PERMISSION to stop being a human DOING and create a human BEING.   Look at ALL of your habits and constraints and conditions you have put on your life.   Where is your sense of adventure? or have you matured past it?  Well bollocks to that, you are inside a big kid!  and your sense of responsibility says I should KNOW what I want.  But its this… YOU never gave yourself PERMISSION before to simply be and LOVE being alive, finding your passion for something you love.

And by the way?  Don’t kidd yourself that you were passionate about your job, in a Soul Contract you ALWAYS will be passionate and purposeful about what you agreed to learn.  But notice this, once that feeling changes you are so struggling to get it back aren’t you?  Instead you are forcing yourself to do something just because you thought it was what you wanted and needed, and you did, during that Soul evolution.   Well done you but you have been released from that expectation and you get to play!   Well earned my friend!  You successfully completed your learning!

The other thing I hear?  “But I still need to make money….”   That is fine!  I am not telling you to take a slow boat to Alaska, just because you don’t think you should do anything.  By all means take the boat if your heart says I have waited my whole life to do this!  but know that within your learning you can see that your job, your learning does not any longer need to consume you.   You have have your job, whatever it is, but put passion back into your play!   Most of the people I see, their job was their whole life, then kids and partner, but nothing else in between.  What is your personal Goal?  Not by distracting yourself with other stuff, like kids, and work.   But the creative stuff where you do something just for you.   A Marathon, Write a book, Paint, Design, learn Flying, Deep Sea fishing, Scuba, Volunteer in a third world country,  Train racehorses!    Get inventive for the love of Mike!

Your Soul now has the ability to fly within creativity beyond contracts, to be truly free to simply love your life!   Yes, you will struggle to get your head around this concept because it is driven BY you.   This is unfamiliar territory people but YOU need this for you.  There is no wrong, no right, but an exploration of who you need to be for you at a deeply personal level.   Yes!  You will probably shock the pants off everyone who says “but you always have done this, why change now?”.   That’s the whole point!  When do you say I get to do stuff I want to do?  You moaned about it at times,  when you were working hard on your Soul purpose!   But I loved what I did!  So you did and you did it wonderfully, THIS is your reward not a punishment!

Its your cross roads people, not mine…  You choose for you, wonderfully, passionately and enjoy all you are creating.  It simply is time and in the unfamiliar may you find the truth of what you love just for your SOUL!   Now is perfect!





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Spirit Whispers: On the edge of Tomorrow

“Lao?” “Yes?”   “Is this why old like tubes are appearing around people like old skins and they are shedding off their old stuff?”   “Yes”…   “We fight to stay the same don’t we”.  “yes, but the same isn’t there anymore”….

I have to say that I am really fascinated at the moment with the energy.  Incredibly.  I want to stare into people and look at how far they have come in their understanding.  I want to wake up more people and say REMEMBER who you are.   I’ve been spending huge amounts of time just watching, listening to the Guides and being in awe of how people are getting that they are both the key and the solution to the changes in their worlds.

I wish so much that people could see that things are changing so much that none of the old rules of learning down here apply anymore and we have more choices in front of us than has ever been presented if we can only remember that we are the Creators of our destiny.

Why did we forget?  To empower ourselves to relearn.   Part of the Unlearning is to look at all the learning we have had before, grow from it and move forward into new and more positive choices for ourselves.  The biggest concern is our perception of suffering until we work that one out.  Aren’t you tired of taking a battering?    We hold ourselves in perceptions until too they fade away and we learn even more.

Here’s what I have been extremely fascinated with lately.   Appearing around people is like this old tunnel, it looks grey, faded and worn, its always behind them.  When I first saw it I was what the heck is that?.   Then as I looked further I could see that it was old conditioning, old soul experiences and old understanding, patterns and behaviours.  People had been walking that tunnel for years.  For a moment they are paused at the entrance of that old tunnel, thinking about how far they have come.  They are taking inventory, taking stock of the learning and they are LEARNING that they have more choices than they thought as the old tunnel is fading away with all its conditions and doubts.   In front of them is two new pathways… its like emerging out of the darkness and blinking because its so darn light.  People are pausing and have been pausing, in conjunction with the Universe to take stock, to let the human body catch up and now as the new pathways are forming, it is so time to be planning.   March is an interesting month as it highlights these two new pathways.

When I ask the Guides why two?  Why are there two of them? they have come back with this understanding.  March brings decisions in multiple ways, defined by our courage and our ability to plan.  Again I will say we fight to hold our degrees of suffering because they are what is familiar.  One pathway represents even though it is new, our tendency to play it safe.  Therefore to me while it shines, it shines not as brightly as the other one.  It is the still the playing it safe pathway.  Also we are still fighting with addressing giving ourselves the approval that we need internally, to do with permission to be our authentic selves, hence we are still in the energy of the relationship with self so the pathway safe is appealing…

If our pathway forward is of our own choosing and we are still doubting we can be all we can be, then March brings the hard learning level into play.  The month of choices between these two pathways has the ability to bring us to the depths of ourselves to release the last of our internal fighting.  We will still have aspects that we need to heal but we never can remain in the one spot. EVER!  So choices represented by these two new golden pathways become so very individualised for only you can decide for you and for all those people wailing but I just want PEACE.  It comes from within and how peaceful are you truthfully with all those accusations you keep piling on yourself about your worth? Hmmz funny how you don’t want to make eye contact right now….

Look I am not meaning to say that March will be challenging, (so quit with the eye rolling), I am saying you need to get truthful and by that I mean truthful with yourself.  We think we have so much time as humans, that we will get to that and heaven forbid we also say it will happen when it it meant to happen.  Yes that is true, but we outmaneuver ourselves a hell of a lot too.

Everything that orchestrates in our world is either teaching us something or responding to us.   We need to give ourselves more permission to have a pathway lit up with all of the things that we want.  We think at times we have to earn stuff, and we do if that is part of what we planned for ourselves, but we are really shirking having the lives we want when we are constantly selling ourselves excuses.   The pathways are in front of you guys, and boy are they, in this Universal Year of Freedom, filled with opportunities.  Don’t miss them, get creating.  Stop hiding waiting for the hammer to fall, because in March it may well do, just to wake you out of inertia.

Personally I’d take the second pathway, the lit up one if I was you, because life is for living and you finally get a chance to create something special away from old thinking, old patterns and behaviours…  CREATE IT GOOD… Stop procrastinating for the love of Mike, and get those projects up and get into them, its about not just knowing you have wings, or remembering that but DOING something about it that makes the Universe go, I sooooooooooo got you covered for EVERYTHING…..

We are on the edge of tomorrow people… what kind of tomorrow are you invested into making…  its up to you…





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