Spirit Whispers: Shifting changes

And wheeeee where has the time gone.  My apologies for not blogging, so much it seems has been going on in this amazing shifting energy.

August is unfolding in such an interesting way.  It has been fascinating to help people understand what is changing within them at a soul level.  The releasing of responsibilities seems to be especially challenging in some instances for people.  Seems to be there is still a lot of denial of self going on and also the old structure, or philosophy has been making people really believe that there is something wrong with them that they are not turning up carrying all the responsibilities for everyone or even want to carry that responsibility any more.

I spent some time in the Off worlds looking at the harmonic changes the new structure is bringing in.  Always good to have the heads up with whats coming, it is also crucially important that we don’t skip any of the steps down here in the process.

I laughed at what my Guide said.  He shook his head sadly and commented.

“As human beings you do love to avoid the obvious until the Universe brings it around with a colossal slap to the head for you to pay attention to.”   I laughed.

“I thought you told me that the point of the human experience was to be fully present in each experience so we learn the value of growth?”

He laughed then “Yes but you are all so stubborn at times.”

Well they have that right.   We fight to hold on, we fight to let go basically and fear that any changes that we bring in will cost us in some way.  Transition through the other side of any learning and then see in hindsight how it taught us, empowered us, or humbled us.  What a fascinating journey.

The one thing also I have noticed is in the work I do with the Guides and in the off worlds, I do have a tendency to get distracted by the big picture stuff a lot and then get completely confused when I remember that people transitioning through this energy can find the whole process completely confusing. So in an effort to be helpful here’s a list of the transitions at the moment you may be experiencing.

  1. Thoughts dropping out of your head.  This is where your brain synapses are shifting frequency.  Please try to make notes for yourself and allow the rewiring PLEASE. This is across the board, adults and children, so make your communication concise and honest.
  2. Restlessness… Not just restlessness but that disgruntled, gawd I’m over this, restlessness.   This one is just your soul saying pay attention you are needing to transition.  Stop hiding yourself in the Distraction Game!  You are being pulled at a soul level to evolve.
  3. Intolerance for your current situation or people.  This one is crucial to work with because it will save you a heap of heartache if you don’t blame everyone else for feeling this way.  Denial of self is the worst way to deal with this stage.  Throwing yourself into more responsibility will make it worse. It IS about you and it’s time to look at your needs.
  4. Acknowledge its an internal change.  That your outside world is responding in so many ways to you but changing the job while good for you, may not be the change that you need for you.   Think about how YOU are turning up for you.
  5. Keep breathing!  When we are transitioning we can spiral so badly into self blame and cause ourselves such anxiety.  Feelings are so important to flow through but we can hold ourselves in a funk in this energy for ages as we fight with acceptance in self of evolution.
  6. Congratulate yourself on how far you have come and know that this is actually an empowering stage.  One that you have never been in before.  Stop expecting epiphanies to slap you in the head telling you where to go next.  This is an evolution of self.  Put fun things in and positive things to focus on but no one ever rushes making a fantastic cake.  Stop doing the same to you.
  7. Time out’s.  Give yourself these so you can harmonize yourself as you will feel like you are burning through energy and can over tire you.   Get the sleep you need for you and if the sleep is restless, waking a lot.  It is because you are integrating energy into the body so it’s a little stop/start at times.
  8. Headaches/heart palpitations, these are all signs of energy shifts.  Keep your water intake up and hydrate yourself.  Avoid the “treat” foods to make you feel better as you may find you are not fussed on those either at the moment.
  9. Allergies surfacing.  These are indicators of your own tolerances as well with foods, dusts etc.  As we change in our bodies these can be accelerated or exacerbated.  Pay attention to what your body is showing you and make allowances, its a transition period.

August is a great month for cracking through the final stages of frustration and getting to the nitty gritty of the foundations you are building for the next stage.  But don’t forget to address the left over energy and frustrations from the last stage.  You don’t build a house on old foundations so this is a bit like picking up the last of the old buried bits that make your new foundations wobbly.  Dig deep, sort them and allow the new foundations to build in energy as they work through into your consciousness.

You are the solution and key to your new stage.  Invest into you well with recognition and acknowledgement and know that each person addresses these stages independently, so be patient with you and patient with everyone else as well!  We are always and in all ways in this together!





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Spirit Whispers: The Crunch before the Release

“Oh My Dear, what if I fall?  Oh my Darling, what if you fly?”    All of the soul aspects are struggling at the moment to keep their flow and momentum.  Most people I am seeing are questioning all of a sudden, What is my purpose?  Where did my Mojo go?  I used to love my work, now I don’t know whats wrong with me?      I kind of want to scoop up so many people and hug them and say please stop.   Stop thinking there is something wrong with you.

Think about it this way, if you have been operating under a philosophy for thousands of years that says others are more important than you are, you are so very used to looking after others.  No where in that equation did you stop and look after you.   This is the whole basis of the suffer to learn philosophy.  It’s not called Suffer to Learn for nothing!  However, within the changes of yourself and the soul releases, you are being gently pushed, pulled, cajoled, and in some cases yes forced! to see your own importance finally.

Most are finding this crippling to themselves as their bodies go into meltdown, brains get tormented as you drastically try and convince yourself there is something wrong with you and force yourself into an old energy that does not serve you.  Its like backing yourself energetically against a wall and then systematically bashing your head against it over and over again.  The only way you really realise how important you are is when your own health is affected.   Either mental health, or physical health.  It forces you to realise you need to change things.   This is not about suffering but illumination of what needs to change so you get to have a more fulfilling life and before you wail you like helping people, I will stop you right there.     You didn’t change your SOUL aspect, you are changing with your soul support.   You are still your own soul type with what you came to do, but now there is a change, and the change is your own importance as well.

Most souls are awesome avoiders of their own self.  They have been looking after others for so long, they feel like they are failures if they do not continue to do this.   Unfortunately the only person they are failing is themselves.   Self care is NOT embraced in our current Society and the guilt and shame some souls carry at feeling like a failure by an impossible standard is just cruel.  You are not here to save the world, you are here to start with you first and if your own body is showing you how, then you need firstly to be paying attention to that.   We all can say the right thing, but this energy is about empowerment and doing it, not just mouthing the words and going back to bad habits again and again.

As I re-read I think, oh dear that sounds like a telling off, but to be perfectly honest are you listening?  to you?   Its crunch time, and its becoming more and more important every day for you to believe in you what you can create and I know that I have talked about this over about three different blogs or more but the bottom line is the energy has already changed Gorgeous People and the disharmony that you are experiencing is from an inability to recognise it at a beautifully, naughty, human level!

I had a change of Guides recently and I am so conscious of how human I can be and am supposed to be when Guides change.  I think I don’t like getting to know someone again but then I always benefit from it in the long run.  This is exactly like that you are going to benefit hugely from it, so gorgeous people get out of your own way.    If a situation and a circumstance is repeating, look for the illumination of it,  it simply is where you are being shown all the areas of learning you have now finished with and need to move on from.   You deserve to be in the lighter energy and what you are setting up now, will have impacts over the next five years this is why I and a lot of other people are being so persistent about moving us forward.  It’s simply important for you.

I was working in the Off worlds the other day and watching new colours and energies moving towards the earth plane and thinking about how empowering these colours are and then listening to the frustrations from the other side about our lack of acceptance of changes, the slow evolution of ourselves.   We do need to be really aware of frustration at this time, its a process learning to give ourselves permission to be the Creative Beings that we truly are.

As always right before the epiphany, we always fight the hardest to hold onto our old ways.  If you are choosing to do this, you will be stuck in between a rock and a hard place as the momentum moving forward just puts the squeeze on you.    This blog is really a vain attempt to help you realise that you do not need to do that to yourself that the releasing of the old energy brings in a surge of the new and that tired, frustrated feeling will just drop away as you stop fighting to remain in an energy that is completely draining you.

As we near the end of June, expect a few more stop/start energies as we are shown what we need to let go of and stop resenting these too, they are truly just illuminations of our owned bad habits in so many ways and only through illumination do we see what we didn’t before.   Keep your chin up, the energies are moving slowly but surely.  Keep wading but keep recognising that the only squashing on you, is what you think you are giving up, when you are actually gaining from letting go.

Find your brave, you Gorgeous Light and stop fighting to hold onto the old you as a new you is emerging!



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Spirit Whispers: The Art of Persistence….

Over the last couple of weeks I have been mildly entertained by the different ways that we try to manipulate situations into our own understanding or belief structure.  I think about 20 years ago the Light Worker mentality was if it is meant to be it will fall into place which is lovely, but boy that shifts responsibility doesn’t it?

I now look at the changes in energy and see that with the new Create to Be energy that we need to be a lot more specific in our requirements and beyond that, we also need to stop the instantaneous gratification band wagon as well.    When did we learn to expect everything to drop in our lap?   This is the fastest time of creativity that I have ever seen in my life yet people are STILL sending mixed messages to the Universe and still believing that the Universe is not responding the way they want it to.   Key word there is the WAY they want it to.  You cannot bargain with the Universe, you are simply bargaining with yourself.

Say I was teaching you to ride a bike and had the training wheels on for you to learn. Then told you that I would take them off because you had one single ride, you look okay, tell yourself you won’t fall off and you should be perfectly okay.  Sound like a good bargain?    Learning to ride a bike required persistence, not bargaining.    Setting up a business required persistence on the part of the owner.  They didn’t bargain that if they turned up to work  didn’t ring anyone, that all their customers would know they were open.   They persisted, in marketing, connecting, promoting and taking ownership.

No one ever sat down to write a book, a story, a novel and said Oh I won’t do that today, I will get on to it tomorrow but it will be really successful.   Well it would be if it wrote itself.     Do you see the point I am trying to make at the moment?     Anyone can have the Universe within/without on their side, if they are open-minded, creative and most of all? Persistent.

I love this new energy, it brings collaboration, people connection, it also brings in understanding if you are unable to do a task, that the Universe can respond in sending you someone who can.  That’s connectivity and that is the basis of our persistence, understanding in this new energy that we do not have to do things alone.    We need to be working the Universe within/without smarter.    Opening up more avenues so we can actively see how supported we are at all times.  That most of our learning is governed by our own need, our growth and we demand to see the Universe respond, by how we are responding to ourselves, usually very ungracefully.

This was the discussion with a Guide the other day.  “Why do I paint?  I get so frustrated that I want to paint and then wonder what avenues I should promote my paintings.”  Samael pauses for a moment.  “Be specific, do you want to promote them yourself or have someone help you that is more orientated to being of assistance?”  Me rolling my eyes “Oh look I did the self promotion thing, it did my head in.”  Then I look mortified. “Gawd, I wasn’t very persistent though after four years running around I had enough!”  He laughs “Send out that you would like help, you are after all in this together all of you.”   I can do that, I can ask for help!  So I send a clear message out Art promoter required mentally to the Universe.    Samael laughs at my determined thought and face.  I laugh at me too, there must be more than one way to find help.

The next day I wake up to an independent email in my mail box from an Art Promoter in the States.   I laughed so hard it wasn’t funny.   My friend said “What’s the catch, what’s the cost?”   I said “It doesn’t matter even if there is a cost.  The point is that the Universe is actively listening always.   I didn’t say send me someone who won’t cost a cent!”  At the end of the day it’s still my choice if I choose to go with them but I didn’t dismiss it because it came with a price tag, that isn’t the point!     The point is that there was a response to my request and it was up to me whether I saw it as a positive or a mere coincidence!   Personally I don’t believe in coincidences just responses!

People always ask me why they got the job they didn’t want.   I always laugh at that one.  When you want something you set a tonne of conditions on it.  I want this job because this, this, this, this. I deserve this and this, it should be mine because… The Universe within/without goes phew, how do I accommodate all of that?     Whereas if you don’t want the job you go “I don’t want that!”   Simple concise and to the point.   Much easier for the Universe to interact with so it presents you with the very job you didn’t want because there were no conditions merely a choice.   It’s the choice that makes the difference,  conditions are bargaining and gain you more learning.

Years ago when I started actively working with Spirit, they asked me one simple request. That I would say yes to everything that was presented through them.  For two reasons, they wanted me to step outside my comfort zone and trust they would take me where I would learn the most about myself and people.   The second reason was that I would not trust myself to not make a mistake.   I personally think the latter is the main reason we learn so much about ourselves through experiences.  We really don’t trust ourselves at times to make the right decision for our potential growth.    In asking me to follow their lead at times, it has taken persistence, patience and tolerance and the person that benefited the most from all of that was me.

Persistence is an Art, it takes belief in yourself.  It takes you down different avenues, it makes you inventive and creative in finding a way around hurdles while still keeping an eye on the ultimate end result.   There is no instant gratification in it at all.   There are beautiful shining moments of absolute wonder, awe, frustration and annoyance.   It’s like riding the bike finally without falling off three times before you reach the corner.   That wonder of achievement and congratulations of self.    We suck at congratulating ourselves seriously.  We more likely falter at the first bumpy bit and then self flagellate ourselves, berating ourselves for our stupidity at taking a risk.

Well life is a risk, every day in the work I do I am at the coal face of people losing people and the one thing I see, is we need to be helping each other more, congratulating people more and empowering ourselves more.     We are the Universe in motion and we are in this together.  Now in this creative energy we are needing to reach out to each other and offer what we can but expecting people to offer themselves for nothing is also another fault picking that is happening at the moment.   We live in a society that requires finance to live, and those people who are stepping out and taking the risk to be their own bosses, they need to live too, not be shot down in flames for their persistence in changing their worlds.

Persistence IS an Art, it promotes change and empowers people to find another way.  Persistence is loving what you are doing so much, you change your world and the way you live to do it.   I have huge admiration for persistence because luck has nothing to do with it.   A Universe responding in motion to your joy is something else and wonderful to behold.    Create your art, what you love, the art of being you, and for the first time in your life be persistent at it so the Universe within/without knows you mean it because the change always has to happen in you, with you to find out how truly creative you can be in this beautiful energy of “Create to be”….      Talk to people about what you are changing, challenge yourself to find ones who can help you, encourage you and support you.  This energy is bringing the tribes of change together and through persistence we will find each other and the time is now.change






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Spirit Whispers: The Pause Button

Ever feel like you are Tangoing through your own life.  One step forward and one step backwards.  This energy at the moment is very much like that.  We are releasing so much old stuff at so many levels that we forget that we need to pause.   In the pause, we reassess and get to where we need to be for ourselves as well.

In my usual impatience with the energy, I decided to pick Samael’s brain (do they have a brain) about why we struggle so much with communing with the Universe and even our perception of God ending in why don’t we feel listened to.    In only the way Samael would, he took me to the Garden of Eden.   I often wonder, since I am not religious in any way, why they show me things out of the bible.  However, I do understand this, that grains of truth are in everything and even though I am not of any denomination, I truthfully LOVE the energy of churches, of devotion and of love.  Now, grains of truth, may not be the exact truth but there is always wisdom and understanding to be gained if you just PAUSE for a moment and consider.  In my case, its always pause and then give the third degree because I am nosy, but its still a pause.

The Garden of Eden was truly beautiful, all the spaces of the world combined in one place. I asked a question that I have been longing to ask for ages.  “Was Adam lonely really?”   Samael laughed “Adam could hear God and commune with all the animals and nature, so no he was not lonely.   Mostly human beings are group beings, they need to belong and it was that want of belonging in Adam that caused God to create another complimentary being.”   I look at him suspiciously.  “You know I have always been kind of suspicious of the bible.”   He laughed again.   “There is learning here if you allow me to continue.”

Any hint of learning for me is divine so why not.   “Why did God stop talking to Adam and throw him out of the Garden then?”  Seriously, I have these questions, doesn’t everyone?  Again, laughter from Samael and then he replied.  “No man has been cut off from God, the Divine or the Universe.  Man’s perception he is of lesser value, or is unable to commune with the Divine is what truthfully holds human beings back.”    I frown.  “So you are saying that we believe we cannot be heard, or that the voices that we hear in our heads at times are just imagination or ourselves talking?”   Samael nods.  “When you are talking to me during the day, could you believe you are talking to yourself?”   I think about that for a moment, because I have spent so long talking with others in my head that it just seems plain wrong to not have them there.

“If I didn’t understand that there was something else I suppose I would, but I would feel so terribly alone in my thoughts.”     Samael nods again.  “Do you think also if you dismiss that you possibly can talk with your thoughts to others, other worlds, to the Universe, to God, then that avenue would be closed to you?”    I consider that again.  “Well if no one mentioned it, then no probably not.”   I keep thinking about the isolation of that thought and how much I would hate to be alone in my own head, it kept making me sadder and sadder.

“So why do I remember being able to talk to you guys?  Why doesn’t everyone?”   Samael asks me “Do you remember when you were little what you did?  In your head?”   I laugh, it still makes me feel a bit mortified.  I must have been about 4 years old and it was dark and scary and I felt so alone “I yelled in my head for help.  I didn’t just yell I screamed for help, for someone to come and make me feel not so alone.”   He laughed.  “Yes, you did and LOUDLY.   Do you know where it went?”   I reply “I thought it out, to space to everywhere, please hear me and come.”   He smiled, “what happened?”   I laugh I love this memory so much.  “Blue hands came and held me and a voice that sounded so calm and so loving said I’m here.”    I smile with the memory, those hands made me feel so very, very loved.  So loved in fact I never asked where the rest of the body was!  I laugh about it now but I still feel the same way completely and utterly.    That love is the main reason I talk to Angels and Guides, I simply love that feeling of being supported and so very loved.

“Do you now think you can talk to the Universe, God, the Angels and Spirit?”   I smile “Yes, because I had hope.”    “Do you remember visiting the Prayer Room?”  I smile again another place I love so much.  “Yes very much so.”      “When you come to these places, talk to us and walk with us, is it because you believe you can?  Is it your choice?”  I smile again, “very much so.”    “Then so it is.”     The air spins around us and the beautiful garden fades.  “It was not so much that God stopped talking, it was a choice, a choice whether you believe that you are heard or not.   In expecting to not be heard, even though you are, you expect not to get an answer.   A long time ago people forgot to listen, not because they were to be told what to do, that has always been free choice to listen, to grow, to learn.   They forgot to trust themselves to hear and doubt came in and isolation came after that.”    Again, I feel sad.

“Crikey, Samael, sounds like some sad myth or legend.”  He laughs and lightens the energy.  “Everything is a choice, in all ways.   Sometimes in the pause, you get room to listen, to decide, sometimes within quiet, there is always a solution.  Sometimes when you yell loud enough in your head, there is an answer.   No one knows unless they test it, unless they have faith in trusting that there will be an answer.    Mostly we answer by signs because you seem to trust signs more than words in your head or voices.  So we work away trying to help as much as possible until you remember it’s a choice.”

I think for a while on that.   So we chose and we choose but mostly we don’t trust ourselves to have an answer.  I don’t seek answers from the Guides, I talk to them about things I am interested in, their comments in the same way as I would teachers or people who I value their opinion on the earth plane.  All of those snippets become like a jigsaw puzzle I putting together, of what resonates with my soul, my truth and my hope.  I seek wisdom and understanding everywhere because it broadens my understanding of life and others as well.

We are in a little pause energy at the moment.  Reflection of how far we have come and what we need for ourselves moving forward.  Mostly I think we are yelling out to the Universe for understanding but not expecting an answer.  I think we need to maybe pause for a bit in the energy and be truthful with ourselves about what we want.  Out of our lives, ourselves and the bigger picture, because sometimes the smaller picture just is a bit sucky for a time.  Personally, I am using the pause time to de-clutter those thoughts that no longer serve me, habits that are no longer serving me and giving myself permission to create more room to have time to grow a little more.   In the pause I can hear me, the deep part of me that needs to be listened to.  It’s calling me, from within, from the Universe, maybe even the Divine.   But I need to listen because I haven’t for a long time and I need to re-teach myself to listen clearly again.  The answers always were there and now its time for us to pause and listen for ourselves.

This is a reflection time, but its a good reflection time.  Worthwhile if you sit and look at how far you have come and how much you have grown.  Then it is worth asking that question to yourself.   What am I planning for me, what gives me hope, joy and a sense of purpose.   Then listen to your soul and see what comes back.  If you cannot decide or it’s not slapping you in the face like a wet fish, then its time to give yourself permission to play at a few things so you can redirect you and re-educate you on what makes your soul sing.   Give it a try…  Sooner or later you’ll push the play button and worlds can open then, but the pause?  it’s worth sitting in for a bit.




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Spirit Whispers: Challenging releases of Truthful Alignment..

Sooo how you all surviving the four planet retrograde that is going on in April.  When the Guides said that April would be a conflicting month I just nodded like I normally do and went on working.  However, as the energy shifts and changes, it has become slightly more challenging again as trying to hold onto your old habits is now starting to wear yourself thin.

Look I cannot stress enough this. If you are going to force yourself into an old energy flow that no longer serves you, you will get sick.  It’s a bit like listening to an eighties record over and over again.  As much as you think you love the music at some point it will grate on you if you listen to it too much.    I am fielding so many phone calls from people asking me why the are getting sick, to look at their auras and their soul pathways to see that they have completed what they needed to under the old energy but are refusing to acknowledge that THEY have changed.

I will spell it out really simply…. If you have the following symptoms or thoughts you are changing frequency and need to honour yourself and others in this process.

  1. Headaches and slight dizzy spells, like mild vertigo.
  2. Frustration coming in instantly someone expects you to do something for them.
  3. Resentment of always feeling like you are the one who has to take responsibility
  4. Looking at friends and family with new eyes and not liking how much they take you for granted.
  5. Stomach and bowel complaints that seem to make you feel more upset internally  than usual.
  6. Fatigue in waves and not feeling like you are sleeping well.
  7. Tearful emotional episodes when you feel like you are on a roller coaster.
  8. Feel like no one listens to your problems
  9. Isolation away from friends because you feel like what they find important is shallow.

Looks at the list again, yes well you could be confused and think these sound like PMT symptoms.  However, when women have PMT they are going through hormone changes!  It’s exactly the same thing at an energy level but its not PMT, but its affecting men and women as well, we are all not that dissimilar you know.  Men are just more likely to settle more deeply into themselves and not communicate while grumping about the world.     Its making the genders brush up against each other in not the most positive of ways.

Truthful alignment requires you to be that, TRUTHFUL and if you are continuing to work in a role that you hate, hours that are too long, pressures from family for their commitments and you are getting exhausted then the Universe has no alternative but to help you see how important you are using the only tool it has for you to notice the change in frequency.  YOUR BODY.  Sooooo, here’s a list of how your body responds when you are pushing it into a frequency that doesn’t serve it any more.

  1. Mental fatigue – Headaches  – cause, Overthinking and over analysing how unhappy you are but not doing anything about it.
  2.  Blurry Vision or flashes of Light – cause Vision being affected by what you don’t want to see and are avoiding seeing where you need to make the changes in your life.   The flashes of light are Spirit desperately trying to get your attention to see the world a different way.
  3. Stomach aches – cause not being able to stomach the current energy and feeling sick when coming in contact with people draining your frequency.  Solar plexus is the first indicator that you cannot “stomach” something anymore
  4. Bowel disharmony – cause (Now every time I say this people laugh, but its a fact) your bowel processes waste and when you are holding onto energetic shit, either yourself or others, it’s here.  Nine times out of ten, bowel inflammation is caused by aggravation to the digestive tract either by foods ingested, or energy.  If you have a sensitive bowel, this will be where you shove energetically your own drama and other people’s crap. LITERALLY.
  5.  Neck Aches – cause carrying responsibilities that are not yours to carry causes the neck muscles to tense up completely in an attempt to carry the weight.  You have all seen the picture of the man carrying the world on his shoulders.  Please make a mental note.  YOU are not here to save the world single handed.  When you are taken out with illness the world goes on. PERIOD.
  6. Back Aches – Again responsibility strikes again and while yes, we can all carry things the wrong way and not bend our backs properly.  This one is mostly muscular and tension based.  Responsibility to carry others always brings up back problems and more so in this energy of truthful alignment.
  7. Uterus – Sorry but the human body is a pocket the more you get inventive, the more you find places to stuff your hurt and drama.   This organ symbolises nurturing.  Lack of it to self and to others gets shoved in here constantly and forgotten about, until symptoms come back to remind you that you need to nurture you at a health level.  Ladies, don’t do this please!   Nurture you and you have room to nurture others…
  8. Prostrate – cause, hiding anger and frustration at an emotional level in your root chakra.   Gorgeous men, you are the new warriors and its time you need to sort out your emotional baggage.  Men feel vulnerable talking about their emotions but when you don’t mostly you hide it with anger and the root chakra is an awesomely harmful place to store it.   Remember no one is immune in this energy, its one of change.   Your awareness is crucial.
  9. Heart – cause is emotional imbalances.  Heart the seat of our emotional state is often smothered, squashed and hidden.  Our heart beats faster when we are upset and the more we try to hide it the more we put this fabulous organ under pressure.  Giving in to your emotions doesn’t mean you fall to bits.  It means you give yourself truthful alignment to say your emotional needs.   Gorgeous people stop hiding the truth in your heart.  Give yourself permission to acknowledge how you feel.
  10. Throat – cause – You know that annoying tickle that appears out of nowhere and suddenly you are choking and spluttering and embarrassed that everyone is looking at you. That kicker is when you won’t say what you need to and your body goes into a spasmodic affect to try to get you to clear off your voice cords what you need to.   Stop hiding your thoughts, truthful alignment asks that you freely speak with love what you think.   Stop punishing you.

Please just have a think about what I am pointing out.  If you can see spaces where your beautiful body is showing you in this current energy how inventive you are about avoiding what you need to change, then you and only you need to ask yourself how do I look after me in this process.   To do that I have another list to remind you off.

  1. There will always be another job.
  2. You cannot fail ever, you just change pathway.
  3. Give yourself permission to grow and move from where you are trapped.  You did that you can change it.
  4. Money will flow if you stop over focussing on it.  Learn the laws of Abundance and live breathe them.
  5. Relationships change because you changed, thank them for what they brought you, try harder in them or walk away knowing you did your best.   Neither will be easy but only you can decide if you have had enough or its worth it.  Stop fixing everything!
  6. Accept – Accept that changes happen and you are changing.  Stop fighting with yourself to be the old you.  You aren’t and there is no going back.  Suck it up buttercup you are beautifully evolving.   BE YOU, do your thing…

Hugs you all warmly and hugely, you are not alone in this energy so don’t think you are isolated, find your tribe, people who get it, people who listen and help you grow.  Break free from the chains of the past and give yourself permission in your truth.  It is you that you have been waiting for.   Now is simply perfect to start changing and acknowledging it.



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Spirit Whispers: Truthful Alignment

You know when the Guides said that the philosophy of the planet would be changing at a human level, we go okay, no problems then, but I do not believe we completely understand the entirety at times of the change.

Under the old philosophy of “Suffer to Learn” we spent time going from crisis to crisis in order to learn what we needed to by sheer persistence and because of that philosophy there was also a tremendous amount of Carer Souls incarnating to help us through this time which has been perfect.   This integration into the new philosophy has been interesting and I personally feel like a new student trying to relearn how to be and how to re-educate both myself and my body into the new integration of creating what we need for ourselves.

The one thing I have been talking about with them over the past month is the impact of “truthful alignment” in the unfolding new tapestry of frequency.   Ultimately we used to be telepathic, but in order for us to be completely telepathic we would have to be much, much more honest with ourselves first and then with others.  To this end though I have noticed more and more people coming asking me what is wrong with them.  That their tolerances are shot with people, that things are coming out their mouths without them thinking about it and they are feeling really confronted with their own feelings in the face of either discussions, or difficulties with others.

All of this, is, of course, completely on track with truthful alignment.  However, the sticky bit is and it does get sticky, is HOW truthful you want to be.    It is very easy when you are transitioning to think that no one else gets you.   That your friends and family are now beyond you even wanting to be in the same room with them, let alone the same planet and it is where people are saying I am at my loneliest right now.  This is where judgement is way too easy to come in and isolate you.   The reality is that you are not isolated or lonely, you are just maybe transitioning faster, or slower or “limboing” (which is that cement shoes wading through waist deep mud feeling).     Blurting while incredibly therapeutic for yourself may be intensely uncomfortable and confronting for your people who know you as the mediator or the peace maker of the friends and family.

I have found personally that I simply cannot refrain from commenting when in the past I have just been quiet about what I have not been happy about and tried to keep the peace as much as possible.   Ummmmm you could say that I am enormously failing at that right now.     The key to truthful alignment is indeed allowing yourself to be honest about how you feel but in the middle of that do not forget also your core fundamental truths.  Honesty with love, respect and kindness has an assertiveness all of its own.  Blunt force trauma about someone’s lineage or selfishness is neither assertive or helpful as MOST and I seriously mean this, do NOT see their own projections or learnings EVEN when loudly pointed out to them and they are not meant to.  THAT is part of their learning.

So then the question becomes in truthful alignment, how to honour how you feel without creating World War III.  In some cases by all means you may be ready to create that war, however what does it truthfully serve you in the long run.   We all know how it feels to not be heard, not be honoured in our feelings and our thoughts which is why we learned to keep them to ourselves in the first place.  But this isn’t about other people’s behaviours or even their soul level learning down here.  This is truthful alignment of self, in self for self.

You are no longer serving you to smother your emotional state and rational mind is fast losing control in this energy except to pick at you guilty when you do blurt out exactly what you think and that doesn’t help either.    The key in this energy is allowing yourself room to grow into this new energy of self-assertiveness with love.  We are all evolving, everyone at different rates.  Some people will simply refuse to accept the new energy and that is perfect.  Some people will fight to hold onto the old energy and accuse you of changing and that is perfect too, you are.   On this amazing free choice planet, everything is always for our optimum individual learning, exactly as it should be.   But while you are fighting with yourself about trying to get back into the box you were in before with situations, work and people remember this.   It AIN’T your box anymore.  If you have already noticed that you don’t fit that mould, you will be spiraling into resentment and frustration every time someone tries to stuff you back into it.

When I asked the Guides about it, they said in our fight to smother our emotional states, we have done harm to our permissive selves and we are having to relearn how to give ourselves permission to be.   This is a new concept under the new philosophy and one that is making us feel like we are feeling around in the dark and wondering how to turn up, what is our purpose and where to from here.    It seemed to be far, far easier to suffer, we know that one, and we can look for it anywhere.  However, to be able to create what we want?   What the heck?  Where do you even start.

Upstairs keep showing it to me as people with these new beautiful pathways forming and them busy throwing trees and scrubs in their own path because they have never, ever given themselves permission to BE.  BE happy, BE alive, BE emotional, BE present, BE honest, BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.    It’s a new philosophy people and its one of tremendous change, 3000 odd years of living under the old one, is not going to be done in 2 seconds flat.

We are adjusting and letting go of old responsibilities in our body structures (watch out for head, neck and shoulders with that release) and in our actual cellular structure.  It’s a process and it takes time to integrate in self and it takes time for our bodies to get used to the release changes too.   Expect illuminations as you are shedding old ways.  Expect lightness of mind, brain and dizziness, headaches, muscles aching.    You have been carrying stuff over many, many lives, ditching that stuff energetically is not only exhausting but your body has to readjust to not carrying that energetic weight too!   It is very much time to pay attention to what is really happening to you.

This is the shedding, the unlearning of all that has been before and you are slap bang in the middle of the process Gorgeous Lights.   There is more going on than just feeling totally intolerance and stuff falling out of your mouth when you least expect it.  This is truthful alignments in relationships, and relationships will change as you change the relationship you have had with yourself in the perception of what you were carrying in responsibilities.    It is so very, very important to be kind to yourself at this time.  Add truthful expression with love to your vocabulary and watch out for snaps of intolerance as who you are dealing with may not be there yet, or even be able to get there.  Try not to crucify them and yourself during this process.

This is the time to seek your tribe, the ones who want to be free enough to work with themselves and be honest enough to allow you to be you without the bonds of responsibility and denial of emotional self.   I want to also say you are not going to fall to bits surrendering to the truth of you.  You may go through some emotional ups and downs as you free you into truthful alignment but it is infinitely quicker than smothering emotions and being in the hurt for days and days, months and years like you have been doing.

The main purpose of this blog is to let you know you are not alone, so many people I have seen over the last 6 months are in this integration and we are seriously all in this together.  Tell people you are evolving, own that with all your heart if you are, explain you have a need to express how you feel and they are not to fix it, deny it, tell you it’s wrong, but rather just hold space for you to evolve into who you need to be in the truth of you.  It as I have said is not a five-minute process, it’s a process and we need sometimes to surrender to just being in the process rather than pushing and shoving our way through it in a need to get out the other side.  You are heading there anyway, slow down and appreciate the recognition in self of the change and then start loving you for your unlearning.

The truth is the real you has been smothered emotionally for years and its time, Gorgeous Lights, to start the journey to freedom of self to be yourself.   Now, in this energy, acknowledgement and recognition are all you need to start with.

Repeat after me….   “I’m evolving, unlearning and re-educating me on how to be me and I need to love me through this” ….. You so got this!

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Spirit Whispers: The Empath and the Avoidant… The change of connection

Cue me talking to the Guides.  “Bloody hell the relationship changes are coming thick and fast in this new energy aren’t they? and it feels like walking through flipping cement!  I think there is something wrong with me, like tolerance or something fell off and I am looking at all my relationship connections and feeling like my needs are not being met.  Worse just about every client I see is having illuminations about their family, husband, partner etc.  Just what the hell?”

Yes, I know I bombard them constantly with questions but since I spent most of my time off world with them, I want some answers as well.    I have already talked about coming out of the “Suffer to Learn” philosophy and into the “Create to be” but there seems to be a lot of collateral damage in between.      I keep hearing “That’s it, my relationship of 30 years is over.  My family connection is done.  I’ve disowned by brother, mother, father, child” and the list goes on.

Patiently the Guides explain, the alignments have changed.  “Suffer to learn” means choosing the most perfect of sometimes painful alignments for you to learn from.  Selfishness, thanklessness, unhappiness, ungratefulness, expectation, seeking approval.  You need to learn these and you would have teamed up family wise, partner wise, work wise to have those experiences to learn from..  You need to learn that over compromising in a relationship, any relationship is never going to serve you in the new energy.  Hell, you don’t even have the energy to do what you have done for years and years.

So instead of beating yourself up for the realization and then blaming your partner.  “For 20 years I did everything for him and he is so thankless, I am done!”   “For 18 years I paid for this and worked my ass off and she’s leaving me!”   There needs to be a massive, massive pause here to understanding exactly what is happening.    Needs have changed!

Interestingly most choices of the past have been to do with learning, programming and conditioning.   So Empaths chose Avoidant partners to learn about themselves from. I hear time and time again, “He won’t connect with me, share himself, his thoughts, his worries.  He won’t let me in”  and then “She demands I sit hold hands, watch soppy movies, put more effort into sex,  gets all moody and emotional and nag, nag, nag”.    *raises an eyebrow…  Sheesh!

Stop, stop, stop.   Lets get to the “Heart” of the matter seriously.   The world energy change is “realness, empathy, compassion and strength, Truthfully connecting”.   Empath’s soul pathway was to over nurture in a suffering energy to help things be easier.   Avoidant’s were here to work hard, do the tasks and get on with things in a suffering energy.   Both work in their own way, and both types are actually genderless so don’t go thinking that all men are the avoidants.  I have met some really, emotionally trapped women too.

Now the energy is shifting the roles are changing! and they are becoming much more emotional based and I don’t mean everyone hormonally bursting into tears, but heart connections of exchanged feelings, not hiding emotions.  So the Empaths are NOT hardening up even though they think they are, they just know they do not have to over compensate anymore and better, they don’t even want to.   The  Avoidants are going “what the hell, while I was busy head down bum up working, something changed and I’m not being nurtured like I was” and they are hunkering down feeling extremely picked on.

It’s HOW we weather this change that is really important because mostly we suck at seeing habits and patterns that we put in place in our important relationships.   Roles get defined and people get used to them.  She does this, he does that, and complacency comes in.  Then blame, instead of responsibility.

Responsibility is accepting my part in these connections historically as been this, I need to accept this and help implement helpful communication and understanding, that’s your best empath trait.   Avoidants, stop feeling picked on, you are not being asked to change really or be overly emotional, you are being asked to be present.  FULLY present at a heart level.   Look I really believe that some connections WILL be completely done, having served their complete teaching process and honouring that is important without blame.  BUT if you don’t get what is happening, you run the risk of taking those old behaviours straight back into the new connections you are seeking!

We are in the process of creating what our needs are.  We need to be looking at old habits and taking responsibility for the creation of them. Then and only then can we see where the necessary changes that are required are.  You haven’t failed for the love of Mike, you have EVOLVED in your needs, your connections and fingers, bloody crossed, understanding of YOU.

So stop with the finger-pointing and look at what is happening and changing!  People who are avoidants have learned through hard learning that opening their heart hurts.  They either had difficult childhoods, siblings, controlling, difficult parents and shite situations.  They learned to hide their feelings so they don’t feel vulnerable and exposed.  However, this new energy is requiring them to open themselves.  Shoot if I was an Avoidant I would run a mile in this energy.. It’s making them squirm uncomfortably as it is as old emotions are surfacing, triggers reacting so they can heal and it is far, far to easy to blame their empath partner than look at their own stuff.   BUT if you don’t, Dear Gorgeous Avoidant, you may well lose your amazing, loving empath as they go and seek heart unity with someone who can connect at a heart level.

THIS is the re-education space covering the energy of the next 6-7 years.  UNDOING bad habits and before you go Ohhhh yeah Avoidants…  Miss or Mr Empath, let’s have a look at what you have been “enabling” under the “Suffer to Learn” philosophy.     Cue Empath, “ohhhhh look their heart is sooo beautiful, I see you in there, I CAN FIX YOU…”  Yes, you heard Sticky fingered people.   Why you trying to fix them again?   Each person HAS to make, in this energy, the decision to take responsibility for SELF, there is no way forward without it.  So while you have been busy over compensating, putting everyone else a head of you until now you are really resentful.  You did that.  Under the soul learning of working out your own needs.  You programmed your relationship connections you would bend over backwards.  Of course they are going to be pissed off you are changing it.  You did everything for them for years… sheesh!

There be no unity, or connectivity without honesty from both sides, all sides and INSIDE out…   You want the love story?  The happy ever after?   Well start to look where your own imbalances are in your relationships.    Never say what you think?   Well hows that stifling your opinion working for you as your stomach turns and you over think what you could have, should have said?    Hows that working when you won’t acknowledge how you feel when the person you love more than anything walks out your life because you never had the courage to reinforce your love with care and respect, you just assumed they would always be there?    There are two sides and two changes required here and we need to be supporting each other to get here.   Take responsibility… Connect honestly, sometimes painfully, as we rediscover the new sides of balance within.

We have such opportunity here for such amazing honest connections.  Its time people… and we need to start with the relationship with ourselves and our old learning.  Forgive self and love self and you can forgive and love anyone with a truthful open heart that can connect honestly…   It’s a process and processes take time.. but it is time to embrace this energy instead of fighting to remain in the same suffering…  Its happening around you, within you and YOU have to flow with it or you become more hurt and more stuck.. hence the cement feeling of energy.  So many people trying hold onto that painful suffering to learn energy.  Change is relentless, don’t be left in the regrets of the past and continued suffering…  Now is perfect to implement honesty with yourself and your relationships.  Of course there will be adjusting, but cut yourself some slack seriously and everyone else.  We are in this together and we so need each other to heal to move forward.

Just have a think on it, start with you, no blame, but acknowledgement and then, well take responsibility, its a start and its the best start you can do in this changing space…









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