Spirit Whispers: Declutter, Unpack, Clear Out!

Well in the last blog I talked about fragmenting and us cracking, or totally feeling like we are cracking into pieces.  So many people I am seeing are asking me, who am I?   I don’t know who I am?

Coming out of “Suffer to learn” we are reassembling ourselves into a new us.  One where we are a priority in our own lives.  Now always when I say this people go, oh that’s just being selfish.  You want me to be selfish?  I get guilty if I do selfish.   I usually go right and do you get resentful when people are asking you to turn up for them instead of you?

It’s a catch 22.  The more you do not feed your soul, the more put out you will be in this energy when people ask you to do things for them. But also remember this…. YOU in the first place programmed all the people around you HOW you would turn up for them.  If you were over compensation their needs than of course they will keep asking, expecting and venting.   I would too, you were wonderful at looking after their needs not yours.

So before you pull the machete and chop their heads off with judgement.  Think of this.  YOU ALLOWED THEM to expect so much from you by doing.    I am seeing so many people instantly finish friendships because of expectations and yet they are not seeing that the arrangement was incredibly one-sided because they LET it be that way.   This is not a time of judgement and disillusionment but rather recognition, acknowledgement and illumination.

To be perfectly honest, when the Guides said that we would head into four months of truthful clarity I was like ohhh awesome people will be more honest.  Well yes the brutal honesty is there but heck people there AIN’T much love going on.  Loads of pointy fingers and yelling more like it and the most yelled?  “That’s IT! I’m done!”     Stop with the catalyst recognition already!    The illuminations are so you can learn about you, not morph down to a tantrum throwing 3 year old.  (Well okay sometimes I do believe that helps because at least its truthful).  However, truthful clarity is about honesty with love.

Everything that is happening at the moment is about empowering you into a better place.  Being more worthy with yourself about your time, your energy and your love.  Upstairs will always preach about you needing to look after you first so you have the energy to then love others.  When we love ourselves unconditionally, we put no conditions on others, so we can acknowledge where their level of learning is, know it’s about them, and rise over the top of it.  ALL WITH LOVE.  Ahemmmm, that actually is a crucial ingredient seriously.

Personally I’m so tired of hearing people tell me how narcassistic that one is, how dangerous a person they are, how manipulative.  All I see when I look is a damaged person who learned how to damage other people.   We need those people though, because they teach us so much about ourselves in so many ways.  Plus they give you amazing choices to grow you.  Every person that I see that has been with a “narcassistic” person has decided they deserved more, needed more, wanted more, learned to love them more.  Okay, Okay, it can be eventually.  But this is a learning realm, and you aren’t really learning about others, but your patience, tolerance and love of YOU.

I know I’m annoying but hey I’m a big picture person, cause all those pieces together brings more understanding.  Most people need to be fully present in the experience, its how we grow and learn and evolve.   However, as I digress the main thing you can do in this energy is:

  1.  Recognise
  2. Acknowledge your role
  3. Inspire yourself with the knowledge
  4. Forgive YOU
  5. Evolve

First start?  Let go of the baggage, stop carrying that heavy stuff with you.  Apply forgiveness for needing to learn it all in the first place, and allow it to fall away.  You gained what you needed from it at the time but to carry it all is making you soul level weary.  Its baggage not just from this life either, but lifetimes.   We are heading towards upgrades, over hauls and recalibration.   Time to definitely throw out the baggage, old shorts, the don’t hurt me, blame and as someone so eloquently said fill in those cracks with loving light to help reheal you into the new person your soul is longing to be.  The one that you allow just to BE, BE LOVED, BE SEEN, BE HONOURED, BE EVOLVED.

The time is perfect.   Four months, clear out, let go, love you a bit more and forgive you passionately for all the learning.  Step away from judgement, criticism and morphing down to kindergarten levels.   All it does is make you resent who you are.

There will be all sorts of challenging energy within this as you fight with you, with others as ego has a play in saying I need to be right in this, hold onto those old outdated values.  Allow all this, its part of the process but whenever you get the chance…. breathe in, blow it out.  Hug yourself in love, and LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


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Spirit Whispers: Some Assembly Required

Two weeks ago I stretched to get loo paper for the bathroom and felt my entire diaphragm lock up.  Pain stretched from the middle of my back, around my ribs and down into my intestine and pelvis.   I froze in absolute pain and tried doing the shallowest breathing as possible to minimize how much agony I was in.  I simply couldn’t move so began counting as slowly as possible before I tried to straighten up.    None of the muscles were responding and I felt tears stream down my face as I huffed tiny breaths trying to breathe.

This was not my normal back problem that I have had for years in the lower back, this was something else completely.  I felt broken in pieces and ever so slowly taking tiny huffs managed to shuffle upright and to the door.  I squeaked out a help please as I moved out of the bathroom and my son came from his room.  “Jesus Mum!  What the hell you are white as a sheet!”

“Don’t touch me!  Just move things out my way please.” I hiss at him huffing like a train trying to get air into stuck lungs.  I felt like I was in a vice.  I was still crying as I struggled to get to the bedroom and off my back.   Sometimes stretching out flat on my back would pull things back into order.   I look at the bed and suddenly think, OMG I straightened myself up, how the hell do I bend to lie down again.   Bands of agony tighten again as I move to sit and my son holds out arms in case I pitch forward and pass out which is what he is afraid I will do.

Between the two of us I collapse into bed and try breathing.   Nope still no major luck and I cannot see to take the pressure off my diaphragm.  “Go get me painkillers please Love, I can’t do a thing until the pain settles down.”    He sprints off.

I close my eyes and yell inside my head for Elom.   My beautiful Angel Guide appears with a whoosh of wings.  He looks at me considerately.   “We did warn you to take better care of yourself.”   I refrain from swearing at him, he’s not being patronizing, he’s merely stating a fact.   My son is back with pain killers so I swallow two and thank him, ask him to give me some time and I will call if I need him.   Elom waits patiently as I close my eyes and put all my concentration on him.

I have this habit of rising up and away from the physical body when it’s not doing so well.  It annoys the hell out of my family as I distance myself from it but it sure is a heck of a lot nicer than sitting in the pain.   “Okay, firstly did I break something? or is a disc? because it sure as hell feels like I strained my diaphragm!   I have scanned myself and T9 is illuminated and nerves have shot off, locking up intestine and bladder as well as feeling like my ribs are welded.”

Elom looks at me carefully.   “We asked you take some time off to recalibrate both your aura, chakras and physicality.   You have not.”    I roll my eyes mentally at him.  “I am, in a couple of weeks I am going away for a week to the middle of nowhere, so yes I heard and I am.”

“You know the alignment of the Universe also co-incides with changes of the energy and the physical and you also know that up to Christmas is part of the re-assembly of assignments of soul, soul alignments and chakra integration.”   Again, I try not to roll my eyes, I have been Upstairs most nights working towards this DNA structure and integrated chakra system realignment.    I sigh impatiently and do my normal irritating habit which is “yup, yup, yup, yup.”

Thank God Elom is as patient as he is.   “In order for those alignments to integrate fully with the human body, you must also surrender to allowing the physical to adjust to these changes.   You have not.”

“Oh look this is probably all because of falling through that rotten canvas deck chair last Christmas and hitting my head and tailbone, it’s still bloody numb!”   He sighs and for a little moment he lights up golden like a Christmas tree light.

“It is very irritating when you keep pushing boundaries when we are trying to help integrate the changes.”

Me indignantly “What reaching for loo paper for the bathroom??”

As you can see the conversation was circular and to my end just a distraction from coming back into my extremely pained body.    At the end of the conversation Elom did actually ask me to tell you what to do in this energy so here it goes now that after two weeks and the wonderful healing touch of Malcolm Bishop of Contact Care!  I can sit and write this.

  1.  Look after your physical at this time right up to Christmas.  If your back is playing up it is to do with displaced responsibilities that your body, chakras and energy is trying to show you is imbalanced.   Any pains at this time are illuminating where you are holding onto grief, pain, responsibility and a need to control.   Do that and you end up where I was.  Taken out to heal in conjunction with the energetic changes.  START LOOKING AFTER YOU!!
  2. Stop fighting with yourself  mentally and using distraction as a tool, it’s about looking after you and telling yourself you have no time to rest is just ridiculous.   Your physical body is the only one you have right at this time and this chakra realignment and soul shift is massive.  Believe me, you can feel like you are a jigsaw that someone dropped on the floor and you are trying to reassemble yourself.
  3. Get enough sleep.  I know sleep is erratic, trust me, the changes in body and chakras is throwing all the sleep pattern alignments out of control.  We are doing major energetic realignments and it’s not set to change much apart from a lovely lift coming 15th of November.
  4. Declutter!!   As much as possible, energetically, physically, emotionally!!   We are setting up the new foundation changes for the next five years in this new energy coming in and it is crucial to address what is coming up and let it go.    Old issues will be shown to you so you can let go and heal or let go and change your boundaries.  These are GOOD things.
  5. Give yourself permission to change and allow enough time to do this, it’s an integration people and forcing yourself into a self-imposed time out of health because your body gave out is not the way to do it.   We need to start acknowledging that we need spaces out to allow energetic adjustments.  You are not crazy, you are an awakened being hugely affected by the energetic shifts and acknowledgement of that is massive!
  6. Talk about how you are feeling, you are so not alone!!   Most people are impacted in some way as they just feel different, are aware of change but not knowing what it is.  Talking means unity and Unity is our way forward in supported understanding. Don’t isolate you because you feel deeply or feel affected, you are not alone in this.
  7. Harmonize your Chakras!  Ask for white light energy to flow down through your Crown chakra and help with the realignments, bring in the shades of Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and give your changing chakras a helpful boost.
  8. Go see a healer you trust for a detox of emotional baggage.
  9. BE PATIENT, we are in this together as we are reassembling ourselves from DNA outwards, particularly increases in understand and chakra balances.   As we run through the main chakra alignments in the body you will notice changes, heart palpitations, intestine spasms, coughs, sinus’s.  You name it.  If you are worried, see a professional for piece of mind, our bodies will all be responding differently depending on the cellular memory and our stored issues and emotional traumas.

Mostly!  As I am reassembling my own jigsaw puzzle self, give yourself time to adjust.  There is assembly required and like most wonderful things, they need love, permission and time to adjust.     We are evolving and change is a very good thing if we love ourselves through this energy.   Keep shining people we are in this together and this integration too will pass!

PS:  Look if you can take some me time.  I’m heading off to recalibrate myself on a beach in the middle of nowhere for a week. I recommend a day at least to just give yourself space to be fully present with your body.  Your soul and chakras will thank you for it!





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Spirit Whispers: Watching Judgement

Wow, its been ages since I have blogged and I apologise!  There has been so much energy shifts over the last 6 months that I have been flat tack with Upstairs and lovely people working on the changes.

One thing I have noticed over the last couple of months is where those who are shifting forward are simply wrestling with their intolerance and judgement of those who are a little behind or plain old balking at the energy shifts.   That old saying comes to mind completely.  “We fight to hold on, we fight to let go.”

While each person has their own personal journey, once we have started the move forward we can become incredibly frustrated with where others are at.  Spirit has said for years, you must honour each person’s journey.  Which is all well and good in theory but can be really frustrating when you are aware you have changed but feels like you are wading through pea soup energy with everyone else looking at you vacantly!

This energy is very much bringing also illumination to the forefront of what no longer serves us.  Unfortunately unless you communicate that others simply will not know where you are coming from either.  Think of it this way if you have turned up in a certain way for someone for say 3 years or 30 and suddenly you are going “Nope, I know I used to run around after you trying to make you happy, but now I’m done!”  but you don’t say it, you will get some very, very confused people trying to put you back in the role that you have done for them over that period of time.

It can be very easy for your feelings of resentment and frustration to turn to judgement of their behaviour when in reality you are going to have to sit in the uncomfortable knowledge that it was you that created that scenario in the first place by turning up in that way for them.    Trying to get someone to understand that you have changed is quite difficult when they suddenly feel like they are under attack because their lovely accommodating person has disappeared into this, from their point of view, unhelpful, stubborn personality.

These relationship changes are difficult for everyone to transition.  The key is being kind to yourself and to others as you make the stand in how you wish to turn up for yourself now.  Communication and clarity are a key, without judgement.   Externally you seem the same person, they will be asking why now?  Why have you changed now?  and many you will have to gently let go as they won’t want you to change or evolve.

Spirit asks that you gently tell people that you are evolving, and you want to evolve with them, but give yourself space to find the new you as well.   These are changing times and they affect hugely the foundation blocks of who we are developing into over the next five years.

The flowing energy is one that upstairs calls “Truthful Alignment”.  It empowers us to think, live, be, speak, who we are and we need to be giving ourselves approval to do that.  I don’t mean that silly New Age bollocks of telling people you have found your truth and give free license to be as rude as anything.  But a truthful alignment of lovingly owning your own truth and speaking assertively and firmly.

Think of it this way which is the way Spirit explained it to me.  You have parents that told you what you can and can’t do for years.  So you awaited their approval and did things a certain way to get their approval.  Some resented them and did the opposite.  Both ways were a search for approval.   Then teachers, we waited for approval from there for getting it right, and again in some places, that didn’t happen either.  Bosses?  Same thing, we all love the boss saying you did a great job.  Can you see the underlying frequency? Pattern?   Waiting for approval from others?

This energy is going to bring up judgement in you but in reality it is where you are releasing the need to have approval given to you from others.  This is the empowerment push for us to give approval to ourselves to love and appreciate ourselves being “needing” to be approved of by others.  It’s an evolution shift and a powerful change to the dynamics of how we turn up for each other.   Upstairs called it an equalization change in balance of relationships and BOY are we overdue to step into the ownership of approval of ourselves!

So catch yourself when you are judging others for being either slower to wake up or not wanting to evolve.   This is such an individual change and challenge for a lot of us, who do not actually realise what is happening.  Be patient those of you who know you are with those who don’t.    Rome was never built in a day and old philosophies and programming don’t change fast either.   Come from a place of empowerment and love and make the transitions easier for yourself and others.

As ever, we are truthfully all in this together and we need each other to evolve forward in the most positive of ways.


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Spirit Whispers: Shifting changes

And wheeeee where has the time gone.  My apologies for not blogging, so much it seems has been going on in this amazing shifting energy.

August is unfolding in such an interesting way.  It has been fascinating to help people understand what is changing within them at a soul level.  The releasing of responsibilities seems to be especially challenging in some instances for people.  Seems to be there is still a lot of denial of self going on and also the old structure, or philosophy has been making people really believe that there is something wrong with them that they are not turning up carrying all the responsibilities for everyone or even want to carry that responsibility any more.

I spent some time in the Off worlds looking at the harmonic changes the new structure is bringing in.  Always good to have the heads up with whats coming, it is also crucially important that we don’t skip any of the steps down here in the process.

I laughed at what my Guide said.  He shook his head sadly and commented.

“As human beings you do love to avoid the obvious until the Universe brings it around with a colossal slap to the head for you to pay attention to.”   I laughed.

“I thought you told me that the point of the human experience was to be fully present in each experience so we learn the value of growth?”

He laughed then “Yes but you are all so stubborn at times.”

Well they have that right.   We fight to hold on, we fight to let go basically and fear that any changes that we bring in will cost us in some way.  Transition through the other side of any learning and then see in hindsight how it taught us, empowered us, or humbled us.  What a fascinating journey.

The one thing also I have noticed is in the work I do with the Guides and in the off worlds, I do have a tendency to get distracted by the big picture stuff a lot and then get completely confused when I remember that people transitioning through this energy can find the whole process completely confusing. So in an effort to be helpful here’s a list of the transitions at the moment you may be experiencing.

  1. Thoughts dropping out of your head.  This is where your brain synapses are shifting frequency.  Please try to make notes for yourself and allow the rewiring PLEASE. This is across the board, adults and children, so make your communication concise and honest.
  2. Restlessness… Not just restlessness but that disgruntled, gawd I’m over this, restlessness.   This one is just your soul saying pay attention you are needing to transition.  Stop hiding yourself in the Distraction Game!  You are being pulled at a soul level to evolve.
  3. Intolerance for your current situation or people.  This one is crucial to work with because it will save you a heap of heartache if you don’t blame everyone else for feeling this way.  Denial of self is the worst way to deal with this stage.  Throwing yourself into more responsibility will make it worse. It IS about you and it’s time to look at your needs.
  4. Acknowledge its an internal change.  That your outside world is responding in so many ways to you but changing the job while good for you, may not be the change that you need for you.   Think about how YOU are turning up for you.
  5. Keep breathing!  When we are transitioning we can spiral so badly into self blame and cause ourselves such anxiety.  Feelings are so important to flow through but we can hold ourselves in a funk in this energy for ages as we fight with acceptance in self of evolution.
  6. Congratulate yourself on how far you have come and know that this is actually an empowering stage.  One that you have never been in before.  Stop expecting epiphanies to slap you in the head telling you where to go next.  This is an evolution of self.  Put fun things in and positive things to focus on but no one ever rushes making a fantastic cake.  Stop doing the same to you.
  7. Time out’s.  Give yourself these so you can harmonize yourself as you will feel like you are burning through energy and can over tire you.   Get the sleep you need for you and if the sleep is restless, waking a lot.  It is because you are integrating energy into the body so it’s a little stop/start at times.
  8. Headaches/heart palpitations, these are all signs of energy shifts.  Keep your water intake up and hydrate yourself.  Avoid the “treat” foods to make you feel better as you may find you are not fussed on those either at the moment.
  9. Allergies surfacing.  These are indicators of your own tolerances as well with foods, dusts etc.  As we change in our bodies these can be accelerated or exacerbated.  Pay attention to what your body is showing you and make allowances, its a transition period.

August is a great month for cracking through the final stages of frustration and getting to the nitty gritty of the foundations you are building for the next stage.  But don’t forget to address the left over energy and frustrations from the last stage.  You don’t build a house on old foundations so this is a bit like picking up the last of the old buried bits that make your new foundations wobbly.  Dig deep, sort them and allow the new foundations to build in energy as they work through into your consciousness.

You are the solution and key to your new stage.  Invest into you well with recognition and acknowledgement and know that each person addresses these stages independently, so be patient with you and patient with everyone else as well!  We are always and in all ways in this together!




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Spirit Whispers: The Crunch before the Release

“Oh My Dear, what if I fall?  Oh my Darling, what if you fly?”    All of the soul aspects are struggling at the moment to keep their flow and momentum.  Most people I am seeing are questioning all of a sudden, What is my purpose?  Where did my Mojo go?  I used to love my work, now I don’t know whats wrong with me?      I kind of want to scoop up so many people and hug them and say please stop.   Stop thinking there is something wrong with you.

Think about it this way, if you have been operating under a philosophy for thousands of years that says others are more important than you are, you are so very used to looking after others.  No where in that equation did you stop and look after you.   This is the whole basis of the suffer to learn philosophy.  It’s not called Suffer to Learn for nothing!  However, within the changes of yourself and the soul releases, you are being gently pushed, pulled, cajoled, and in some cases yes forced! to see your own importance finally.

Most are finding this crippling to themselves as their bodies go into meltdown, brains get tormented as you drastically try and convince yourself there is something wrong with you and force yourself into an old energy that does not serve you.  Its like backing yourself energetically against a wall and then systematically bashing your head against it over and over again.  The only way you really realise how important you are is when your own health is affected.   Either mental health, or physical health.  It forces you to realise you need to change things.   This is not about suffering but illumination of what needs to change so you get to have a more fulfilling life and before you wail you like helping people, I will stop you right there.     You didn’t change your SOUL aspect, you are changing with your soul support.   You are still your own soul type with what you came to do, but now there is a change, and the change is your own importance as well.

Most souls are awesome avoiders of their own self.  They have been looking after others for so long, they feel like they are failures if they do not continue to do this.   Unfortunately the only person they are failing is themselves.   Self care is NOT embraced in our current Society and the guilt and shame some souls carry at feeling like a failure by an impossible standard is just cruel.  You are not here to save the world, you are here to start with you first and if your own body is showing you how, then you need firstly to be paying attention to that.   We all can say the right thing, but this energy is about empowerment and doing it, not just mouthing the words and going back to bad habits again and again.

As I re-read I think, oh dear that sounds like a telling off, but to be perfectly honest are you listening?  to you?   Its crunch time, and its becoming more and more important every day for you to believe in you what you can create and I know that I have talked about this over about three different blogs or more but the bottom line is the energy has already changed Gorgeous People and the disharmony that you are experiencing is from an inability to recognise it at a beautifully, naughty, human level!

I had a change of Guides recently and I am so conscious of how human I can be and am supposed to be when Guides change.  I think I don’t like getting to know someone again but then I always benefit from it in the long run.  This is exactly like that you are going to benefit hugely from it, so gorgeous people get out of your own way.    If a situation and a circumstance is repeating, look for the illumination of it,  it simply is where you are being shown all the areas of learning you have now finished with and need to move on from.   You deserve to be in the lighter energy and what you are setting up now, will have impacts over the next five years this is why I and a lot of other people are being so persistent about moving us forward.  It’s simply important for you.

I was working in the Off worlds the other day and watching new colours and energies moving towards the earth plane and thinking about how empowering these colours are and then listening to the frustrations from the other side about our lack of acceptance of changes, the slow evolution of ourselves.   We do need to be really aware of frustration at this time, its a process learning to give ourselves permission to be the Creative Beings that we truly are.

As always right before the epiphany, we always fight the hardest to hold onto our old ways.  If you are choosing to do this, you will be stuck in between a rock and a hard place as the momentum moving forward just puts the squeeze on you.    This blog is really a vain attempt to help you realise that you do not need to do that to yourself that the releasing of the old energy brings in a surge of the new and that tired, frustrated feeling will just drop away as you stop fighting to remain in an energy that is completely draining you.

As we near the end of June, expect a few more stop/start energies as we are shown what we need to let go of and stop resenting these too, they are truly just illuminations of our owned bad habits in so many ways and only through illumination do we see what we didn’t before.   Keep your chin up, the energies are moving slowly but surely.  Keep wading but keep recognising that the only squashing on you, is what you think you are giving up, when you are actually gaining from letting go.

Find your brave, you Gorgeous Light and stop fighting to hold onto the old you as a new you is emerging!



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Spirit Whispers: The Art of Persistence….

Over the last couple of weeks I have been mildly entertained by the different ways that we try to manipulate situations into our own understanding or belief structure.  I think about 20 years ago the Light Worker mentality was if it is meant to be it will fall into place which is lovely, but boy that shifts responsibility doesn’t it?

I now look at the changes in energy and see that with the new Create to Be energy that we need to be a lot more specific in our requirements and beyond that, we also need to stop the instantaneous gratification band wagon as well.    When did we learn to expect everything to drop in our lap?   This is the fastest time of creativity that I have ever seen in my life yet people are STILL sending mixed messages to the Universe and still believing that the Universe is not responding the way they want it to.   Key word there is the WAY they want it to.  You cannot bargain with the Universe, you are simply bargaining with yourself.

Say I was teaching you to ride a bike and had the training wheels on for you to learn. Then told you that I would take them off because you had one single ride, you look okay, tell yourself you won’t fall off and you should be perfectly okay.  Sound like a good bargain?    Learning to ride a bike required persistence, not bargaining.    Setting up a business required persistence on the part of the owner.  They didn’t bargain that if they turned up to work  didn’t ring anyone, that all their customers would know they were open.   They persisted, in marketing, connecting, promoting and taking ownership.

No one ever sat down to write a book, a story, a novel and said Oh I won’t do that today, I will get on to it tomorrow but it will be really successful.   Well it would be if it wrote itself.     Do you see the point I am trying to make at the moment?     Anyone can have the Universe within/without on their side, if they are open-minded, creative and most of all? Persistent.

I love this new energy, it brings collaboration, people connection, it also brings in understanding if you are unable to do a task, that the Universe can respond in sending you someone who can.  That’s connectivity and that is the basis of our persistence, understanding in this new energy that we do not have to do things alone.    We need to be working the Universe within/without smarter.    Opening up more avenues so we can actively see how supported we are at all times.  That most of our learning is governed by our own need, our growth and we demand to see the Universe respond, by how we are responding to ourselves, usually very ungracefully.

This was the discussion with a Guide the other day.  “Why do I paint?  I get so frustrated that I want to paint and then wonder what avenues I should promote my paintings.”  Samael pauses for a moment.  “Be specific, do you want to promote them yourself or have someone help you that is more orientated to being of assistance?”  Me rolling my eyes “Oh look I did the self promotion thing, it did my head in.”  Then I look mortified. “Gawd, I wasn’t very persistent though after four years running around I had enough!”  He laughs “Send out that you would like help, you are after all in this together all of you.”   I can do that, I can ask for help!  So I send a clear message out Art promoter required mentally to the Universe.    Samael laughs at my determined thought and face.  I laugh at me too, there must be more than one way to find help.

The next day I wake up to an independent email in my mail box from an Art Promoter in the States.   I laughed so hard it wasn’t funny.   My friend said “What’s the catch, what’s the cost?”   I said “It doesn’t matter even if there is a cost.  The point is that the Universe is actively listening always.   I didn’t say send me someone who won’t cost a cent!”  At the end of the day it’s still my choice if I choose to go with them but I didn’t dismiss it because it came with a price tag, that isn’t the point!     The point is that there was a response to my request and it was up to me whether I saw it as a positive or a mere coincidence!   Personally I don’t believe in coincidences just responses!

People always ask me why they got the job they didn’t want.   I always laugh at that one.  When you want something you set a tonne of conditions on it.  I want this job because this, this, this, this. I deserve this and this, it should be mine because… The Universe within/without goes phew, how do I accommodate all of that?     Whereas if you don’t want the job you go “I don’t want that!”   Simple concise and to the point.   Much easier for the Universe to interact with so it presents you with the very job you didn’t want because there were no conditions merely a choice.   It’s the choice that makes the difference,  conditions are bargaining and gain you more learning.

Years ago when I started actively working with Spirit, they asked me one simple request. That I would say yes to everything that was presented through them.  For two reasons, they wanted me to step outside my comfort zone and trust they would take me where I would learn the most about myself and people.   The second reason was that I would not trust myself to not make a mistake.   I personally think the latter is the main reason we learn so much about ourselves through experiences.  We really don’t trust ourselves at times to make the right decision for our potential growth.    In asking me to follow their lead at times, it has taken persistence, patience and tolerance and the person that benefited the most from all of that was me.

Persistence is an Art, it takes belief in yourself.  It takes you down different avenues, it makes you inventive and creative in finding a way around hurdles while still keeping an eye on the ultimate end result.   There is no instant gratification in it at all.   There are beautiful shining moments of absolute wonder, awe, frustration and annoyance.   It’s like riding the bike finally without falling off three times before you reach the corner.   That wonder of achievement and congratulations of self.    We suck at congratulating ourselves seriously.  We more likely falter at the first bumpy bit and then self flagellate ourselves, berating ourselves for our stupidity at taking a risk.

Well life is a risk, every day in the work I do I am at the coal face of people losing people and the one thing I see, is we need to be helping each other more, congratulating people more and empowering ourselves more.     We are the Universe in motion and we are in this together.  Now in this creative energy we are needing to reach out to each other and offer what we can but expecting people to offer themselves for nothing is also another fault picking that is happening at the moment.   We live in a society that requires finance to live, and those people who are stepping out and taking the risk to be their own bosses, they need to live too, not be shot down in flames for their persistence in changing their worlds.

Persistence IS an Art, it promotes change and empowers people to find another way.  Persistence is loving what you are doing so much, you change your world and the way you live to do it.   I have huge admiration for persistence because luck has nothing to do with it.   A Universe responding in motion to your joy is something else and wonderful to behold.    Create your art, what you love, the art of being you, and for the first time in your life be persistent at it so the Universe within/without knows you mean it because the change always has to happen in you, with you to find out how truly creative you can be in this beautiful energy of “Create to be”….      Talk to people about what you are changing, challenge yourself to find ones who can help you, encourage you and support you.  This energy is bringing the tribes of change together and through persistence we will find each other and the time is now.change






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Spirit Whispers: The Pause Button

Ever feel like you are Tangoing through your own life.  One step forward and one step backwards.  This energy at the moment is very much like that.  We are releasing so much old stuff at so many levels that we forget that we need to pause.   In the pause, we reassess and get to where we need to be for ourselves as well.

In my usual impatience with the energy, I decided to pick Samael’s brain (do they have a brain) about why we struggle so much with communing with the Universe and even our perception of God ending in why don’t we feel listened to.    In only the way Samael would, he took me to the Garden of Eden.   I often wonder, since I am not religious in any way, why they show me things out of the bible.  However, I do understand this, that grains of truth are in everything and even though I am not of any denomination, I truthfully LOVE the energy of churches, of devotion and of love.  Now, grains of truth, may not be the exact truth but there is always wisdom and understanding to be gained if you just PAUSE for a moment and consider.  In my case, its always pause and then give the third degree because I am nosy, but its still a pause.

The Garden of Eden was truly beautiful, all the spaces of the world combined in one place. I asked a question that I have been longing to ask for ages.  “Was Adam lonely really?”   Samael laughed “Adam could hear God and commune with all the animals and nature, so no he was not lonely.   Mostly human beings are group beings, they need to belong and it was that want of belonging in Adam that caused God to create another complimentary being.”   I look at him suspiciously.  “You know I have always been kind of suspicious of the bible.”   He laughed again.   “There is learning here if you allow me to continue.”

Any hint of learning for me is divine so why not.   “Why did God stop talking to Adam and throw him out of the Garden then?”  Seriously, I have these questions, doesn’t everyone?  Again, laughter from Samael and then he replied.  “No man has been cut off from God, the Divine or the Universe.  Man’s perception he is of lesser value, or is unable to commune with the Divine is what truthfully holds human beings back.”    I frown.  “So you are saying that we believe we cannot be heard, or that the voices that we hear in our heads at times are just imagination or ourselves talking?”   Samael nods.  “When you are talking to me during the day, could you believe you are talking to yourself?”   I think about that for a moment, because I have spent so long talking with others in my head that it just seems plain wrong to not have them there.

“If I didn’t understand that there was something else I suppose I would, but I would feel so terribly alone in my thoughts.”     Samael nods again.  “Do you think also if you dismiss that you possibly can talk with your thoughts to others, other worlds, to the Universe, to God, then that avenue would be closed to you?”    I consider that again.  “Well if no one mentioned it, then no probably not.”   I keep thinking about the isolation of that thought and how much I would hate to be alone in my own head, it kept making me sadder and sadder.

“So why do I remember being able to talk to you guys?  Why doesn’t everyone?”   Samael asks me “Do you remember when you were little what you did?  In your head?”   I laugh, it still makes me feel a bit mortified.  I must have been about 4 years old and it was dark and scary and I felt so alone “I yelled in my head for help.  I didn’t just yell I screamed for help, for someone to come and make me feel not so alone.”   He laughed.  “Yes, you did and LOUDLY.   Do you know where it went?”   I reply “I thought it out, to space to everywhere, please hear me and come.”   He smiled, “what happened?”   I laugh I love this memory so much.  “Blue hands came and held me and a voice that sounded so calm and so loving said I’m here.”    I smile with the memory, those hands made me feel so very, very loved.  So loved in fact I never asked where the rest of the body was!  I laugh about it now but I still feel the same way completely and utterly.    That love is the main reason I talk to Angels and Guides, I simply love that feeling of being supported and so very loved.

“Do you now think you can talk to the Universe, God, the Angels and Spirit?”   I smile “Yes, because I had hope.”    “Do you remember visiting the Prayer Room?”  I smile again another place I love so much.  “Yes very much so.”      “When you come to these places, talk to us and walk with us, is it because you believe you can?  Is it your choice?”  I smile again, “very much so.”    “Then so it is.”     The air spins around us and the beautiful garden fades.  “It was not so much that God stopped talking, it was a choice, a choice whether you believe that you are heard or not.   In expecting to not be heard, even though you are, you expect not to get an answer.   A long time ago people forgot to listen, not because they were to be told what to do, that has always been free choice to listen, to grow, to learn.   They forgot to trust themselves to hear and doubt came in and isolation came after that.”    Again, I feel sad.

“Crikey, Samael, sounds like some sad myth or legend.”  He laughs and lightens the energy.  “Everything is a choice, in all ways.   Sometimes in the pause, you get room to listen, to decide, sometimes within quiet, there is always a solution.  Sometimes when you yell loud enough in your head, there is an answer.   No one knows unless they test it, unless they have faith in trusting that there will be an answer.    Mostly we answer by signs because you seem to trust signs more than words in your head or voices.  So we work away trying to help as much as possible until you remember it’s a choice.”

I think for a while on that.   So we chose and we choose but mostly we don’t trust ourselves to have an answer.  I don’t seek answers from the Guides, I talk to them about things I am interested in, their comments in the same way as I would teachers or people who I value their opinion on the earth plane.  All of those snippets become like a jigsaw puzzle I putting together, of what resonates with my soul, my truth and my hope.  I seek wisdom and understanding everywhere because it broadens my understanding of life and others as well.

We are in a little pause energy at the moment.  Reflection of how far we have come and what we need for ourselves moving forward.  Mostly I think we are yelling out to the Universe for understanding but not expecting an answer.  I think we need to maybe pause for a bit in the energy and be truthful with ourselves about what we want.  Out of our lives, ourselves and the bigger picture, because sometimes the smaller picture just is a bit sucky for a time.  Personally, I am using the pause time to de-clutter those thoughts that no longer serve me, habits that are no longer serving me and giving myself permission to create more room to have time to grow a little more.   In the pause I can hear me, the deep part of me that needs to be listened to.  It’s calling me, from within, from the Universe, maybe even the Divine.   But I need to listen because I haven’t for a long time and I need to re-teach myself to listen clearly again.  The answers always were there and now its time for us to pause and listen for ourselves.

This is a reflection time, but its a good reflection time.  Worthwhile if you sit and look at how far you have come and how much you have grown.  Then it is worth asking that question to yourself.   What am I planning for me, what gives me hope, joy and a sense of purpose.   Then listen to your soul and see what comes back.  If you cannot decide or it’s not slapping you in the face like a wet fish, then its time to give yourself permission to play at a few things so you can redirect you and re-educate you on what makes your soul sing.   Give it a try…  Sooner or later you’ll push the play button and worlds can open then, but the pause?  it’s worth sitting in for a bit.




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