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Spirit Whispers: I believe in you….

You know it is so easy to go around in circles within ourselves at times and I am so guilty of doing this.   We are at any one time sending out these multiple vibrations to the world in energy that are so complex and so contradictory.  I laughed the other day when I saw a post on Facebook that said “My Guardian Angel looks like this…” and there was a picture of an Angel with a hand over its face.    Is it any wonder?


I mean how many times during the course of your day do you find yourself being really positive over something and then half an hour later back to those cluttered thoughts of “What if? Maybe? Really?”.

Jobe touched on the Dynamite Clause in the last blog and to be honest it really has been making me think over the last couple of days about HOW much I do this and I am not making you guilty of it by default in any way but sheesh people WE think a lot and we think a lot about RUBBISH.

I have this annoying habit and I will share it with you as well because we ALL have annoying habits as well.    I have a tendency to do this when I am leaving the house.  Put the dogs away and then shut the door and lock it, get in the car and then think “Did I lock the door?”.   Part of me KNOWS I locked the door but then I think maybe I imagined I locked the door and because it’s a habit, I can’t quite remember whether I did lock the door or not.   So 9/10 I get out of the car and go and check the door to find it locked and then STAMP back to the car annoyed that of course I did it in the first place.

PHEW!  That sounds painful…. IT IS!  and the reason why it’s so painful is that I don’t 100% trust myself to get things right.    I don’t give FULL attention to what I am doing at times.   When we don’t do that, we can end up second guessing ourselves all the time and we apply this same philosophy to just about everything we do in a multitude of different ways.  Giving you one example of my door habit is just the tip of the iceberg.

Lets put it this way as well.  You go to work and you walk in the door and think Ohhhh crikey, that work mate is grumpy.  So you mumble hello and go to your desk.  You sit at your desk and you think “Was it something I did?  Maybe I did something yesterday that they are annoyed about”.  Or “I am so tired of them being grumpy, so I am going to be just as grumpy back to them today”… or “WHY do I work here I am so tired of all this grumpiness”.    Your focus has become ALL about your work mate!

(I hope you realise all this time I am writing this YOUR Angel/Guide is face palming themselves in complete understanding that YOU do these things in different ways every day).

We are flashing off thoughts in all directions all day long.  We are taking things personally, we are forgetting ourselves in outside influences and we are making ourselves at times distinctly the product of our own thoughts.

Put simply, we under mine ourselves so much at times it’s just not funny.

One of the most asked questions from people is how do I still my mind… It’s driving me nuts, it goes on and on and on about things and I am forced to listen to it.    Pause…..   Ummmm Pardon?  Do you mean to tell me that you have no control over your own brain?   Mental note to self, ITS your OWN brain.   No one has more control over it than you and yet we constantly allow the thing to behave like a badly behaved dog leaping about on a lead dragging us all over the place.  No wonder we have no peace in our heads!

This morning I was grumping in my head about my partner.   Jobe steps in very gently and very quietly and said “Why are you expecting him to have the same understanding as you?  The same focus as you, the same perception as you?  He is entitled to his perception and you are equally entitled to yours”.    I pause mid rant and think about what I am thinking of.

It was expectation based by my part and also judgemental.  Yikes!!  Rudeness plus, but worse in my convoluted thought patterns I was making a situation worse than what I should have done by purely letting that leaping, dragging at the lead dog-brain, drag my thoughts all over the place. HEEL, you darn thing you.

Jobe said “Tell him you believe in him”.    I pause for a moment and think about that.  My partner is just telling me what he wants to achieve and I am doing the big what about this?, what about that?   It’s not really up to me to do that, it’s actually not up to any of us to do that, least of HOW much we actually do it to ourselves.


Every time your brain runs off and starts being the Nag Queen from Hell or you consciously (and you do have to pay attention to this) become aware that your thoughts have drifted back into doubts, back into random floating all over the show and generally picking the heck out of you, counter with that one.

STOP Brain, I believe in me.    We simply do not tell ourselves enough how much we believe in ourselves and the reflection of not doing that is the walking around in a circle.   The coming back to check the flaming DOOR..  I believe I have done it, I believe in myself.  END OF STORY.

IF you can implement this understanding, this counter measure, to leaping at the lead dog-brain mentality, you start to stop an awful lot of those circular yapping and dragging thoughts.    So for every single time you doubt something, start circular doubting thoughts, worrying, creating personal dramas out of things that don’t need to be there, just stop.

Say either out loud or in your head as loudly as you wish.

I BELIEVE IN ME….    and just for a moment listen to the absolute stillness that comes with it, because just for a moment, a moment which can become hours and a lifetime.  You will receive a benefit from the utter peace that statement brings.

This also about it this way, when you talk to a friend who wants a huge amount of support for whatever they are going to undertake and they have the willies about it and you say “I believe in you”.  They will stare at you for a full moment, breathe a sigh of relief and for that moment before they start to pick at themselves in doubt (naughty lead pulling brain), you will see a part of them light up.

We all pick at ourselves at times, lovely wee brain that it is.   What we need is positive counter measures and believing in yourself is one of them.

Add anything you like… I believe I have the understanding to complete this.   I believe I have the passion to create this.  I believe in my success.  Doesn’t matter how you tart it up, or dress it up.  It is still giving yourself the permission to BELIEVE in you.

Give it a go, but stop with the circular thoughts!  If you could hear the babble plane of everyone’s thoughts it would do your head in.  Collectively we add to this babble plane every day with the most mundane circular thoughts.  Trust me, I when I was younger I was stuck in the babble plane for years.  It is heavy and LOUD.   Bring your thoughts to be a better mannered animal, it’s truly worth it for everyone gets tired of a pulling lead.

I BELIEVE IN YOU!  Give it back to you and you may well be surprised where it takes you ♥


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