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Spirit Whispers – How much do you listen to yourself?

I zoom off to the Studio to meditate.  There is a man on my couch, he is quite tall, relaxed, dressed casually with jeans and a faded light blue shirt with rolled up sleeves.  He has wavy, dark blonde hair, in his 40’s.    His eyes are blue/grey and his face is open and genuine, slight tan showing he likes outdoors.    I plop down on the chair and close my eyes for a moment, reopen them and he is still there.   He is watching me intently.

“Hello?”   He smiles “Hello”.   We look at each other.  Stalemate.   “Are you waiting for someone, because I have been told my client has forgotten”.    “No, I have been listening to your thoughts”.   I feel embarrassed and mentally think, what have I been thinking?   He tilts his head and says “Quite a lot really”.   I laugh.  Hmmm Spirit doesn’t need the limitations of physical voicing.

I look at him curiously “Why did you come?”   He leans forward on his hands “Well, just to tell you really that if you think too much negativity, then you manifest what you think.  If you believe that you will fail, you will.  It’s all relative really.  Thought is Energy, Energy is either positive or negative vibration and you think too much”.    I laugh, “Yes, I do”   He leans back, winks at me and is gone.

I sit for a moment, dare I say it thinking. Was that a good message or a bad one?    I do talk to myself a lot in my head and in all honesty, is it really worthwhile?   Put it this way, think about what you do in the morning, this is what I do.  I wake up and say thank you for the new day BUT then I get up and go to the bathroom, all the time thinking, I want to go back to bed.   Then I jump in the shower, moaning that I have to get organised, curse my hair and think I am getting fatter, then I get out and look in the mirror and go “hello you old bag”.    Heck, the positivity is just coming off me in waves at this time.

Man, if I think about it, what a dreadful waste of energy and it is certainly not energizing me!   Now Spirit don’t want us to be sweetness and light all the time, and to be perfectly honest I don’t think you can really.  I always get suspicious if people are anyway!   This is life, it isn’t Willie Wonka’s Chocolate factory, and there will always be some fat kid falling in the chocolate river anyway and spoiling the taste! because that’s how we learn.

So take a moment, just a moment and truly listen to what you say to yourself.  Is it Encouraging? Motivational, Happy?   Or do you constantly pick at yourself over silly issues, like beating yourself up for gaining those extra pounds.   Look unhappily at food as if it’s doing you the damage but stuffing it in your mouth anyway and feeling guilty.    Or getting offended by some random comment but not saying anything and spending hours envisaging what you could have said when you said  nothing….  Vicious cycles people, vicious.

There is tremendous energy and value in our thoughts, yet we stuff trivialities into our heads and spend hours turning them over and over.   Honestly, now I have Willie Wonka images in my head, but you should be the size of the blueberry gum chewing girl with all those thoughts stuffed into you.     Change it, take the time to evaluate what you think about over the course of the day.  How many positives do you give to yourself?  How nice are you to you about how you fit in your own life.

If you cannot see the value of you?  How on earth will others see it.   If we broadcast negative energy at ourselves, of course others will sense that and you draw to you their negative energy as well just to make you feel worse.    Change it, you are a beautiful, amazing, unique person.   Just for once, Acknowledge it, own it and hug it to you and STOP THINKING SO MUCH!



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