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Spirit Whispers: On the edge of Tomorrow

“Lao?” “Yes?”   “Is this why old like tubes are appearing around people like old skins and they are shedding off their old stuff?”   “Yes”…   “We fight to stay the same don’t we”.  “yes, but the same isn’t there anymore”….

I have to say that I am really fascinated at the moment with the energy.  Incredibly.  I want to stare into people and look at how far they have come in their understanding.  I want to wake up more people and say REMEMBER who you are.   I’ve been spending huge amounts of time just watching, listening to the Guides and being in awe of how people are getting that they are both the key and the solution to the changes in their worlds.

I wish so much that people could see that things are changing so much that none of the old rules of learning down here apply anymore and we have more choices in front of us than has ever been presented if we can only remember that we are the Creators of our destiny.

Why did we forget?  To empower ourselves to relearn.   Part of the Unlearning is to look at all the learning we have had before, grow from it and move forward into new and more positive choices for ourselves.  The biggest concern is our perception of suffering until we work that one out.  Aren’t you tired of taking a battering?    We hold ourselves in perceptions until too they fade away and we learn even more.

Here’s what I have been extremely fascinated with lately.   Appearing around people is like this old tunnel, it looks grey, faded and worn, its always behind them.  When I first saw it I was what the heck is that?.   Then as I looked further I could see that it was old conditioning, old soul experiences and old understanding, patterns and behaviours.  People had been walking that tunnel for years.  For a moment they are paused at the entrance of that old tunnel, thinking about how far they have come.  They are taking inventory, taking stock of the learning and they are LEARNING that they have more choices than they thought as the old tunnel is fading away with all its conditions and doubts.   In front of them is two new pathways… its like emerging out of the darkness and blinking because its so darn light.  People are pausing and have been pausing, in conjunction with the Universe to take stock, to let the human body catch up and now as the new pathways are forming, it is so time to be planning.   March is an interesting month as it highlights these two new pathways.

When I ask the Guides why two?  Why are there two of them? they have come back with this understanding.  March brings decisions in multiple ways, defined by our courage and our ability to plan.  Again I will say we fight to hold our degrees of suffering because they are what is familiar.  One pathway represents even though it is new, our tendency to play it safe.  Therefore to me while it shines, it shines not as brightly as the other one.  It is the still the playing it safe pathway.  Also we are still fighting with addressing giving ourselves the approval that we need internally, to do with permission to be our authentic selves, hence we are still in the energy of the relationship with self so the pathway safe is appealing…

If our pathway forward is of our own choosing and we are still doubting we can be all we can be, then March brings the hard learning level into play.  The month of choices between these two pathways has the ability to bring us to the depths of ourselves to release the last of our internal fighting.  We will still have aspects that we need to heal but we never can remain in the one spot. EVER!  So choices represented by these two new golden pathways become so very individualised for only you can decide for you and for all those people wailing but I just want PEACE.  It comes from within and how peaceful are you truthfully with all those accusations you keep piling on yourself about your worth? Hmmz funny how you don’t want to make eye contact right now….

Look I am not meaning to say that March will be challenging, (so quit with the eye rolling), I am saying you need to get truthful and by that I mean truthful with yourself.  We think we have so much time as humans, that we will get to that and heaven forbid we also say it will happen when it it meant to happen.  Yes that is true, but we outmaneuver ourselves a hell of a lot too.

Everything that orchestrates in our world is either teaching us something or responding to us.   We need to give ourselves more permission to have a pathway lit up with all of the things that we want.  We think at times we have to earn stuff, and we do if that is part of what we planned for ourselves, but we are really shirking having the lives we want when we are constantly selling ourselves excuses.   The pathways are in front of you guys, and boy are they, in this Universal Year of Freedom, filled with opportunities.  Don’t miss them, get creating.  Stop hiding waiting for the hammer to fall, because in March it may well do, just to wake you out of inertia.

Personally I’d take the second pathway, the lit up one if I was you, because life is for living and you finally get a chance to create something special away from old thinking, old patterns and behaviours…  CREATE IT GOOD… Stop procrastinating for the love of Mike, and get those projects up and get into them, its about not just knowing you have wings, or remembering that but DOING something about it that makes the Universe go, I sooooooooooo got you covered for EVERYTHING…..

We are on the edge of tomorrow people… what kind of tomorrow are you invested into making…  its up to you…





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Spirit Whispers: Relationship Energy and the Unlearning…

This time of year always represents its challenges with Christmas looming and the thoughts of connecting families that have interesting dynamics.  But more so than anything in this energy at this time of year being all about relationships, it is set to be an interesting Christmas to say the least.

I have been spending time with the Guides asking for understanding about what is happening in relationships and certainly have been doing that with my own interpersonal relationships coming under fire as well!  How can relationships that have been really stable for years and years suddenly be collapsing and why are dynamics changing so quickly with friendships and colleagues that you have worked with for years as well.

You may find yourself feeling like you are on a roller coaster within yourself as well as you struggle to find stable ground within yourself and the relationship with you.  Certainly no one person is unaffected in this energy.

I love what one of my clients said. “Oh I will just hang out to February and then we will be past this energy”  I laughed.  Unfortunately if you are not prepared to see you as a major part of this push then you won’t be releasing old issues in the way you need to and certainly past February it won’t be any easier for you.   We do so dislike having to address our stuff don’t we?

I have talked about the Unlearning before as I have spent a huge amount of time discussing this with the Guides as well.  How do you unlearn? The key of course takes recognition of a pattern or behaviour and a realisation that it is actually you that is the key.  You either created, owned or believed and adopted a behaviour and usually for a really valid reason yet it is not one that will serve you in the long run.

To give you an example, and I will use myself because I too am having a human journey as well.  One of my learned insecurities is to do with approval.  I get extremely stressed if I perceive that a person doesn’t like me (now I have got a lot better with this because I know my pattern). I can let my brain race off into all the things I could do to “earn” that persons approval, contort myself into discomfort, just to try and win that persons approval at the same time really being cruel to myself about what I “lack” that would make that person happy.   That is a VERY common pattern for people to do and be here on the earth plane to learn about.

The”Unlearning” is recognizing a) that I am doing it for a start and b) implementing self approval so I don’t need to feed my insecurity off others.    In a way, its coming back to my own needs rather than reinforcing the same pattern and behaviour and using other people to blame for not giving me what I desperately need to give myself.

I love what the Guides say about the Unlearning;  “To truly be at peace with oneself, you must look to all the ways that you have learned to judge, to betray, to sabotage, to reject, to be disloyal, unloving to yourself and then within those wounds, you will find the way to love yourself well”.

Okay, I hear you it IS easier said than done.  However, if you are anything like me I would like to be living my beautiful life WITHOUT killing myself and my external relationships on the way!   There is always a starting point and that starting point Gorgeous people is you.   As always the key here is awareness.   When you see a behaviour that someone else is doing and you think oh for goodness sake stop being so pathetic.  Understand this, you are judging them completely for maybe something that they have learned on their own pathway.   What if they don’t know any different because their experiences have given them their own belief structure and learned patterns and they too are struggling with unlearning what doesn’t serve them either? and to be honest, their behaviour pattern MAY be one of yours but you are just not in that space at that time?

Best thing to do at this time is to look inward.  Apply understanding to where they may be coming from and bring in extra nurturing to yourself as well.   As humans we love to over analyse this and that.  Spend endless hours over thinking why someone behaved this way, that way, what was my role in that, how did that happen.  To the point we can do our own head in, but what we are doing is analysing someone else by THEIR own belief and learned structure in comparison with ours.   Then worse we spent hours trying to get that person to understand where WE are coming from.

STOP!  In this energy it is completely and utterly impractical to do that.  In this energy people are completely confused by their own reactions and in an attempt to avoid at times their own stuff, they want to walk away.  I think I have heard so many “I’ve had enough’s” this month to sink the Titanic.  Yes, you are meant to have enough.  But if you walk out of one relationship not understanding you are part of the equation, where do you think you are taking that energy?  Right into the next relationship that’s where and then the cycle and pattern repeats itself again.

I hear so much I want my person to understand me.  Hmmz… you do realise that mostly you don’t understand yourself and worse you may be asking another person who has NO idea where your beliefs, learning and core structure came from because their life experiences were completely different from yours, to understand something that is completely beyond their comprehension and they may never understand it?

Then I hear this “But they have been with me for 25 years, they should know this?”  HOW?  When did you ever tell them about those invisible boundaries, invisible learnings and invisible RULES to relationships that you have in your head?     Stop expecting people to GET you on invisible stuff that they have no idea about and better yet stop being unkind with it.

In this relationship energy STOP with the brain stuff ok?  Open your mouth and VERBALISE what your needs are.  Speak from your heart not your mind.  This is the crux of understanding this energy and working in it.  Stop leaving things unsaid because you expected understanding, support and nurturing in invisibility.

One of the hardest lessons for me these last 6 weeks has been realising HOW much I have got into a bad habit of distorting the intention of my partner into annoying me.   He doesn’t, he has his own learning and way of doing things that is different than mine.  At some point in complacency I decided that his way was WRONG.  It isn’t it is his way and its absolutely fine to be that way.   We just forgot to communicate about it.  Both of us felt unheard by the other and the annoyances got bigger.  Jockeying for position of being heard meant words got more aggressive, being right became more important and listening went out the window.  THAT became a pattern in itself and in those moments it is really EASY to think that the relationship is doomed.   It isn’t, you just created a new pattern based on your own unfulfilled need to be heard on your own terms.  If the other person feels exactly the same way you just BUTT heads over and over again until resentment, frustration and anger becomes an integral part of your whole relationship until it’s destroyed.

Think about this, usually you have a really good reason why you do something.  WHAT if everyone does?   What if you stop and say “can I ask you why you did that?  What was your intention behind that?  How did you feel about that?”     What if we stopped over thinking, over analysing each other and came down to being honest with each other in compassion and understanding?

Clarity is the key here.   Thinking about WHY you reacted the why you did and is it a pattern of yours (facepalm I think you know that one will be confronting)  Looking where else in your relationships you play out those patterns (double facepalm) and THEN consciously saying I will do the opposite because that pattern has never served me and makes me feel so unhappy.    For me taking a moment to say to myself I am not going to start an argument here, I don’t need to be right, changed so much.  Instead I said to my partner, thank you I value your opinion and what you showed me I needed to heal in me.    The solution is simple if you are prepared to understand what is happening in this Unlearning and Relationship energy.

Mostly we are seriously crappy communicators and this energy demands we be more honest with ourselves, old habits and whether we are cherishing and respecting ourselves and each other in relationships.  The Art of Compromise is what brings successful relationships not an overwhelming need to be right or play out old patterns learned from parents, or silblings in the cruelest ways with each other.

There is always gifts in how we learn and unlearn,  there is always a benefit to our understanding, if we know this and work through it we grow and start to have the successful relationships we want and we heal simply. Look for your patterns in how you test people, treat people and yourself and realise it is ALWAYS reflected and projected into your other relationships.  Then and only then do you find the way forward back to loving you and the people who are in your world unconditionally and with an inherent appreciation for their learning and experiences.
Now is perfect!





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Spirit Whispers: I believe in you….

You know it is so easy to go around in circles within ourselves at times and I am so guilty of doing this.   We are at any one time sending out these multiple vibrations to the world in energy that are so complex and so contradictory.  I laughed the other day when I saw a post on Facebook that said “My Guardian Angel looks like this…” and there was a picture of an Angel with a hand over its face.    Is it any wonder?


I mean how many times during the course of your day do you find yourself being really positive over something and then half an hour later back to those cluttered thoughts of “What if? Maybe? Really?”.

Jobe touched on the Dynamite Clause in the last blog and to be honest it really has been making me think over the last couple of days about HOW much I do this and I am not making you guilty of it by default in any way but sheesh people WE think a lot and we think a lot about RUBBISH.

I have this annoying habit and I will share it with you as well because we ALL have annoying habits as well.    I have a tendency to do this when I am leaving the house.  Put the dogs away and then shut the door and lock it, get in the car and then think “Did I lock the door?”.   Part of me KNOWS I locked the door but then I think maybe I imagined I locked the door and because it’s a habit, I can’t quite remember whether I did lock the door or not.   So 9/10 I get out of the car and go and check the door to find it locked and then STAMP back to the car annoyed that of course I did it in the first place.

PHEW!  That sounds painful…. IT IS!  and the reason why it’s so painful is that I don’t 100% trust myself to get things right.    I don’t give FULL attention to what I am doing at times.   When we don’t do that, we can end up second guessing ourselves all the time and we apply this same philosophy to just about everything we do in a multitude of different ways.  Giving you one example of my door habit is just the tip of the iceberg.

Lets put it this way as well.  You go to work and you walk in the door and think Ohhhh crikey, that work mate is grumpy.  So you mumble hello and go to your desk.  You sit at your desk and you think “Was it something I did?  Maybe I did something yesterday that they are annoyed about”.  Or “I am so tired of them being grumpy, so I am going to be just as grumpy back to them today”… or “WHY do I work here I am so tired of all this grumpiness”.    Your focus has become ALL about your work mate!

(I hope you realise all this time I am writing this YOUR Angel/Guide is face palming themselves in complete understanding that YOU do these things in different ways every day).

We are flashing off thoughts in all directions all day long.  We are taking things personally, we are forgetting ourselves in outside influences and we are making ourselves at times distinctly the product of our own thoughts.

Put simply, we under mine ourselves so much at times it’s just not funny.

One of the most asked questions from people is how do I still my mind… It’s driving me nuts, it goes on and on and on about things and I am forced to listen to it.    Pause…..   Ummmm Pardon?  Do you mean to tell me that you have no control over your own brain?   Mental note to self, ITS your OWN brain.   No one has more control over it than you and yet we constantly allow the thing to behave like a badly behaved dog leaping about on a lead dragging us all over the place.  No wonder we have no peace in our heads!

This morning I was grumping in my head about my partner.   Jobe steps in very gently and very quietly and said “Why are you expecting him to have the same understanding as you?  The same focus as you, the same perception as you?  He is entitled to his perception and you are equally entitled to yours”.    I pause mid rant and think about what I am thinking of.

It was expectation based by my part and also judgemental.  Yikes!!  Rudeness plus, but worse in my convoluted thought patterns I was making a situation worse than what I should have done by purely letting that leaping, dragging at the lead dog-brain, drag my thoughts all over the place. HEEL, you darn thing you.

Jobe said “Tell him you believe in him”.    I pause for a moment and think about that.  My partner is just telling me what he wants to achieve and I am doing the big what about this?, what about that?   It’s not really up to me to do that, it’s actually not up to any of us to do that, least of HOW much we actually do it to ourselves.


Every time your brain runs off and starts being the Nag Queen from Hell or you consciously (and you do have to pay attention to this) become aware that your thoughts have drifted back into doubts, back into random floating all over the show and generally picking the heck out of you, counter with that one.

STOP Brain, I believe in me.    We simply do not tell ourselves enough how much we believe in ourselves and the reflection of not doing that is the walking around in a circle.   The coming back to check the flaming DOOR..  I believe I have done it, I believe in myself.  END OF STORY.

IF you can implement this understanding, this counter measure, to leaping at the lead dog-brain mentality, you start to stop an awful lot of those circular yapping and dragging thoughts.    So for every single time you doubt something, start circular doubting thoughts, worrying, creating personal dramas out of things that don’t need to be there, just stop.

Say either out loud or in your head as loudly as you wish.

I BELIEVE IN ME….    and just for a moment listen to the absolute stillness that comes with it, because just for a moment, a moment which can become hours and a lifetime.  You will receive a benefit from the utter peace that statement brings.

This also about it this way, when you talk to a friend who wants a huge amount of support for whatever they are going to undertake and they have the willies about it and you say “I believe in you”.  They will stare at you for a full moment, breathe a sigh of relief and for that moment before they start to pick at themselves in doubt (naughty lead pulling brain), you will see a part of them light up.

We all pick at ourselves at times, lovely wee brain that it is.   What we need is positive counter measures and believing in yourself is one of them.

Add anything you like… I believe I have the understanding to complete this.   I believe I have the passion to create this.  I believe in my success.  Doesn’t matter how you tart it up, or dress it up.  It is still giving yourself the permission to BELIEVE in you.

Give it a go, but stop with the circular thoughts!  If you could hear the babble plane of everyone’s thoughts it would do your head in.  Collectively we add to this babble plane every day with the most mundane circular thoughts.  Trust me, I when I was younger I was stuck in the babble plane for years.  It is heavy and LOUD.   Bring your thoughts to be a better mannered animal, it’s truly worth it for everyone gets tired of a pulling lead.

I BELIEVE IN YOU!  Give it back to you and you may well be surprised where it takes you ♥

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