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Spirit Whispers:The Unlearning and the final shedding…

When Upstairs said there would be some final intensity in a blast before the end of February I was like, okay thanks Guys.   I don’t know why I get so complacent when they are trying to give a heads up about the changes coming.   We really do not like change, humanity and we have a particular stubbornness when it comes to looking at our own thought patterns and behaviours, which has a lot to do with the fact we can be a bit oblivious to them until they smack us in the head.

I should notice, I see the colours in the airways shift and change and I do feel the changes in myself, so when they said look out for being disillusioned I should really have been paying more attention.    Christmas holidays can do that *winks.

So many souls have been down on the planet for such an incredibly long time and have carried for so long responsibility.  When you carry responsibility at a soul level, it is not just about what you do but your level of trying to bring harmony to the planet, it makes you simply feel all the time responsible in so many ways, coupled with Earth Plane learning you can very quickly feel consumed with responsibility all the time without knowing why and that is an awful load to be carrying, especially as when you came back through the veil you FORGOT all this anyway.

Many, many people are saying to me at the moment, I am so tired, I feel weary, I feel burdened.  Hmmz, this is the stage of rewriting, of releasing, of empowering self beyond those old standards, agreements and freedom of self.   THIS is why Spirit said watch out for being disillusioned.   Its not judgement, it is looking around and feeling really miffed that you are the one who feels like you are carrying so much responsibility, that people bring you all their stuff, which in reality they are doing to both teach you, you are not here to save the world, but also its YOU that has the perception it is your responsibility to carry all their stuff for them.

The Unlearning was always going to be about what you had held deeply at a soul level that simply is holding you back from your truth of self.  It does not mean that you will suddenly go of stuff this I’m not doing this in my world, but for many it will and the change in the Guard of the Light Worker mantle is about to shift and for all humanity.  It is not about giving up at all but seriously looking at what you have carried for wayyyyyyyy too long at a soul level and some will simply say I have done enough and that is perfect in their choice for them too.

I have been jumping during the night from Spirit moving these amazing, beautiful octagonal light platforms they feel like into a more harmonious alignment, and seeing many, many people in sleep doing the same.   What you are actually doing when you are sleeping, waking, sleeping, waking (apart from getting annoyed), is changing your own old pathways, patterns and entrenched learning at a cellular level into a new alignment.  So those large platforms are really cellular energy being refocused, reshifted and realigned.  Each time you come back down from sleep is to give time to bring that integration back into the body BY being in it.  It needs YOU to run the ship, you don’t get off that lightly!   Its been both so beautiful and amazing, but also what it does is it brings all OLD, OLD stuff with the shifting to the surface.   Quite a bit like moving the couch after months of being in one place and hoovering around it, then moving it finally and going O M Gerd, what is THAT…

Get that hoover out peoples and clear and clean your energies so that age old resentment, frustration and disillusionment do NOT take over in your world.   The changes coming have been awaited so long, but also the integration into human thinking is not a quick process.  We change within, we change without and so it slowly changes over time, generations and with wisdom and understanding.   We fight to suffer and remain the same in our thinking, this is ALL hard work, because its how it has been.   We never escape soul level learning but this is a wonderful opportunity for those who are ready to move forward into lighter energies know that all things happen for a reason and wake up calls on the planet are simply designed for those who are stubborn to see where the changes need to come in.   It’s a learning realm, it always will be, but the Guides explained it this way.

“Responsibility can overburden and make you forget about Love.  Too much unhealed responsibility at a soul level drags you down lower into disillusionment that things will ever change and so in this space you forget that love can heal the world.   You bring soul weariness into your human world and you become more judgmental, distorted in view and resentful of others.   You need to remember love, you need to put down old perceptions carried for too long and you need to bring loving care of self to the fore.  Shake off the chains of old programming, conditioning, experiencing and bring the light into your life through acknowledgement and love, and so your cells respond whole heartedly and your cellular structure increases in light and you see the truth and beauty of yourself more and you light the world more in love.   This is a global shift, many will fight to stay in what they know, but many, many are ready for the change.  Put down the burden and move into the shift”

So, Gorgeous Lights, over the next couple of weeks, know that YOU are working on you, shedding off what is not needed, bringing healing into self and unlearning so many aspects that you have sat in judgement of within you.   There is new opportunity for such growth at so many levels.  I love what Spirit says “We have not brought you this far, nor have you fought to grow this far, to JUST come this far”.   We are in it together and we are changing, expanding and we need to do that in love.  Not just with the planet but with ourselves and each other and as we transition through February, particularly through the 15th to the end, there are opportunities, so many opportunities, to recognise where we are pivotal in the Unlearning and shedding old stuff, for the planet and our own harmony in life.

You are the change, bring it back to understanding beyond disillusionment and resentment.  The change is within, without you and this year is a year to change all that you know, IF you choose.   Smiles, personally I know so many Souls are ready for this, so tired of carrying so much.  Set it down gently, ever grateful for the learning you have had but so ever ready for the release of the responsibility unknowingly carried for so long.

As I said, its a Universal Year of Freedom, time to find you beyond perceptions and old patterns.  Only you can break free of what you perceive you think you need.  The higher parts of you and Spirit are working to empower us through this as well since we don’t really remember how.   However, I personally am not walking away from my life.  I love what I choose to do, I am just really celebrating I CHOOSE, without the burden of feeling I HAVE TO.  Its about honouring what you choose and really enjoying it, without any expectation you have to.  That is the release and that is where your freedom lies… Acknowledging in your light, your freedom to choose.  Now is perfect!!




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