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Spirit Whispers: The Kingfisher

People often ask me if I am still writing parables and while it at times is always that the parable references things that are happening in my life, yes I am still collating and writing them. I simply love the analogies that apply to me and so many of us as we are all living and breathing in the same frequency with the same challenges.

I love that with the change of Guides, there is also changes in the parables, the scenes change and the characters as each of the Guides bring the essence of what they are here to teach me about into the Parable.

So without further ado, here is The KingFisher from Lao.

The pond was deep and the bird silent on the branch high above the water.  He was as still as he could be and looking up from the pond you could only see the blue of his stomach blending with the sky and the teal blues of his wings blending with the leaves around him.  His sparkling black eyes ever watchful on the pond he waited and waited.

Sometimes to the frustration of other birds, they envied his extreme patience as he out waited the movement of the fish in the pond below to move with extreme speed from the branch into the depths below.

The black eyes watched and suddenly the bird streamlined into the glistening water below and returned with a small fish as his prize.  He moved from the water with graceful motion of practice and returned to his perch to consume his fish.    He cleaned his beak and surveyed the depths of the water again.   He looked to see what his disruption caused in the fish below and again he settled back to wait.    A smaller Kingfisher alighted beside him and questioned the older bird.

“How do you get such patience?”  The younger bird asked.  The older Bird looked at the younger bird and replied patiently.  “When I was your age, I thought that it was easy, that I could just plunge into the water and get any fish that I wanted”  The Kingfisher laughed wryly.    “However, that was simply not the case.   Many, many times I plunged into the water to see that what I was after had eluded me and I was left with an empty beak. So I had to work out for myself to wait, to look to adjust, to plan and to investigate in myself how far I could go into the depths to retrieve what I wanted.    I learned that I had to hold my breath, and to test both the strength of my wings and my resolve to reach deeper to get what I really needed”.

The smaller bird listened to the wisdom of the other and he adjusted his stance to mirror what the older bird was doing.  The Kingfisher smiled to himself.   He turned to the smaller bird and said “You do understand that the reality is that it is never about the fish but about the resolve in yourself to not settle for less that what you want, but also understanding by the time you are under the water you are actually prepared on holding your breath to settle for what you can seize in that moment before you return to the surface.  Knowing all the while in yourself, there will be another opportunity to test yourself, your knowledge, another choice and another meal and another day?”

“Can’t I just wait and go for the biggest fish?”  The Kingfisher smiled at the smaller bird.  “Yes of course, and you can strive to always get the biggest fish, however, soon you will learn of the value of patience, the work you do on yourself, in teaching you about your strengths and your weaknesses and what you gain from the very dive itself, so it never becomes about the goal or the fish but of the patience of self and the depths in which you can take you”.

The smaller bird look slightly confused but wanted to hold onto the wisdom of the older bird.  In that moment the older bird plunged again to the depths of the pool, farther than the smaller bird had ever seen.   He watched the older bird rise from the pool and gracefully fly back to him.  The older bird presented the large fish to the younger bird with a flourish and the bird took it with pride.   After his meal he thanked the older bird.

The older bird received his thanks graciously and preparing to alight from the branch, he winked at the younger bird, “Remember it is never about the fish, that is just incentive, it always the way you treat yourself about believing in you” and with that he quickly flew through the trees.

Moral of the Story:

Water in all ways represents our emotional state.   At times we may have to plunge over and over into the depths of ourselves, to regather the morsels of our hurts, our emotions that help us to heal and to also understand ourselves.  Sometimes we dive ever deeper in search of large pieces of ourselves to heal and to put back to together but surprisingly it can be the smallest of “fish” that make us realise how kind we need to be to ourselves and how amazingly clever we are at holding onto rubbish that no longer serves us.   Dive deeply in your quest to find the missing pieces of yourself within you.  Hold your breath and celebrate each piece you find, for you are the solution to you, and the, at times, muddy waters of you, hold the secrets of you that you are looking for.






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Spirit Whispers: Projection, Dejection, Reflection, Connection

Wow, at times when people get busy on the earth plane, time can really, really fly!  Kind of feel like apologising for not blogging but the one thing about a human life journey is that no matter how spiritual you are or in my case how much I try and float above the planet, there is always earth plane stuff to pull your focus back to being totally present in your life.

The balance is always knowing that you can be Spiritually active within your human life at the same time everything else is going on.   Even though I may be preoccupied with the earth plane stuff, the Guides and Angelics are working everyday with their wisdom and advice.  So remember if the going gets tough, your support crew is still right there with you helping as much as they possibly can as you work through to clarity.

Feeling stuck, ask for an Angelic hug.  There is nothing like the feeling of being encased in warm wings as they wrap around you and the feeling of being loved, calm and belonging is out of this world.  Give it a try ♥

Anyhoo back to the blog subject!   We are slap bang in the middle of relationship energy at the moment and it is truthfully governed by the relationship that you have with yourself.

I am getting so many people across my doorstep who are being so affected by this energy as the Universe simply squeezes on us to release all those old belief systems and unharmonious thought patterns that we have within ourselves.    The problem is when the Universe, bless it, does this, it can make us even more avoid ourselves than we usually do and when that happens we “project” our stuff outwards onto other people.  Hell, its so much easier to blame someone else isn’t it?   When we do this we cannot see that it is actually a denial of the unhealed aspects of ourselves and its making us crash and burn within relationships with partners and people we may have been connected with for years and years.

At times we all desperately want to be understood by others, and yet we rarely understand ourselves or give the same degree of support and love we need from us first.   Projecting our frustration outwards can cause the demise of something that was really good but leaves you wondering what exactly went wrong when the relationship suddenly goes sour after years.

That means a lot of dejected people after the initial break down of communication, we quite often turn things back on ourselves and get quite dejected that the Universe has now turned tables on ourselves and we feel like we are back to square one again trying to sort out both our feelings and what the heck happened and simply where to from here.    This first stage of reflection past that dejected feeling (which by the way is completely normal as your ego wants to continually blame something or someone else), is to reflect on what happened.   If you have evolved enough in yourself to see that you are an equal part of the Universal equation in all your relationships and connections, you see why you felt that way.  Often this is too late for the current catalyst effect, BUT you grew and you learned and you decided what you would settle for and what you would not.

It is crucial at this stage to NOT start building regrets either about the other person or yourself, in reflection you always get to see what you could have done differently and therein lies the truth of the earth plane.  It is always about choice with you in the centre of those choices.  If you can cut yourself some slack and see aspects of you needed to heal and grow, you can then move forward into other connections armed with more knowledge about why you react the way you do and you see it was never about the other person but just growth.   So Connection becomes a more loving and wiser process.  That’s if you work it through with love and compassion for yourself, others and the learning that was involved.

This energy Spirit calls at the moment is the “Unlearning”, when OLD, OLD habits and behaviours, insecurities and suspicions are rising like bubbles in a glass of water within you to be released and healed.  The big push through to February (Don’t groan) is about releasing and healing, forgiving and growing and what better way to really truthfully address our stuff through our closest and most personal relationships.

We don’t often see that we are both the cause and the solution to our own growth, but there is no need to continually blame external situations either.  Down here on the earth plane, its is sooooooooo important to be loving yourself, forgiving yourself and letting go of old stuff so you can evolve.     I simply LOVE what a beautiful man in Spirit said to me the other day and I will share it with you.

“On the earth plane it’s so easy to get caught up in stuff that isn’t even yours.  Lose yourself off your path and into the bushes, stumble over obstacles and rocks and completely miss the point of being.   That’s the whole purpose.  Being.  You get to love yourself in totally new ways by experiences that force you to look at who you want to be and become.  It IS all about you, with others helping you to see that.  If you sit in the bushes moaning about your load and all the stubbed toes it sure makes you a miserable git.   Wish I had of simplified things, appreciated people more, thanked the people who I thought were idiots for teaching me to be me and just loved more.    Hindsight, huh, buggar.    My advice would be to forgive yourself first for just being down there to learn and then love people for making your life interesting!”

I have Lao behind me with a hand on my shoulder, this lovely Chinese guide who is teaching me the Art of Being and so much so I understand that in this Unlearning, a lot of it is learning to let go of the Judgement of Self we have carried for so long and learning also to stop judging others.

So take a moment to think.  What are you projecting onto others that is actually yours.  Where is your dejection you think this always happens to you?  and actively move more into reflection of wisdom because beyond that is a new way of connection with both yourself, others and the Universe.   We are getting lighter people, growing and changing, time to release stuff.   Also as an aside, all those annoying little twinges and problems that have you racing off to the Doctor in this energy, that is your body also trying at a cellular level to help you release all your cell baggage too.  You are energy condensed into matter, and your matter is also responding to the need to Unlearn.  So start loving your hurt bits, get in appreciation of your body and stop resenting it and start listening to it in where you have hidden old stuff in it that needs to be released and flow through the processes.

After all, we are all in this together and with the passing of this Universal Year of Implementation, we are moving into a Universal Year of Freedom, this means you gotta shed the baggage of the heavy you so you can embrace your year of freedom to be the real you.  Now (smiles at Lao) is absolutely perfect!




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